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Are Anti Fatigue Mats Worth It, Anti Fatigue Mats in the Workplace

Know what to look for when choosing anti-fatigue flooring at home or work. There are many features to keep in mind depending on how you'll use the mats.

Portable Mats for Horse Trailers and Stalls

Learn how Greatmats Portable Horse Stall mats can keep your competition horse ready to go with minimal effort.

Elite Striking Arts Pro Mats Tatami for Karate, Taekwondo and more

Greatmats Elite Stirking Arts Pro Mats with tatami textured surface are the highest quality mats available for striking arts.

Wearwell ErgoDeck Comfort Solid Tile Introduction Video

Discover how Wearwell anti-fatigue tiles can transform a traditional solid floor into a ergonomically friendly work space.

How To Install StayLock Tiles Over Tile, Concrete or Carpet

How to install StayLock Snap Together PVC Floor Tiles over tile or concrete with this installation demonstration of StayLock Orange Peel Tiles.

Dog Agility Mats - Interlocking Flooring for Equipment and Training

Green and Blue Greatmats Interlocking Foam Dog Agility Mats In Use at Dog Agility Facility

Martial Arts Puzzle Mat Flooring Material

Learn why EVA Foam is the material of choice for interlocking martial arts puzzle mats for tournament, dojo and dojang use.

Foam Matting - Economy Interlocking Foam Mats

Foam matting is one of the softest and most affordable diy flooring systems. These interlocking eva foam mats provide excellent cushion and fatigue relief.

StayLock Orange Peel Floor Tile Features and Benefits Video

Staylock Orange Peel floor tiles are cushion tiles popular for home gym, aerobic and ergonomic flooring applications. Install these tiles over carpeting.

Portable Dance Floor Tiles - Features and Benefits

Learn the benefits of Greatmats Portable Dance Floor Tiles. Find out what features make these modular dance floor tiles click.

All You Need to Know about Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles

Discover why Dog Agility Mats Interlocking tiles from Greatmats are the top choice by dog agility professionals.

How to Install Home Gym High Density Foam Mats Over Concrete

Home gym flooring over concrete step-by-step installation video tutorial. These super high density foam home gym mats are easy for DIY installation.

Cushioned Gym Flooring for Home - Interlocking Pebble Mats

Pebble top foam home gym interlocking floor tiles for use under weight training equipment and exercise equipment.

What you need to know about purchasing anti fatigue mats

Learn important and handy steps and resources for making your anti fatigue mat purchase process more enjoyable and satisfying.

Home Gym Flooring - Staylock Tiles Best Over Carpet

The best home gym flooring system for over carpet, Staylock bump top tiles deliver durability and cushion in one. They're also great over concrete.

What Are The Best Mud Mats For Construction Sites?

Discover which are the best mud mats for construction sites. Greatmats offers a large variety of some of the market’s best options.

The Best Kids Puzzle Play Mats For Hardwood Floors

Have hardwood floors? Then, foam puzzle play mats and plastic tiles are a great way to make the area safer for your kids. You can install over existing flooring.

EVA Gym Floor Tile Uses Beyond Workouts and Fitness

EVA gym floor tiles serve more purposes than just for workouts and fitness routines. They're also great for horse trailers, art studios, basements and more!

How to Choose The Best Outdoor Flooring

Learn where and how to choose the best outdoor flooring.

Cottonwood Riding Club - Interlocking Horse Stall Mats - Littleton, CO

Colorado's largest horse boarding facility benefits from new stall mat technology in interlocking horse stall mats from Greatmats.

How to Choose Garage Floor Tiles

Learn what style of garage tiles work best for every garage flooring situation by following these garage floor tips.

How to Clean EVA Foam Tiles or Mats and Vinyl Covered Gym Mats

How do you clean foam flooring you ask? This Greatmats tutorial offers tips on cleaning both interlocking EVA foam &amp; vinyl covered gym exercise tiles &amp; mats.

Top 5 Basement Floor Choices for Fatigue Relief

Anti-fatigue mats for your basement floor can be founf at Greatmats. Check out the five best basement floor mats the best for fatigue relief.

Portable Horse Stall Mat - Gracie Shepherd Barrel Racer Testimonial

Virginia barrel racer Gracie Shepherd finds Greatmats Portable Horse Stall mats keep her horse Rosie from getting sore while traveling to compete every weekend.