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Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile

is an outstanding flooring solution for protecting gym floors from special events. Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tiles are large sized tiles for quick set up and breakdown. These tiles can be installed by one person even for large areas. Carpet tiles used for protective gym flooring covers provide a more finished look and create a better image and appearance in your facility.

On Sale Now $49.95 / piece Was: $55.45 / piece

Per SF $2.32 You Save 9%

This flooring is easy to handle for quick set up and break down. The giant-sized tiles protect gym floors. Plus Backing keeps floors clean.

The rolling carts allow for easy mobility and storage of the tiles - up to 75 carpet tiles per cart. Carpet tiles are easy to clean. Vacuum on a daily basis while in use. Periodic cleaning can be achieved with a hot extraction machine. Limited three-year abrasive warranty.

Made In The USA


  • School Gyms
  • Universities
  • Multipurpose Facilities
  • Convention Halls
  • Trade Shows
  • Disaster Relief

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Features and Specifications:

  • Standard: 39-3/8" x 78-3/4" (1 meter x 2 meter)
  • 21.41 SF per tile
  • Weight: 91.4 oz./sq. yd.
  • Material: 100% Solution-Dyed Polypropylene
  • Non slip backing
  • Backing: Polyolefin Plus Backing
  • Recommended Installation: Loose Lay
  • Carts available - hold up to 80 tiles per cart
  • Thickness: 6mm (approx 1/4 inch)
  • Slip Resistance (ASTM C1028) : 0.61 Dry and 0.54 Wet


  • Non Slip
  • No Adhesive Required

Thickness & Weight:

  • 91.4 oz./sq. yd.
  • 13.65 Lbs per tile

Comparison of Carpet To Vinyl Gym Floor Protective Covers

  • Carpet gives off a warmer more pleasant appearance.
  • Carpet is safe, lays flat and the tiles won’t move, vinyl does ripple and gather.
  • Carpet Tiles protect the floor against sharp objects, vinyl often tears.
  • Carpet Tiles allow the Wood Gym Floors breath, Vinyl traps moisture between the floor and the cover, potentially doing damage to the wood floor.
  • Carpet tile Dolly’s allow for storage in small out of the way areas, the Vinyl Cover dispenser is large and cumbersome.
  • Carpet Tiles are made from Polypropylene and will allow moisture to dry quickly, the Vinyl covers will let moisture just sit on the surface.
  • Carpet Tiles can be vacuumed and wet cleaned, rolling up the vinyl covers you end up with large amounts of dirt on the gym floor.
  • Far better Acoustics than Vinyl
  • Carpet Tiles give you more flexibility, you can put down only the amount of tiles you need for a particular event.
  • Carpet Tiles are PVC free
Pricing for Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile
Per Tile On Sale Now
$49.95 per piece - $2.32 per SF
Was: $55.45 per piece You Save 9%
Carts $649.00 per
1000 SF plus Request a Quote
  • Gym Floor Covers Carpet Gray
  • Gym Floor Covers Carpet Blue

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