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Outdoor Play and Patio Tile

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This is a 1 inch thick indoor and outdoor rubber patio tile. It provides a skid resistant rubber surface and is used primarily to soften an existing patio surface. These outdoor tiles are a great solution for patio and play areas, walkways, or for use as gym flooring. Each tile weighs 16 lbs. and measures 2 ft. x 2 ft. in size. Also available in EPDM colors that will provide your area with a high end appearance. The edges will never curl up over time like other lower price outdoor patios from overseas manufacturers.

Use these outdoor tiles for installation over any hard flat surface. Great for rooftops, deck, or outdoor patios. This outdoor patio tile is comfortable to bare feet, easy to install, long lasting and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


/ piece Standard Color Tiles

Per SF $5.64

See complete Price List below.

Indoor applications can be either installed with adhesive or held together using our 3 inch connector pins. These pins allow the tiles to be installed with no adhesive and, in the future, the tiles can be taken up and re-installed if needed. Border ramp edge pieces are 48 x 4 inches in size and feature a beveled edge that will prevent tripping. They also provide a border for the tiles. Use border ramps where the ground or floor will transition to the rubber outdoor tile surface.

Made in the USA


  • Toddler Playgrounds
  • Roof Tops / Decks
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Fitness Centers
  • Golf Courses

Please Note:
When using connector pins for installation of this product, closing the gap that remains after the tiles are pushed to together manually is the most difficult part of the installation. Using a rubber mallet (hammer) is the method skilled installers use. This method is dependent upon the striking blow occurring close to the edge of the tile and right on top of the pin. It also requires the blow to be at an angle back towards the edge of the tile. We recommend that DIY installers use dish soap to coat the pin before installing it. This removes the friction from the tight fit and allows the tiles to be slid together completely. Once the dish soap dries it's like it was never used.

Color Changes Notes:
Color wear will occur in areas of traffic and this is normal and to be expected. Color wear will not go away and the amount of color wear will vary depending on the amount of traffic.

The gray/black color will always amber a little bit in outdoor installations and may return to normal over time.

Warranty Note:
Based on the recycled content of the material of these tiles, and the exterior environment of the installations, and the potential extremes of some climates, color changes or variations of color of any kind are not covered by the warranty. Color ambering or changes in the shade of color over time are not considered product defects. If color changes do occur, in most cases the ambering effects will go away and the colors of the tiles will return to their original shades.

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  • Recycled Rubber Content
  • Many Colors Choices
  • Mix and Match to Make Design
  • Various Installation Options


  • Durable for Table and Chairs
  • Long Lasting
  • Great Look and Appeal

Size and Dimensions:

  • 1 inch Tiles - 24x24 inches - 16 lbs per tile
  • Adhesive Coverage - 60-80 SF per gallon
  • 6 Connector Pins per Tile

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Pricing for Outdoor Play and Patio Tile
Black Tiles $19.80 per piece - $4.95 per SF
Standard Color Tiles $22.55 per piece - $5.64 per SF
Speckled Color Tiles $23.80 per piece - $5.95 per SF
Playful EPDM Color Tiles $37.60 per piece - $9.40 per SF
48x4 Inch Ramp Black $13.05 per piece
48x4 Inch Ramp Standard Colors $13.90 per piece
48x4 Inch Ramp Speckled Colors $15.15 per piece
48x4 Inch Ramp EPDM Colors Call for pricing
Connector Pins $0.50 per piece
500 SF + Request A Quote

200 SF - 50 Tile Minimum Order

Standard Colors

  • Deck Tile Black
  • Deck Tile Blue
  • Deck Tile Red
  • Deck Tile Light Gray
  • Deck Tile Green

Speckled Colors

  • Deck Tile Earth
  • Deck Tile Blue/Black
  • Deck Tile Steel Green/Black
  • Deck Tile Gray/Black
  • Deck Tile Red/Black
  • Deck Tile Tan/Black

Playful EPDM

  • Deck Tile Confetti
  • Deck Tile Field
  • Deck Tile Hawaiian Sand
    Hawaiian Sand
  • Deck Tile Field
  • Deck Tile Mountain
  • Deck Tile Star

EPDM Earth Tones

  • Earth Tone
    Earth Tone
  • Lava Sand
    Lava Sand
  • Muddy Water
    Muddy Water
  • Sunset

EPDM High Solar Reflectance

  • Beach Sand
    Beach Sand
  • Garden Brown
    Garden Brown
  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream
  • Shore Line
    Shore Line

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