Indoor Entrance Mats

  • Anchor Runner

    Anchor Runner

    This heavy duty transparent runner has a lightly textured surface, offering traction and safety, while protecting the carpet below. Rigid anchor points help hold the mat in place on mosts carpets.

  • Tire-Tex Carpet Tile

    Tire-Tex Carpet Tile

    Tire-Tex carpet tiles, manufactured from recycled truck tire fabric, offer excellent reisitance to wear, grit and water in entrance and high traffic areas.

  • Apache Rib Mat

    Apache Rib Mat

    The Apache Rib mat provides good performance with great economy.

  • Duro Rib Carpet Mat

    Duro Rib Carpet Mat

    The Duro Rib mat has a Berber style carpet which provides superior wear and cleaning characteristics.

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