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Customer Reviews for: Patio Outdoor Tile

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the patio tile are comperable and some cases better than competitors snap together service was top rate and fast

Gary R


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I have a dog that is blind and the doggie door leads outside into a dog kennel so he doesn't get lost in the yard. I have put the mats inside the kennel and put artificial grass on top and that is his place to potty. The grass if off the ground just high enough that I can keep it wash off and clean. Works great! I'm glad that I found your mats.


Chatsworth, CA

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Looks very good and very durable. Members really like the feel of the mat on their feet.


Denver City, TX

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The tiles arrived very quickly, and were exactly what I expected. Joining them together was a breeze. We are delighted with how they look, as well as how they serve the purpose for which we purchased them. A neighbor who saw them shortly after I installed them instantly ordered some for his entry way. We suspect other owners in our condo complex will be doing the same. Excellent product!


Hendersonville, NC

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We love the patio tile we purchased. We installed it over ceramic tile to prevent slipping & falling when the ceramic tile is wet.



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We used these to cover our uneven basement floor and it has been a perfect match to our needs. Affordable, functional, wonderful, easy to install and adjust. The customer service has been great as well honoring sale prices.


Lebanon, NH

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This is a great deal for a highly functional patio/floor cover. Easy to put together, a snap to keep clean. I bought the clay color - it looks terrific on my small patio. Service was excellent and quick delivery, too! Thank you.


Santa Rosa, CA

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This Aqua Tile is perfect for our greenhouse/conservatory. It has made the room look very updated and fresh. I no longer worry about watering the many plants we have, no problem with runoff. R. elaine

R Elaine

Long Beach, MS

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This Aqua Tile is perfect for our greenhouse/conservatory. It has made the room look very updated and fresh. I no longer worry about watering the many plants we have, no problem with runoff. R. elaine

R Elaine

Long Beach, MS

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The Aqua tiles work great for the cockpit of my boat. It keeps your feet dry and out of fish guts. It also keeps the cockpit looking great, because all the dirt and debris goes under the mats and not ground into the deck. Will send a picture


Glen Ellyn, IL

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We are very happy with our purchase of the Patio tiles. The surface looks great and we were able to install the product with in-house maintanence staff.



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The product was shipped to me very fast and the box was perfect and it was extremely easy to install. When I do a larger project I will buy more.


Oceanside, NY

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I have a 40-foot catamaran sailboat. I used this in the bottom of some of the storage lockers and at the entrance to our salon. It was very easy to cut to fit and comfortable to walk on.


Apollo Beach, FL

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Ordering was easy, very good price, delivery prompt enough. I bought these to put in the bottom of the canoe for my dogs to sit on. Have only used them once so far. They kept the dogs comfortable, were easy to carry to and from on a steep trail and worked pretty well for my intent.


Burdett, NY

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Perfect for application in utilty room in high humidity area. Very easy to work with and looks great.


Marlborough, MA

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Sorry to be so long in responding...was trying to get pix. I am a 71-yr old woman and I installed the aqua Patio Tile on the deck of my aboveground pool by myself. It took me about two half days (9 hrs) to do the job, which covered approximately 110 sq feet. The most tedious part was if I had to undo some tiles. I was able to slide the tabs under a lip on the deck so there are hardly any rough edges; and I put some screws through the tiles along the edge of the pool to keep the tiles from sliding on the aluminum deck. Cutting the tiles along the pool side was also hard for me to do....maybe not so hard for a man or a younger woman. The tile has been out in the hot Las Vegas sun for months now. It has not lost its color or shape. It seems being in the sun is actually good for the tile; it softens it underfoot. Its a little bit hot to step on with bare feet, so I usually spray it down before we walk on it. It does not allow dirt to accumulate -- the dirt just falls below the tile, and doesn't blow into the water. One unexpected feature is its appeal to bees. They seem to think of it as a hive -- I've seen many of them try to crawl inside the openings. Not "many" at the same time, thank goodness. I'm hoping that changes when the pollen season changes. (As an aside, formula 409 is supposed to keep bees away, so I spray some on the tiles when the bees are particularly bothersome.) When our pool was first installed (in 1986) the deck was covered in indoor-outdoor carpeting. Needless to say, we have replaced the carpeting several times in the past 26 years. Now I am hoping I never have to replace the deck covering again. I think this product might actually outlast the pool. I am extremely pleased with the product ... too bad I can't think of other places I can use it! If you are looking for ways to improve its use, a cutting tool would help. And edge pieces to cover the handcut pieces. I will be sending about four pix to your other link, but I have misplaced the order number. You should be able to ID the pix, you probably don't get too many of aboveground pools. I will also include my name. We are so glad to have found this product -- and so glad you made it available. Marcella Turner


las vegas, NV

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snap together easily & cut with scisssors for a custom fit- they also lift off & drag out of the way easily for hosing down. They eat dirt off shoes & feet & paws & are well worth using to guard the entrances to cleaner spaces, Soft underfoot. Very soft in the hot sun. Works great for me!


Emigrant, MT

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My deck project has finally been completed. The most complimented area receiving the most attention is the conversion of the former aluminum pool deck utilizing your Aqua tile. A very elegant finish to a formerly bland and unappealing area. The tiles were simple to work with and very easily configured into odd angles that i was worried about. The material was easily cut to fit and appears custom made just for me. I am tempted to continue the tile all the way around the plank deck of the entire pool. This was the answer to resolving an area that has seen many different attempts at other rugs, pads, etc. thanks so much!


Dayville, CT

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Wonderful product and perfect for the mud room. Easy to install.


Fuquay, NC

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Fantastic product! We used this under the plastic wading pool on our deck, to separate the pool from the wood (to reduce mold and potential rot) and provide a slip-free, cool surface for our child climbing in and out. Easy to snap the tiles together, comfortable for little feet!