Customer Reviews for: Horse Stall Mats Kit 3/4 Inch x 10x12 Ft.

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We ordered 4 kits, for our four 10x12 horse stalls. We were very satisfied with the fit and fabrication of our mats after the installation was complete. We did have one issue that we encountered during out installation that I would like to share in case it happens again in the future for someone else. The five separate mats that go together to make up a single stall mat were numbered incorrectly from the factory, and did not match the ''assembly'' drawing supplied with the mat. Because of this, the puzzle notches cut in the mats did not line up. After fearing that we were going to have to return the mats, and all of our work backfilling and leveling the base under the mats would be trampled by the horses waiting for a resolution, my son figured out that the mats were mis-numbered. All we needed to do was swap the two end pieces at each end, and all fit perfectly. After that, we ignored the assembly drawings and just looked at the puzzle notches before placing on the ground.



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We like the fact that the mats give our horses a lot of comfort. We also like the fact that they stay locked together. They don’t move. They’re very heavy duty. They are very skid resistant. The horse will lay down in their stalls and we don’t have any issues with sore spots after they’ve been getting back up.


Elko, MN

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We have used Greatmats Stallmats in our horse stalls for about 15 years and love them, so when we added 4 more stalls we, of course, added 4 more stall kits of Greatmats. They snap together and don’t move around like mats without the snap together tabs.



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Five Stars!



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Very helpful figuring out my needs and answering all of my questions very quickly. Great customer service and product! I would recommend Greatmats to anyone!


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I have no problem with mats themselves. The delivery truck could not go to the barn because of tree branches. So we elected to have them lifted down by an oak tree however because of the way they were stacked on the truck we could not get them on the lift properly. We ended having to hand unload 24 mats one hit me and I fell end over tea kettle and I?m almost65 years old and had many bruises and aches and pains. Then I had to hire someone to move them to the barn! Well if your company loaded the pallets then it was your fault that they were too heavy for the trucker to move. I guess I?m going to blame this on your company not the truck company! So you have nothing to reply to my comments!


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Such a great experience from start to finish! Ryan the rep who paced my order and coached me all the way with my order. He was wonderful. He is very knowledgeable and doesn't miss a beat! The great mats (horse stall) are the best I have tried everything out there from Tractor Supply to Lowes, etc. Nothing can compare to the great mats! I use these in my kennels for my show dogs of Akitas! They love them! I will be ordering more, and hope your sales rep Ryan is still there! He is friendly, knowledgeable. Hats off to Ryan for helping me out!



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You can feel a night and day difference between our previous bargain mats and the Greatmats interlocking kit. This kit is much more comfortable to stand and walk on. The mats also lay nice and flat, making it much easier to muck stalls.


Amery, WI

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Their mats are very high-quality and just as advertised. Prompt shipping. Had a slight mishap by the freight company, but Greatmats handled it promptly and easily. I highly recommend this company and their products!

DW Industries

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I am a repeat customer. I have these mats in two other horse stalls and purchased this set after we bought a third horse. Mats are easy to install. They hold up very well and are easy to clean.


Elkhorn, NE

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A great product that comes with instructions and a 12 year warranty!! Sandi Trout

Sandra Trout

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Outstanding customer service, which is almost unheard of today. Excellent quality stable mats at a fantastic price. My future mat purchases will be with . Thanks so much!

Jeanine Holtsberg with Hope Floats Equestrian

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Definitely durable material. Might provide suggestions on what to use to cut/trim. Was a process of trial and error. Found manual hacksaw to work the best. Fit was nice and tight when done. Just laid so will have to wait to evaluate wear.

Kathy G -Gaylord, MI

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Mats are interlocking and were pretty easy to install. Heavy mats, a little hard to cut, but good for stall.

Elizabeth Snyder

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we purchased mats for six stalls and the only difficult part was cutting what we needed to to get a good fit. that was our fault because we had some odd ball sized stalls. Delivery was great, and they snapped together perfectly. Everything about them is top shelf. Thanks



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Greatmats was very helpful with ordering and making sure I was getting the right product. Mats were shipped out in a very timely manner. Everything went good with installation and customer is extremely happy with the finished product. I will definitely get my next project through Greatmats!

Lucas R.