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Customer Reviews for: Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

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I am not in favor of mats since I practice traditional Japanese Karate, and hardwood floor would be my only choice. I didn't want my new opened dojo (Unity Karate & Holistic Arts) to look like another Teakwondo school, but... I tried to keep the initial costs down and decided to go with these wooden look 1inch foam mats at least for now. Mats arrived within a week of ordering which was great. Installation was easy, unfortunately I didn't order enough and didn't want to pay another $300!!! on shipping for additional 10 mats. There were enough edge peaces, so I used them to fill the "gaps". The floor looks great and many people got fooled that it actually isn't a hardwood floor. Even though I am not super excited about the mats, my students love them. The fact that it is much safer to train on mats than on hardwood floor helps a lot, and I don't have to loose much sleep worrying about students getting injured falling down. My main complaint about these mats is, that they are extremely slippery (Sales Rep assured me that they are not). We practice barefoot. They were covered/soaked in "Armor all" like substance and needed to be seriously "broken in" It was extremely difficult and dangerous to train in the beginning. We washed them numerous times with all kinds of detergents, even rubbing alcohol, without much luck. It took 2 months of training (6 times/week) to brake them in. If you leave any heavier objects laying around, they will cause indentations in the mats. The surface is not super smooth as it's been said in the reviews, it is light sand like texture. Overall decent value.

Robert B

South Windsor, CT

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Customer Rating:


product showed up on time and went in very easily very satisfied with product


Placerville, CA

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Outstanding product!


New Prague, MN

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These mats are perfect for Karate training. The are not grooved or textured, which allows your feet to pivot easier. Some mats have too much grip. These have it just right. I would recommend these.



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We love our mats. We have them on our basement WO room and the padding is a perfect amount for impact in Tae Kwon Do. The interlocking system holds the mats really well, we have had no problems with slipping or shifting. They were shipped much faster than we anticipated, it was wonderful to do business with a company which is so concerned with customer service.


Lisbon, WI

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We Are very happy with our mats. They hold up well and are easily cleaned. Thank you. D.May


LaGrange, GA

Customer Rating:


Easy to install, helpful customer service, comparable cost to carpet. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is a film or print that makes feet turn black. We have tried mopping it several times, but after an hour of practice, feet still turn black. It is getting better, so whatever it is will wear off in time, or we're not using a strong enough cleaning agent.


Everett, WA

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Customer Rating:


Awesome flooring for our studio. Provides good footing and is absorbing falls without hurting the students like no other mat I've trained on. If you would like pictures of my students working out on it please email me.


Heyburn, ID

Customer Rating:


Awesome product. I was in need of updating my school mats. These feel great and look great

Eduardo R

Naugatuck, CT

Customer Rating:


We love our mats! Easy to put together and seems like they will hold up well. The product is much better than those we were able to find locally (which wasn't much).


Salem, VA

Customer Rating:


Arrived promptly, easy to install, looks and performs well so far.


Charlotte, NC