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Find from Greatmats in the form of rubber stall mat kits, interlocking stall mats and 4x6 foot horse stall mats. We offer high-end and affordable horse stall flooring options, including colored equine tiles and horse stall rubber pavers. The majority of our horse stall mats are made from recycle rubber materials. We also offer high-density foam portable horse stall mats.

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  • On Sale In Stock $3.26 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days 12X26 ft horse stall mats kit in durable 3/4 inch black rubber.

  • On Sale In Stock $3.47 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days 14X14 ft horse stall mats kit in durable 3/4 inch black rubber.

  • On Sale In Stock $3.11 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days 14x16 ft horse stall mats kit in durable 3/4 inch black rubber.

  • On Sale In Stock $3.62 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days 14x18 ft horse stall mats kit in durable 3/4 inch black rubber.

  • On Sale In Stock $3.30 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days 14x20 ft horse stall mats kit in durable 3/4 inch black rubber.

  • On Sale In Stock $3.20 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days 16x16 ft horse stall mats kit in durable 3/4 inch black rubber.

  • On Sale In Stock $3.38 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days 16x18 ft horse stall mats kit in durable 3/4 inch black rubber.

Displaying 49-67 of 67 Products
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Why use horse stall mats?

Easy to clean and install, Greatmats horse mats are much easier to maintain than dirt or other natural floors. You will also need less bedding materials for your animals. This will save you money and create less mess. Designed to provide comfort for large animals, these mats are manufactured as a long-term solution for barns and other animal areas.

Greatmats offers a large variety of straight edge, interlocking and portable horse mats including standard kits. Custom design services are available to accommodate any stall size. Standard stall kits are available in 10x10 ft. and larger standard sizes. Easily cut horse mats for a wall-to-wall fit. High quality stall mats will improve the look and feel of your stall area for years to come.

The understructure of most horse mats have space underneath for liquid to drain. Install any of these equestrian flooring options on top of a hard flat surface that is designed for drainage such as crushed stone or aggregate.

Full Color Equine Rubber Tiles

The latest in stall mats is a new high-end equine rubber tile that is designed for indoors and outdoor use. Consider a one inch thick equine paver tile that is 2x2 ft. in size and easy to install with unique designer colors. This horse mat tile is designed for isle ways and horse stall areas.

These unique horse mats feature a dog bone shaped brick look in the form of 2x2 foot by 1 inch modular tile.

We also offer the 1.75-inch-thick dog bone outdoor paver tiles in several color options for more cushion and design possibilities. Both full color options feature a 3-year warranty.

Portable Horse Stall Mats

Portable horse mats are available for temporary installations and trailers. Made from a high-density EVA foam, our portable stall mats are lightweight and easy to transport and install at special event venues or in horse trailers. Your horse no longer needs to stand on concrete while away from your barn. Portable horse mats are designed as an easy-to-handle, 2x2 foot tile comprised of high-density EVA foam material. Each mat features two border strips per mat that will create a finished edge for your trailer or horse stall. These mats are 21 mm thick and come with a one-year warranty.

Standard rubber mats provide an affordable and long-lasting stall flooring in 10x10 ft. kit sizes and larger. All our rubber stall mats are made of a 3/4-inch durable, rubber material. Most of these mats are offered with a 10-year warranty.

Kits and 4x6 foot straight edge mats are made from recycled rubber content in the USA. These mats are rated to last for 20 years or more in equine environments. They come with a 12-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Horse matting features a flat bottom that helps to keep them clean and eliminates debris from getting trapped under the mats. They also have a diamond-top surface pattern for maximum comfort and traction.

Interlocking 4x6 Horse Stall Mats

Rubber mats are also available in interlocking 4x6 feet x 3/4-inch sizes. Kits can be custom-designed to accommodate any stall size. Getting the right custom stall mats is easy; simply provide us your stall measurements, and we will create a custom kit to fit your stall area perfectly with no cutting required. Each mat is water-jet cut for the tightest seams available. There are no better horse kits on the market.

Custom-designed rubber horse stall mats are a popular option for aisles and hay areas. Interlocking rubber mats can be custom designed to fit any size area and will arrive clearly labeled for easy installation. Simply provide your dimensions and we will design the mats to size as needed. Stall mat kits are made from 4x6 foot rubber stall mats. These mats are water-jet cut to precision for a perfect installation every time.

Horse Wash Bay Horse Stall Mats

For wash bay areas, consider our button-top stall mats. These provide an anti-slip surface for your horse and for you. Our button top stall mats are offered in ready-to-install kit sizes 10x10 ft., 10x12 ft. or 12x12 ft. (Custom sizes are also available.)

The installation of wash bay stall mat kits is quick and easy and requires no cutting or adhesives. Wash bay mats provide a safe work area in wet environments for horse owners and horses.

Foaling Stall Mats

Our foaling stall mats are designed specifically for foaling stalls or for horses recovering from injuries. These special rubber horse stall mats feature a waffle bottom design that will provide that little extra cushion and comfort needed when foaling. Available in standard kit stall sizes and as custom designed foaling stall mats, this product is the best available for an aging or newborn horse.

Contact a customer service representative regarding mats with straight edges, beveled edges, or interlocking edges. We also carry rolled rubber for those lower traffic areas where a 3/4 inch or thicker rubber product is not required. Rolled rubber is available in various thicknesses and color options and is most often installed on stall walls or in aisles in barns.

In almost every situation, horse mats and kits will ship via freight delivery, with the exception of our foam horse mats. Please read our shipping disclaimer for additional information. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer service representatives for additional clarification.

Photo Contest and National Horse Trainer of the Year Award

Earn a chance to win a gift card by entering Greatmats Customer Photo Contest. Simply email us a photo of your horse mats purchased from Greatmats installed and/or in use. Include a brief product review and your order number to enter. Winners are chosen monthly.

Vote for Greatmats' National Horse Trainer of the Year annually during the month of November on Greatmats Facebook page. Anyone can nominate a trainer for the annual award that honors those horse trainers who have made a difference in the lives of their animals, owners, and communities through the virtues of integrity, quality and customer service.

The 2nd Annual Greatmats National Horse Trainer of the Year Award Contest was held in 2016. Check our National Award Series contest page to learn how to nominate an exceptional horse trainer and human being.