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Tac-Mat Contamination Control Dry Mat 26 x 45 inches Case of 120 Mats$211.43
Tac-Mat Contamination Control Dry Mat 26x45 inch disposable mats capture dirt and contaminants. Tac-Mats are convenient and disposable, 4 pads of 30 sheets
Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile$11.98
  242 reviews
Interlocking carpet tiles or squares are perfect for trade show booth floors as well as home use. They're padded, waterproof and soft to the touch. Check this product here.
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HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile Colors$3.00
  19 reviews
HiddenLock basement slate color plastic floor tiles have an upscale look and are durable. Use them at home and in entry ways. Check out our selection now.
Made in the USA
Smart Transformations Mosaics 24x24 In Carpet Tile 15 per case$110.67
Mosaics Smart Transitions carpet tiles are easy to maintain, offer superior durability, and are available in many colors. Multi-purpose 2x2 ft carpet tiles.

Customer Reviews For peel and stick at Greatmats:

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Wow, this is a fantastic product. It worked our great on our lower level concrete floor. Any other flooring...


Richmond, VT

HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile Colors

Excellent product, durable quality, quick and easy to install. Transformed our concrete basement floor...

Jeanne Marie

Franktown, CO

StayLock Tile Bump Top Black

Great Buy! I was a little hesitant with the price but I would definitely buy it again. Durable, sturdy...



Carpet Tiles Modular Squares

I love this product. It was easy to install myself with the use of a table saw. You could rent one but...


Templeton, MA

Perforated Garage Tile

I love the product. It went down well and looks great. Only issue is it wants to come up at entrance...


Yorba Linda, CA

Geneva Rubber Tile 1/4 Inch Black 18x18 Inch 8 Pack

This product is a really good value. I put it in my home gym and it works great...very durable and looks...


Brentwood, TN

SoftFlex Floor Tile

Bought for resale my customer like products.


Newton, MA

Foam Roll 6x42 Ft x 2 Inch

Our order came as promised and advertised. We are happy with our purchase.


Basement and Portable Event Floor Tile

Great flooring. We covered a basement playroom. Super easy to install. We called with a few questions...


Oggden, UT

4x6 Ft x 1/2 Inch Eco Rubber Floor Mats Natural

Very heavy duty and well made mat. Works great in my gym. Would definitely purchase more if I ever needed...



Life Floor Slate Tiles 3/8 Inch

Found the item on line at Greatmats. Got Samples, Called for some details, ordered, received and applied....

Bob Mark

StayLock Tile Bump Top Colors

The mats are wonderful. They function just as advertised and have really helped transform our spare bedroom...


Phoenix, AZ

Greatmats Playground Tile Interlock 2.75 Inch Green Stocked

These mats are extremely easy to work with. Easy to place and very easy to keep clean. If you are looking...



Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel

Excellent company! Lovely to deal with and great prices. They go the extra mile to satisfy the custo...

Ernesta Corvino

Greatmats Reversible Dance Roll Black/Gray 131 LF

Worked Great! Angie was super helpful and product arrived in time frame & in condition as promised.


Washington, DC

Smart Transformations Ridgeline 24x24 In Carpet Tile 15 per case$110.67
  1 review
Ridgeline carpet tiles are easy to maintain, offer superior durability, and are available in a large selection colors. Carpet tiles for home and business.
StayLock Tile Bump Top Black$4.98
  78 reviews
Fatigue flooring tile Staylock Bump Top tiles are available in 1x1 ft tiles. Use these fatigue flooring tiles for ergonomic, athletic and aerobic floors.
Made in the USA
Carpet Tiles Modular Squares$6.58
  18 reviews
Find basement carpet squares as modular interlocking easy DIY snap together raised carpet tiles for basements floors that are durable carpet tile squares.
Made in the USA
Smart Transformations Distinction 24x24 In Carpet Tile 15 per case$110.67
Distinction carpet tiles are available in a large selection colors and offer superior durability. Easy to maintain Smart Transitions 2x2 ft carpet tiles.

Most Common Product Questions For peel and stick at Greatmats:

I'm afraid these carpets will get dented or puncture by heavy furniture. Do you recommend using furniture sliders to protect this carpet tiles?


How do you clean this carpets if you lay an entire basement floor with them? It would be too much work to take them all outside to wash them and then reinstall them. Can you use Stanley Steamer or another carpet cleaning company or a rug shampooer?


Can you wear high heels on this without indenting or messing it up?


Could you park a lightweight sports car on it?


Are these sold in any retail store?


Has anyone walked with heels on these? Will high or low heels / women's shoes puncture this flooring?


Are the edge borders beveled?


Could this be used as the flooring in a home gym? (ie. put a pilates machine and a small weight rack on it.) Is it water resistant? Could I scotch guard it to protect from sweat?


Can these tiles be used on a covered porch? There is some water that comes in and temperature changes.


Can these carpet tiles be glued down?


Would these carpet tiles be good for a classroom rug? Is the carpet soft, or does it have more of a scratchy feel?


Can these be placed over existing carpet in order to protect it from pet stains and hair?


I'm worried that dog and cat hair will get intertwined with the nap and be very difficult to vacuum up. Is this a legitimate concern? Has anyone had a problem with this?


Which color has less of a seam appearance when put together in a large area?


What is the best way to install wall-to-wall if your room is not square?


One of the other questions mentions edge-borders. Are those edge-borders separate thin strips or can the tiles be purchased such that the perimeter tiles have the edge-borders ''built-in'' to the edge tiles? ... i.e., do the four corner tiles and the 12 interior edge tiles on a 10' x 10' have a straight edge?


my need is for area rugs/anti fatigue mats in a basement that gets water seepage during heavy rains. When this happens my anti fatigue mats and area rugs get soaked, and are very heavy to remove and take outside to dry out. Is your product a solution? Do these soak up water if I get water in my basement? Or will they remain dry and the water will travel around them? Thanks in advance.


