Greatmats Photobomb Contest

Greatmats Photobomb Contest 5x10 Folding Mat Grand Prize, $25 Amazon Gift Card, $50 Greatmats credit event prizes

Greatmats Photobomb Contest

Post a photo or video of yourself at a Greatmats-sponsored event on Greatmats' Facebook Page for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card, $50 Greatmats credit or Folding Gym Mat. Photos and videos should include a Greatmats logo or banner and be posted within one week of the event to be entered into the individual event portion of the Greatmats Photobomb Contest. Be sure to identify which event you attended.

Event Entries:One winning photo or video will be chosen from each event to receive the $25 Gift Card or $50 Greatmats credit option.

Special Qualifier: Anybody who missed the deadline for the individual events may still try for the Grand Prize. One late enter ''Wild Card'' will be chosen to be entered to win the Grand Prize. Wild Card entries must be posted by December 15, 2016.

Grand Prize:At the end of the year, each event winner will be automatically be entered to win the Grand Prize: A 5x10 foot by 2 inch folding gym mat! The Grand Prize winner will be chosen by a social media vote.

Submissions must include:
1. A photo of yourself with a Greatmats Banner in it
2. Name of the event at which the photo was taken

Note: All photos and videos entered in the Greatmats Photobomb Contest will become property of Greatmats. Winners must provide Greatmats with a mailing address within one week of notification to claim the prize.

2016 Greatmats Sponsored Events

(Check back for additions throughout the year.)

Greatmats is a proud sponsor of:
The American Grappling Federation
Warriors United Tournament Circuit
South USA Grappling Association
The American Kyuki-Do Federation
and the Wyoming Valley Martial Arts Challenge.

23 - American Grappling Federation (AGF) Dallas Winter Classic - Duncanville, Texas

20 - Warriors United Tournament Circuit's (WUTC) 2nd Annual Karate Classic, Fairmont, West Virginia

5 - AGF Oklahoma State BJJ Championships - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
12 - AGF New Orleans BJJ Championships - Westwego, Louisiana
12 - WUTC Connellsville Classic - Connellsville, Pennsylvania

23 - AGF Kansas City BJJ Championships - Kansas City, Missouri
23 - WUTC Rumble on the River 3 - Grafton, West Virginia
30 - AGF Jackson BJJ Championships - Jackson, Mississippi

1 - Wyoming Valley Martial Arts Challenge (Universal Martial Arts Association and World Karate Union-sanctioned event), Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
7 - AGF Summer Classic - Duncanville, Texas
7 - American Kyuki-Do Federation (AKF) Spring Tournament of Champions - Huntley, Illinois
14 - South USA Grappling Association (SUGA) Alabama State Championship - Orange Beach, Alabama
21 - AGF Columbus BJJ Championships - Columbus, Georgia

18 - AGF Tulsa Open - Tulsa, Oklahoma

16 - AGF Arkansas Open - Conway, Arkansas
23 - SUGA Jucao Cup - Hammond, Louisiana
30 - AGF Alburquerque BJJ Championships - Albuquerque, New Mexico (Fight 2 Win Pro Event)

6 - AGF Battle of the Big Easy - Westwego, Louisiana (Fight 2 Win Pro Event)
13 - AGF Lone Star Classic - Conroe, Texas - CANCELLED
13 - AKF Summer Tournament of Champions - Eau Claire, Wisconsin

10 - AGF Oklahoma City Open - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Fight 2 Win Pro Event)
17 - AGF Phoenix BJJ Championships - Phoenix, Arizona (Fight 2 Win Pro Event)
24 - AGF Chicago BJJ Championships - Lynwood, Illinois (Fight 2 Win Pro Event) - CANCELLED

1 - AKF Kyuki-Do National Grappling Championship - Edgerton, Wisconsin
1 - WUTC Fall Brawl 5 - Altoona, Pennsylvania
1 - AGF Tampa BJJ Championships - Tampa, Florida (Fight 2 Win Pro Event)
1 - SUGA Southeastern Championships - Orange Beach, Alabama
29 - AGF Dallas BJJ Championships - Duncanville, Texas

5 - AGF Arkansas State BJJ Championships - Conway, Arkansas
12 - WUTC ZMA Bushido Open - TBD
19 - AGF St. Louis BJJ Championships - Collinsville, Illinois
19 - SUGA Southern Nationals - Hammond, Louisiana

10 - AGF Nationals - Tulsa, Oklahoma (Fight 2 Win Pro Event)
17 - AGF Atlanta BJJ Championships - Duluth, Georgia (Fight 2 Win Pro Event)
American Grappling Federation
American Kyuki-Do Federation
Warriors United Tournament Circuit
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