Greatmats Superfan Contest: Martial Arts Edition

Are You Greatmats Longest Running Martial Arts Mats Customer? Share your story!

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Greatmats, founded in 1999, is in search of its longest-term loyal customers.

If you've used Greatmats Martial Arts flooring for at least 10 years, tell us your story to participate in Greatmats Superfan Contest. As a thank you, Greatmats would like to feature you and/or your business on our website and award you $50 in cash.

Those featured with products purchased from Greatmats prior to 2003 will receive an additional $50, bringing your cash award to $100.

To participate in Greatmats Superfan Contest, email your Greatmats story to

Include the:
1. name of the product,
2. the year in which it was purchased and
3. a photo of your Greatmats product(s).

With your input, we'll take care of the rest.

Martial Arts Mats
Greatmats Superfan Contest
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