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GreatDeck Outdoor Plastic Deck Tile

GreatDeck Outdoor Plastic Deck Tile, Durable Outdoor Plastic Rooftop and Deck Tiles

Outdoor Plastic Deck Tile, Outdoor Plastic Rooftop Tiles
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Top Features for GreatDeck Outdoor Plastic Deck Tile

  1. Long lasting recycled plastic is extremely durable
  2. Non-absorbent surface will not harbor mold or mildew
  3. Flexible design feature allows installation on uneven surfaces
  4. Versatile wood grain pattern
  5. Can be installed over uneven surfaces
  6. Easy installation, no adhesive required
  7. Available in a variety of color options
  8. Installs on any hard flat surface
Use Types

Outdoor Deck Tiles, Rooftop Flooring, Patios Tiles

When seeking a high-performance composite tile that is ideal for high traffic areas outdoors, you will receive the durability and value you need from the Greatmats product. This non-slip, embossed wood grain outdoor tile is available in a variety of stylistic options, ensuring you can find exactly the product that you need for your particular design.

The outdoor tile deck is perfect for those who seek a beautiful modernized look with minimal maintenance. We've put together the eight best reasons to make use of our plastic tile product.

1. Extremely Durable Tile

Our outdoor plastic rooftop tiles are manufactured with premium materials that have been tested and proven to withstand the elements all year around. Even if you live in an area that has all four seasons and temperature extremes between summer and winter, this recycled plastic tile will stand up to all kinds of weather.

You'll also love the environmentally friendly aspect of this outdoor plastic deck tile. Because it's made from recycled high density polyethylene plastic, the materials used in these tiles have received a second life, meaning the products from which these tiles were made did not end up in the landfill.

The outdoor plastic deck tile product is manufactured with UV inhibitors. It contains a lifetime warranty for the duration of ownership against material defects. Additionally, this product comes with a 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty against improper product assembly. And the outdoor plastic rooftop tiles are made in Canada, meaning you can count on the construction quality and the materials used.

These tiles will support any kind of patio or deck furniture that you place on top of them. As long as the sub-surface of the area is able to support a large amount of weight, such as having multiple people sitting on the deck, you can continue to place that amount of weight on top of the tiles after they're installed.

2. Non-Absorbent Surface

You don't have to worry about mildew and mold forming inside the outdoor deck tiles, even if you've installed them in wet areas, because the materials used in the tiles will not absorb water over time. This means they have an incredible longevity, while ensuring a healthier environment for you and your visitors.

3. Flexible Design for Uneven Surfaces

The Greatmats GreatDeck Outdoor Plastic Deck Tile is the perfect solution for uneven surfaces. This durable deck tile is constructed with PVC plastic rods that allow the tile to flex and contour to surface irregularities, leaving you with a solid and safe foundation for walking or placing patio furniture.

The area where you install this outdoor plastic deck tile does need to be a hard outdoor surface, rather than a soft surface like grass. The installation process will work more smoothly with a flatter sub-surface, but these outdoor plastic rooftop tiles will work well on a base surface with slight undulations.

4. Beautiful Wood Grain Pattern

These high-performance composite tiles feature an embossed wood grain design and are available in an assortment of designer colors that are more extensive than most other outdoor floors.

The wood grain pattern in the outdoor plastic rooftop tiles runs the length of the individual planks, giving them a look that resembles real wood without the hassle of caring for wood.

Additionally, as we've constructed the tiles for these outdoor floors so that they appear to be made out of individual wooden planks, the wood grain pattern contributes to the feeling that the tiles are made from real wood. The individual planks are less than 2 inches in thickness, which gives you a great look.

And the gaps between each plank on each tile are a small fraction of an inch, so you don't have to worry about using furniture with narrow legs on the patio or deck area where you've installed the tiles. The legs on the furniture will not penetrate the narrow gaps between the planks.

5. Numerous Color Options

To further simulate the look of real wood in these tiles, we've constructed then in six different colors that resemble different wood stains. Some of the colors look like a darker stain, while others are a lighter stain color. There's even a gray color that looks great. The six different color options with this product include the following.


6. Easy Installation Process

Each of the outdoor plastic rooftop tiles measures 2 by 2 feet, which makes the installation process fast because of the large coverage area of each tile. You'll receive 3.92 square feet of coverage area per individual outdoor floors tile, as a little bit of the coverage area is lost to the design.

The tiles measure 1 inch in thickness, which makes them a sturdy, heavy product. Each tile weighs 16 pounds, so one person can handle carrying and moving around each outdoor plastic deck tile. Installation likely will go faster with more than one person involved though.

