Weight Room Flooring 3/4 Inch

Weight Room Flooring 3/4 Inch Interlocking per SF - Custom

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is specifically designed for the toughest punishment in professional weight rooms and school gyms. This 3/4 inch thick weight room flooring has an interlocking design that is precision-cut with a water jet. This offers tight fitting interlocking seams. Use this type of weight room flooring in areas where heavy dumbbells and free weights over 100 lbs will be dropped onto the rubber floor mats. Excellent for power lifting areas, this flooring is rugged enough to be used in areas where plates will be deliberately dropped to the ground. Ideal for dead lifting areas and clean-and-jerk routines.

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200 SF minimum order

This type of weight room flooring offers a unique value to our customers as a non glue interlocking, easy to install rubber flooring system that is durable and long lasting and made from recycled rubber material. Choose this floor when the toughest of interlocking rubber flooring is needed at value pricing.

This weight room flooring is most often Installed in high schools and college weight rooms and is also a popular choice for home gyms for serious weight lifters that need a strong weight room rubber flooring that can take the load of dropping heavy weights. This weight room flooring rubber material can be cut to fit as needed for a wall to wall custom installation.

For wall to wall weight room flooring installations we recommend to start with one 2x2 foot corner piece in one corner of the room that shares two longer walls, and then use border pieces going away from the one corner piece in two directions in order to reduce the amount of material needing to be cut. The rest of the component pieces would consist of 3x4 foot center pieces and the installer will need to cut center tiles to fit along two walls or more as needed.

Corners are 2x2 ft in size, borders are either 2x3 ft or 2x4 ft in size and all center pieces are 3x4 ft in size. This 3/4 inch weight room flooring material is available with component corner and border pieces that have edges that are either straight or beveled. Choose beveled edges when your installation is like an island inside of a larger space and choose straight edges when your installation is wall to wall.

Made in the USA Recycled Content

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Kits with borders and corners loss chart
Kit Sizes: Actual Coverage
8x7 7.7' x 6.7'
8x10 7.7' x 9.6'
8x13 7.7' x 12.5'
8x16 7.7' x 15.4'
12x13 11.6' x 12.5'
12x16 11.6' x 15.4'
12x19 11.6' x 18.3'
12x22 11.6' x 21.2'
12x25 11.6' x 24.0'
16x16 15.5' x 15.4'
16x19 15.5' x 18.3'
16x22 15.5' x 21.2'
16x25 15.5' x 24.0'
16x27 15.5' x 26.9'
16x30 15.5' x 29.8'
20x22 19.4' x 21.2'
20x25 19.4' x 24.0'
20x27 19.4' x 26.9'
20x30 19.4' x 29.8'
20x33 19.4' x 32.7'
24x30 23.3' x 26.9'
24x33 23.3' x 29.8'
24x36 23.3' x 35.6'
24x39 23.3' x 38.5'
28x30 27.2' x 29.8'
28x33 27.2' x 32.7'
28x36 27.2' x 35.6'
28x39 27.2' x 38.5'
28x42 27.2' x 41.3'
32x36 31.1' x 35.6'
32x39 31.1' x 38.5'
32x42 31.1' x 41.3'
32x45 31.1' x 44.2'
32x48 31.1' x 47.1'
32x51 31.1' x 50.0'
36x39 35.0' x 38.5'
36x42 35.0' x 41.3'
36x45 35.0' x 44.2'
36x48 35.0' x 47.1'
36x51 35.0' x 50.0'
40x42 38.9' x 41.3'
40x45 38.9' x 44.2'
40x48 38.9' x 47.1'
40x51 38.9' x 50.0'


  • Borders and corners available for island installations, most wall to wall installations will require only center tiles
  • 100 percent recycled rubber
  • 20 Year Life Span
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Precision Waterjet interlocks
  • Heavy Duty Weight Room Flooring
  • Interlocks Create Virtually Seamless Floor
  • Beveled or straight edge borders and corners available for island installations.
  • Wall to wall installations use non beveled edges for two walls and cut the other walls to fit
  • 100 percent recycled rubber content

Size and Dimensions:

  • Centers in 3x4 ft - actual coverage 34.6 x 46.7 inches
  • 11 Square Feet per 3x4 ft center tile
  • Borders in 2x3 ft and 2x4 ft
  • Corners in 2x2 ft
  • 3/4 Inch Thickness
Pricing for Weight Room Flooring 3/4 Inch Interlocking per SF - Custom
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$3.60 per SF
Was:$4.50 per SF You Save 20%
25 percent color call for quote

200 SF Minimum Order for Black

600 SF Minimum Order for 25 percent color

  • Weight Room Flooring 3/4 Inch Black