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Customer Reviews for: Pro Martial Arts Mats Sport 20 mm

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Overall quality of these mats is good, The foam is firm yet allows for enough cushioning. The puzzle pattern is precise so that the mats are interlock without any gaps. The only and biggest downfall of these mats is the surface. Although having a surface pattern that should avoid slipping, the mats are in fact very slippery if used barefoot - which usually is the case when practicing martial arts. Especially in warmer seasons and during intense training when feet and hands get sweaty, the mats do not provide enough friction to allow for proper grip.


Batavia, OH

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I bought these mats for my children as they have been in TKD for many years now. We wanted to be able to train at home as well as at school and decided to convert the garage into a studio. Thanks Greatmats for a superior product at a GREAT price, you made our wish come true. The service was great, shipping was quick and I could not have asked for a better experience. I spent about an hour or less installing the mats by myself, it's so simple even a caveman could do it. Two thumbs up!!!!


Bakersfield, CA

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These mats were perfect for us for a studio that was used for martial arts instruction but also for dance. They're durable, convenient, and an excellent value. Would definitely purchase these from Greatmats again (in fact, this is our second purchase!)



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These are "great" mats. We are using them teaching armed and un-armed combatives including takedowns and break falls. I would not use these for aerial throws but for falling and rolling the're great. They also stand up well to shoes and boots and don't take any skin if you slide on them. We lay them down and take them up for each class and so far they have held up really well. I'm very happy with our choice.


Blaine, WA

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Mats are extremely easy to install Proved to very durable so far Very convenient to move Easy to mop off Firm enough for stand up, soft enough for grappling training Good traction without being too abrasive to need rash guards while grappling


Victor, ID

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Excellent service, price and product. would definitely use Great Mats again. Easy install Delivered hassle free!


Kelowna, BC

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The product is fantastic! Thick enough to provide a safety net for tumbling and throws, not so thick that it removes the need for good technique. The material is pebbled to provide improved traction between foot (we practice barefoot) and mat but not so pebbled as to be a sensory hindrance. Perfect mats! They fit the space we use exactly and they look really, really sharp! There was a hiccup in the delivery of the mats due to a problem with the trucking outfit that Greatmats uses. Some back and forth over the course of about 3 hours finally resolved the issue favorably for me. I made my comments to the people involved so that my issue might not come up for someone else in the future. I have no hesitation in ordering a couple more mats to keep on reserve. They're just really good mats! Thanks.


San Pedro, CA

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You can cut corners on some things, but in a martial arts studio, flooring ISN'T one of them. After exhaustive research on flooring/mat options, obtaining samples from several sources, and getting advice from the friendly, helpful folks in customer service at GreatMats, we feel we absolutely got the best price possible from GreatMats and we didn't sacrifice quality, either. We purchased 1,500 sq ft of this mat and are using it for both martial arts and Zumba fitness. GreatMats literally saved the day: We realized we had a problem (i.e. we goofed and assumed we could cut a 40x40" tile in half and get TWO 20x40" tiles to interlock. Didn't think to ask about that. It doesn't work.) So a mere 3 days before our Grand Opening, we were 8 mats short. GreatMats was able to expedite those 8 mats to us and we opened on time without an unsightly "empty space". *Whew! Thanks!* Very happy, thank you. - Mrs. Gary Johnson, Guardian Martial Arts Studio, Harrodsburg, Indiana


Springville, IN

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Great mats...feel good, the install was a breeze. Really pleased with them. Shipping seems overly expensive though...cost 1/2 of what the mats cost...But the product itself is GREAT!


Clawson, MI

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My son is a double black belt and is working on his third. He absolutely loves the mats,inviting friends over when he is home from colege. The only problem I have is that now I can't park in the garage.


East Hardwick, VT

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Thanks to Pam for helping me. She was really helpfull all the way. The mats is really good it's perfect for what I need.The order was easy and the delivery was on time. Thank you Greatmats.


Bakerfield, CA

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Great Mat! We covered our workout floor and they not only improved the look of our studio, but provides a firm, yet giving floor for rolling and light falling. Shipping was fast as well. Thank you Great Mats! Drew Serrano East Coast Training Systems


Waterbury, CT

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The mats are great and work perfectly for my Dojo. Everything was delivered on time and in great condition. I highly recommend great mats for all your Dojo floors. Thank-you Sensei Ron LLoyd


dunnellon, FL

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I purchased the Martial Arts Pro 7/8-in floor mats, 36 quantity. Customer service was friendly and professional. My order was completed correctly and delivered on time. I am doing P90X and these mats are life-savers, as I have foot problems (plantarfaciitis) and am 6'5" and currently 270 lbs. They provide sufficient cushion to comfortably absorb the impact of my heavy frame on one or two feet (during plyometrics). Also, it is also easier on the hands/wrists when doing the various styles of push-ups. My daughter took two of my mats and use them in the kitchen - one near the sink, and the other near the stove - she loves them as she can stand there cooking for a long time without any foot/leg/back discomfort. I am very satisfied with both the product and the customer service. For any future mats/cushioned flooring purchases, they would be my first choice.


Ellenwood, GA

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I have used these mats before and work fantastic for my entire gym. I have covered over 7000 square feet with these mats and they are wonderful. They are super easy to clean on a regular basis and fit perfectly together without any seam. Thanks great mats for a wonderful product.


Tucson, AZ

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Great size, lightweight, and very manageable as a temporary floor solution. Just enough padding the eliminate worry about falling.


Mesa, AZ