You'll have a couple of different options for laying out the tiles on your deck or rooftop patio.

Checkerboard: This is a popular installation pattern for this style of deck tiles. You'll rotate the direction of the planks on the tiles for every adjacent tile. This style works best in a rectangular or square area, where you don't have to worry about odd angles. Because wooden floors often feature a checkerboard or parquet style, some people love having this type of look with our outdoor floors.
Same Direction: You also can lay out the tiles so the thin planks all run in the same direction. This will simulate the use of long individual planks in the decking material.

When cutting the outdoor plastic rooftop tiles along the same direction as the planks run, you can just clip the PVC tubing that holds the individual planks together. If you must cut the tile horizontally across the planks, you'll need to use a skill saw, as you cannot cut these thick tiles with a utility knife.

7. Easy Removal Process

The outdoor plastic deck tile product is installed without adhesives or fasteners, so you can easily remove the tiles if needed. This option makes them ideal for transforming a rental space with a rooftop patio or a drab concrete slab. When your lease is up and it's time to move, you can just take these synthetic patio decking tiles with you and use them again at your new location.

Because many apartments don't allow you to install any type of outdoor floors that could cause damage to the sub-surface, our product is perfect because it can be used with a dry lay installation. This means you don't have to worry about using an adhesive that could damage the sub-surface or that could leave unwanted residue on the sub-surface when the tiles are removed.

Additionally, they're more environmentally friendly than others type of tile because they don't require adhesive. (However, you can use adhesive if desired for a more permanent installation.)

8. Simple Maintenance

When it's time to clean these outdoor plastic rooftop tiles, simply scrub them with a hard bristled brush and soapy water. Should you need to clean an especially stubborn stain, such as from grease from a grill, you can use an orange infused cleaning solution. If you're going to scrub the surface of the outdoor floors material, we recommend that you scrub with the grain to dislodge soils, rather than against the grain on the surface of the tile. Most people choose to clean the tiles only once or twice per year. You also can sweep these tiles or vacuum them as needed.

Depending on the sub-surface material, some people will choose to lift up the individual tiles and vacuum or sweep under them on occasion. This is not necessary to gain the longest lifespan out of the tiles, but it will help keep the sub-surface in better condition, which may be important if you know you will be removing these tiles down the road, such as if you're in a rental location.

When you want to remove the tiles to clean them, we recommend that you don't remove all of them at once and clean them. Instead, remove the tiles one by one, clean the single tile, and then return it to the installation.

On occasion, you may want to power wash the surface of the tile pieces. This will not damage the surface of the tile, but this level of cleaning is rarely necessary.

One of the most common areas where debris will collect is between the slats in the outdoor plastic rooftop tiles. You can simply dislodge these debris, such as small pieces of gravel, using a screwdriver or chisel. You don't have to pick up the tiles to remove these debris pieces.

We do have to mention that these outdoor floors do not have any border strips available, which means there will be a thick lip at the edge of the installation, as each tile measures 1 inch in thickness. You can negate the potential tripping hazard at the edge of the tiles by performing a wall to wall installation. If you have any questions about using the Greatmats GreatDeck Outdoor Plastic Deck Tile product, please contact our customer service team!


Scrub with hard bristled brush and soapy water once or twice per year.


Ships via freight shrink wrapped on pallets.

This Product Ships Freight Only.
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NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

Product Type Tile
Material Type Plastic
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1 inch
Width 2.00 feet
Length 2.00 feet
SF per Item 3.92
Weight 16.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 144
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.02 feet
Interlocking Connections No
Made In Canada
Order Minimum 50
Surface Finish Wood grain
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Dry lay
UV Treated Yes
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 2 year limited
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Product Questions:

Are these suitable for installing on a rubber membrane roof?
Yes these tiles can be installed over a rubber roofing membrane.
Warranty? Can I install one top of TPO membrane?
Yes this product can be installed over a TPO membrane. The product has a 2 year limited warranty
I'm looking for a new surface for my pool deck. How thick is the tile and how would you end it at the pool Is there a lip/edge piece available?
The material thickness is mentioned in the specifications, at 1 inch, we dont have a solution for the pool edge for this product.
Can this (when laid out at 15ft X 15ft) support the weight of a small sedan?
Good question, not sure, they are not tested for autos.
I was looking to put down an outdoor surface just off of my concrete slab backyard patio. For my teenage son to workout on. jump rope,, dumbbells work, etc. Will this product hold up and if so which product would you recommend.
The product is not rated as an impact surface, so not sure about that question. It is rated for outdoor use. Generally most gym floors are either rubber or foam, both are rated for indoors.