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4x6 Ft x 1/2 Inch Eco Rubber Floor Mats Natural$55.77
  7 product reviews
Use this 1/2 Inch Rubber Mat for home gym rubber floors and commercial athletic facility flooring.
Life Floor Slate Tiles 3/8 Inch$63.00
  1 product review
Life Floor Slate 3/8 inch tiles are comfortable, UV stable and slip resistant. Use these pool deck tiles for outdoor swimming pools. Click to see all features.
Sterling Roof Top Tile 2 Inch Green$33.14
Commercial quality, durable outdoor roof top, deck and patio rubber flooring tiles. Rubber patio and deck tiles, 2 inch 2x2 ft green rubber floor tiles.
StayLock Tile Bump Top Colors$5.56
  4 product reviews
Staylock 1x1 ft floor tile for athletic and ergonomic flooring installations. Use modular fatigue cushion floor tile in home and professional gyms.

Customer Reviews For peel and stick at Greatmats:

4x6 Ft x 1/2 Inch Eco Rubber Floor Mats Natural

Very heavy duty and well made mat. Works great in my gym. Would definitely purchase more if I ever needed...



Life Floor Slate Tiles 3/8 Inch

Found the item on line at Greatmats. Got Samples, Called for some details, ordered, received and applied....

Bob Mark

StayLock Tile Bump Top Colors

It came out great! Thanks for the help and setting me up with the right amount of product.


Midlothian, VA

Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel

Excellent company! Lovely to deal with and great prices. They go the extra mile to satisfy the custo...

Ernesta Corvino

4x8 Ft x 3/4 Inch Eco Rubber Floor Mats Natural

Mats arrived in good shape. Slight damage to two mats but the weren?t an issue as we cut that part off...

Jacquelyn E Dannenberg

Gym Wall Pads and Mats All Sizes

Our basketball gym doubles as an auditorium and the front of our stage unfortunately doubles as spectator...


Westminster, MD

Sterling Roof Top Tile 2 Inch Brown

The Tiles are installed and look great!

Scott W

Denver, CO

Life Floor Slate Tiles 3/16 Inch

With the cushion and traction that we've got with this floor, I think we made a great decision. The appearance...


Balsam Lake, WI

VersaMats Diamond Foot 3x8 ft Black

Awesome mats, great service.

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals

Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel$163.89
  2 product reviews
Sprung dance floors are 3.5x3.5 ft MDF panels with Wavelock edges that eliminate soft spots in the dance floor. Use Rosco sprung floors in studios and stage
4x8 Ft x 3/4 Inch Eco Rubber Floor Mats Natural$75.30
  4 product reviews
4x8 ft rubber floor mat in x 3/4 inch black economy. Use this large rubber floor mat for horse stalls and gym flooring in schools and pro gyms.
Gym Wall Pads and Mats All Sizes$62.23
  3 product reviews
Find gym wall pads available in 2x6 ft wall mats in 2 inch thickness. Use wall padding for gym walls in school gymnasium and basketball court padding. Free design help.
Wearwell 24/Seven GR Perforated 3x3 Ft Mat$48.93
Wearwell 24/Seven Perforated GR 3x3 Ft Mat provide fatigue relief and improves workers performance. Perforated surface mat available in black color.

Most Common Product Questions For peel and stick at Greatmats:

How do you prevent the mats from slipping or space opening up between the mats?


If used in a shower area, how would you keep it from absorbing water when you cut out for the shower drain. Wouldn't that 'open it up'' to water penetration?


Can this be installed over existing stained kool deck around a pool?


We plan to use it in the bathroom on old tiles, covering the bathtub and the sink. Can it be used on top of old tiles, is there no mold issue? Does it stick enough to go over round edges?


what product do you recommend to place over grass. I want to put a floor over the grass where I will have an outdoor set


Over rubber roof? How about puncture and tear?


Can you glue Life Floor to painted plywood? If not, what surface do you recommend applying it to as a subsurface before application. This will go in a second floor screen porch that has an exposed floor from below and will need to withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 90 degrees.


Can this be installed over Chattahoochee river rock?

Sterling Roof Top Tile 2 Inch Brown$33.14
  2 product reviews
Outdoor 2 inch brown patio and deck rubber floor tile. Durable high quality patio rubber floor tile for outdoor residential and commercial installations.
Life Floor Slate Tiles 3/16 Inch$51.98
  1 product review
Find pool deck floor tiles that are comfortable, UV stable and slip resistant. Life Floor Slate 3/16 inch pool deck tiles for outdoor swimming pools.
Supreme Soft Foot 2x60 feet$309.52
Supreme Soft Foot 2x60 feet 5/8 inch thick fatigue soft mat is designed for industrial fatgue mat use. Use in standing industrial and warehouse settings.
Artificial Grass Turf UltimateGreen per SF$3.36
UltimateGreen by UltimateGrass is the fastest draining artificial turf product available. Use UltimateGreen for outdoor grass turf yards areas at home.
VersaMats Diamond Foot 3x8 ft Black$214.69
  1 product review
Temporary roadway and walkway mats are available in black and white VersaMats. Use VersaMats for temporary walkway mats on any exterior surface for safety.
Bounce Back Rubber Playground Mats All Sizes$30.19
Rubber Bounce Back playground tiles are available in 2x2 ft tiles. Use durable rubber playground mats for school, park or business playgrounds.