How well does this help with insulating the floor?


how well would this hold up driving a small car over it and parking it ?


How many tiles will it take to do a room 25x25


How would you cut the tiles to fit around a semi-circled fireplace hearth?


I'd like to lay this over a concrete floor that has been revealed to have old black mastic adhesive. Is it OK to put a vapor shield under these tiles?


I'm looking for a product that can be used on radiant heat floors. Would this work?


Will the tiles lay flat on uneven floors?


Does these carpet tiles have any insulation value


Can these carpet tiles be used for a pontoon boat floor?


I'm looking for a carpet tile to go on my deck boat that will hold up so i don't half to pull all my seating and everything off just to replace the floor and walk way area. do you have that, I have a lot of friends with pontoon boats that would buy it for the same reason.


Do these tiles outgas a smell?


Can I use Carpet Tile UNDER a Softub (soft sided hot tub)? It is a 6' round shape that holds 300 gallons (about 2,400 pounds). The weight is spread out over the entire bottom (no legs). I want to carpet the entire room (12x12) with the carpet, and place the movable Softub on top. It is a concrete floor underneath. Thank you.


How wide are the border strips? It looks like they add about an inch to the tile. Is that right?


Will this carpet hold up to roller desk chairs moving around on it ?


Does each tile come with 4 border trim pieces?


Can you install this material on the walls? If so, what kind of adhesive?


Will these interlock with the 5/8 foam kids and gym mats?


Are these tiles ordered by the piece or are cartons of 25 required?


What if the interlocking pieces get smushed/crushed. Is there anything I can to help them regain their shape and thickness?

Smart Transformations Cutting Edge 24x24 In Carpet Tile 15 per case$110.67
Smart Transitions Cutting Edge carpet tiles are made in the USA from recycled plastic bottles. These multi-purpose 2x2 ft carpet tiles offer superior durability. Buy now!
Perforated Garage Tile$3.39
  4 reviews
Our Perforated Garage Floor Tile is easy to install & durable with its interlocking snap-together design. You can mix and match it to fit your layout. Click to learn more.
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Geneva Rubber Tile 1/4 Inch Black 18x18 Inch 8 Pack$38.96
  7 reviews
Geneva Rubber Tile 1/4 Inch Black 18x18 Inch 8 Pack, easy home rubber flooring option for home gyms flooring and basement floors or garage.
Made in the USA
Channel Style I Beam 6 Ft Tall Pad 4 to 6 In.$305.52
Find athletic Channel-Style I-Beam Pads that are commercial quality. Use durable athletic I beam pads to protect athletes from hard surfaces.
SoftFlex Floor Tile$5.70
  23 reviews
SoftFlex flooring tile is available in 1x1 ft tiles. Use this perforated floor tile for shower areas, pool surrounds and spas. Order yours now.
Made in the USA
Prism Carpet Tile 1x1 Meter$56.33
Prism Carpet Tile colors can be mixed, matched, create borders, and designate spaces in every area of the home or public space. Stain resistant carpet tile
Foam Roll 6x42 Ft x 2 Inch$545.57
  12 reviews
Sports and athletic foam rolls are available in 6x42 Ft x 1.25 or 2 inch. Use rolls of foam for martial arts floors, gymnastic floors and stunting.
Made in the USA
Basement and Portable Event Floor Tile$5.98
  21 reviews
High quality basement floor tile and portable event floor tile for home and banquets. Modular snap together floor tile with wood grain vinyl top.
Made in the USA
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4x6 Ft x 1/2 Inch Eco Rubber Floor Mats Natural$58.56
  7 reviews
Use this 1/2 Inch Rubber Mat for home gym rubber floors and commercial athletic facility flooring.
Made in the USA
Life Floor Slate Tiles 3/8 Inch$63.00
  1 review
Life Floor Slate 3/8 inch tiles are comfortable, UV stable and slip resistant. Use these pool deck tiles for outdoor swimming pools. Click to see all features.
Made in the USA
Sterling Roof Top Tile 2 Inch Green$33.97
Commercial quality, durable outdoor roof top, deck and patio rubber flooring tiles. Rubber patio and deck tiles, 2 inch 2x2 ft green rubber floor tiles.
StayLock Tile Bump Top Colors$6.49
  6 reviews
Staylock 1x1 ft floor tile for athletic and ergonomic flooring installations. Use modular fatigue cushion floor tile in home and professional gyms.
Made in the USA
Greatmats Playground Tile Interlock 2.75 Inch Green Stocked$33.95
  5 reviews
Rubber Playground Tiles Interlocking 2.75 Inch Green is a durable safety surface. Made in the USA, 6 ft fall height rated recycled rubber playground tiles.
Made in the USA
Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel$184.44
  2 reviews
Sprung dance floors are 3.5x3.5 ft MDF panels with Wavelock edges that eliminate soft spots in the dance floor. Use Rosco sprung floors in studios and stage
Greatmats Reversible Dance Roll Black/Gray 131 LF $1,498.00
  1 review
Greatmats Reversible Dance Floor 63 Inch x 131 Ft full roll for soft shoe and ballet. Versatile black/gray dance floor in stock and ships from Wisconsin.
Gym Wall Pads and Mats All Sizes$62.23
  3 reviews
Our custom wall pads and mats are designed for gyms and schools. They are puncture and tear resistant with a vinyl coating and a 2-inch foam core. Shop now.
Made in the USA