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4x6 Rubber Mats, 4x6 Rubber Gym Mats

Choose this type of when you need a single 4x6 foot black rubber mat for use under exercise and weight lifting equipment. This black rubber mat in 3/4 inch is very durable and long lasting and will stand up to very heavy weights for weight lifting. These 4x6 black rubber mats offer our customers an economical black mat option, which is an excellent choice for use under heavy workout equipment, such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and steppers and for equine applications.
10 Mat Minimum Order.

Our 4x6 foot rubber floor mat are offered in 1/4 inch, 3/8, and 1/2 inch thickness. These rubber floor mats come in solid black and black with small, white flecks. This rubber mat product is a low odor floor matting option because it is not made with sulfur which produces the heavy rubber smell often associated with vulcanized rubber floor mats.

This rubber floor mat is one of the most affordable and economical options when a durable and large single piece of rubber mat material is needed in weight rooms, workout rooms and gym floors. This rubber mat can also be used for equine applications in horse stalls and aisleways. Use this product on commercial rooftops for convenient walkways or any commercial location a durable rubber flooring mat is required.

Black color is 100 percent recycled rubber and natural color is a recycled content black mat with very small random white flecks in the mix. The natural coloring option is offered as a price savings option to our customers. Both types of colored black mats are guaranteed to be free from any foreign metal or contaminate objects that are not rubber material.

Choose this product for your next project where a black basic rubber mat is required.

Made in the USA Recycled Content


  • Athletic Clubs
  • Horse Stall Mats
  • Schools / Universities
  • Home Use
  • Sports Plexes
  • Animal Care
  • Under Swing Sets
  • Walk Ways

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Size and Dimensions:

  • Tile sizes: 4 x 6 FT
  • 3/8" Thickness - 55 lbs per tile
  • 1/2" Thickness - 73 lbs per tile
  • 3/4" Thickness - 105 lbs per tile


  • Recycled Content
  • Non Slip
  • Made in USA
  • No Adhesive Required
  • Low Smell Options Available
  • Low Cost Material
  • Size Variation Tolerance: plus or minus .125 inch
  • Not Guaranteed to be Squared
  • Waterjet Cutting Option Available for 3.00 per Tile, this option is available with West shipping only.
  • Rubber Mat 4x6 Ft Black
  • Rubber Mat 4x6 Ft Natural

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