Playground Flooring Tile Thickness for Safety

Playground Tile Thickness, Fall Height Ratings, Playground Surfacing

Our are available in a variety of different thicknesses. Kid's Kushion tiles range in thickness from 2.5 to 3.75 inches. Our Bounce Back rubber playground surfacing is available in many thicknesses up to 4 inches. StayLock Perforated tiles are only 9/16'' thick and are rated for a 20'' fall height protection.

To determine which tiles are best for your application, first measure the distance from the ground to the highest playground platform children will be standing on. This is your fall height. Once you have this information, you can check the products you are interested in to find the proper playground mat thickness for your needs.
For more on this topic please review our Playground Rubber Safety Surfaces product page.
Measuring he distance from the ground to your equipment's highest platform will help you decide which playground tile is best