Cork Laminate Flooring - Cork Flooring for Home Installations

Cork flooring is made of 100 percent renewable cork product material that is harvested in Portugal from cork trees. Cork laminate flooring is an excellent option for home family rooms, living rooms and basement floors. Cork flooring will provide your home with an unique natural look and feel. Cork flooring is soft and warm to the touch and can be installed over in-flooring heating systems.

Installation of our commercial quality cork laminate flooring can be an easy DIY project as the cork flooring laminate has a snap together locking system that has been engineered for a tight fit. Cleaning cork floors can be accomplished with common household floor cleaners. Greatmats also offers a complete line of commercial cork and rubber underlayment with sound ratings for residential installations.

After a great deal of anticipation in the flooring world, the latest generation of ready-to-lay cork flooring, the strongest cork floors ever, are now available. Cork laminate flooring’s scratch-resistant surface is considered a revolutionary new development in the flooring market. This comfortable, warm surface reduces the appearance of scratches, scuff marks, scoring, and rough spots.

Natural cork flooring adds a stylish softness to any home. A cork-floor, with its natural cushioning and insulating properties, keeps bare feet more comfortable than ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring. Easy-to-install cork floor tiles and floating cork floors are stylish and appealing. They are excellent insulators for both sound and temperature and the softness of cork is a perfect anti-fatigue surface to stand on.

The wear resistance in our cork flooring uses a ceramic solution that does not contain any harmful substances. It will protect your floor for long periods of time. Cork laminate flooring works well in many homes including living rooms. Cork floor tiles and floating cork floors provide both sound and heat insulating qualities. The laminate pieces are not waterproof.

Cork flooring is also earth-friendly because it is made from bark which can be harvested without killing the tree. Cork trees are used over and over again for repeated cork harvests. Natural cork flooring is better for your family and the environment than just about any alternative flooring system on the market. Cork flooring is a very green product.

Cork flooring is available as a laminate flooring product for residential installations. Cork laminate flooring is great for any dry areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms. Gain the comfort and warmth of cork flooring with this top quality, commercial-grade product. It is constructed to the highest cork flooring industry standards with long lasting durability. Greatmats offers an entire line of cork underlayment material for commercial and residential installations where a sound reduction underlayment system is required.