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Mega Lock Rubber Tile 3/4 Inch Color$31.18
Interlocking rubber floor tiles are a superior quality flooring. Mega Lock Rubber Tiles are easy to install tiles for your weight room or athletic floor.
Ground Protection Mats 3x6 ft Clear$200.40
Clear Grass Protection Mats let the sun shine through keeping grass greener. Clear Grass Protection Mats ideal for roadways, ground and grass protection.
Rosco Adagio Marley Dance Floor Gray 6 LF$145.71
Rosco Adagio Marley Dance Floor Gray 6 LF in a precut 5.25 x 6 ft roll. Strong and long lasing this portable marley dance floor can be used for studio or home.
Chroma Floor Blue/Green 131 ft$1,680.79
Rosco Chroma Floor is available in vinyl rolls at 131 linear feet. Use Chroma Floor for green screen and chromakey backgrounds in TV and studio sets.

Customer Reviews For life floor at Greatmats:

Home Dance Floor Package Adagio Basic 10.5x10 Ft

Product itself is great. The customer service and communication from this company is HORRIBLE. My box...


Mansfield, TX

Portable Exercise Mat 20 x 52 Inches Blue



Frederick, MD

StayLock Border Edge Yellow

Great product, installed very easy. The only issue I have is the shipping costs.


Bangor, ME

Big Sky One Piece Horse Stall Mat 12x12 Ft



Waco, TX

Recycled Tire Rubber Floor Tiles 25 per Carton



junction city, OR

StayLock Corner Yellow

My concession trailer with your mats that you helped us pick out! Thanks so much!!!


Oklahoma City, OK

Electric Power Winder

Two people can handle that pretty easy. One person operates the motorized winder and the other just guides...


Interlochen, MI

Vario Grip Floor$1,160.60
Find Vario Grip Floor in full rolls in many colors. Use Vario Grip Floor for event flooring, trade show floors and exhibit flooring installations.
Sound Reduction Gym Floor Tile Black 2.5 Inch$45.23
Sound reduction rubber gym flooring tile for crossfit and weight dropping. Black 2.5 inch thick rubber tile for sound and vibration noise reduction.
Vario Reversible Marley Flooring 63 Inch x 98.4 Ft$1,195.43
Vario reversible portable marley floor 63 in x 98 ft is an excellent soft show portable dance floor. Use Vario portable dance floor for ballet and events.
Home Dance Floor Package Adagio Basic 10.5x10 Ft$474.52
  7 reviews
Home dance floor package 20 linear feet of Adagio dance floor and tape. Use this marley floor package for dance space at home, covers 10.5x10 ft area.

Most Common Product Questions For life floor at Greatmats:

Is your pricing $7 per 2x2 floor tile or is it per square foot?. Can I buy 20 pieces and 12 quad block connectors?


Will this help to reduce noise when I do aerobic exercise (jumping, burpee, etc.)? I live in an rickety old apartment and I don't want to bother my downstairs neighbor during my workout. Or would you recommend other mats for my purpose? Thanks!


1. Will this mats be installed on the top of comercial carpet? 2. Only soft dancing shoes allowed?

Portable Exercise Mat 20 x 52 Inches Blue$19.95
  3 reviews
Lightweight personal exercise mat is excellent for people on the go. This durable two fold exercise mat is great for sitting and floor exercises.
TrakMat Ground Cover Mat 44.5 in x 8 ft Green$335.01
Ground protection mats for use over the ground to prevent damage to the ground. Ground protection with rugged tread for impressive traction.
Greatmats Tap Dance Marley Roll Black 65.4 Ft$1,772.00
Greatmats Tap Dance Floor 63 Inch x 65.4 Ft full roll for hard and soft shoes. Versatile black durable dance floor in stock and ships from Wisconsin.
StayLock Border Edge Yellow$3.00
  3 reviews
Staylock border edge piece in yellow provide a ramped transition. Use Staylock floor tiles for ergonomic, athletic and outdoor flooring, home or commercial.
Comfort Matta 20x20 Inch Solid Colors$20.15
Comfort Matta Solid Surface Colors anti-fatigue floor tiles provide safe flooring. Use Comfort Matta interlocking tiles for fatigue relief and playgrounds.
Blue Sky Playground Interlocking Tile 4.25 Inch Colors$50.13
Interlocking rubber Blue Sky playground tiles. Playground safety tiles made in USA, 10 ft fall height rating, 2x2 ft x 4.25 inch, ships from SE USA.
Blue Sky Playground Interlocking Tile 3.25 Inch 50/50 EPDM$54.14
Quality Blue Sky Playground Tile 3.25 in thick, 8 ft fall height rating, 50/50 EPDM color. Ships from the SE USA. Interlocking rubber playground tile.
Blue Sky Rubber Playground Tile 2.75 Inch 90/10 EPDM$67.74
Blue Sky Rubber Playground Tiles have an interlocking connection design and are easy to install. They're perfect for commercial playgrounds. Check them out now.
Blue Sky Playground Interlocking Tile 3.25 Inch 90/10 EPDM$68.69
Blue Sky Playground Tile 2ftx2ft x 3.25in, 90/10 EPDM colors, 8 ft fall height rating. Ships from the SE USA. Quality interlocking rubber playground tiles.
Blue Sky Rubber Playground Tile 2.75 Inch 50/50 EPDM$53.62
Blue Sky Playground Tile 2ft x 2ft x 2.75in 50/50 colors. Ships from the SE USA. Quality interlocking rubber playground tile with 6 ft fall height rating.
Big Sky One Piece Horse Stall Mat 12x12 Ft$1,152.00
  4 reviews
One piece horse stall mats 12x12 ft is the favorite of equine professionals. Rubber watertight flooring adds traction in horse stalls for one piece mat.
Recycled Tire Rubber Floor Tiles 25 per Carton$137.60
  2 reviews
Recycled tire rubber floor tiles are designed for entry ways, entrance flooring. Use recycled rubber floor tiles for school and retail entrance door areas.
StayLock Corner Yellow$1.88
  1 review
StayLock Corner in yellow is designed to be used with the Staylock floor tiles. Use one Staylock corner piece where two border edge pieces meet.
Cushion Comfort Fatigue Mat 3 x 5 feet$262.87
Cushion Comfort Mat 3x5 ft provides fatigue relief. Surface has attractive marbleized look available in several colors, with safety beveled edges.
Electric Power Winder$840.44
  1 review
Electric Power Winder quickly and easily winds up each section of your vinyl gym floor covers. No need for hand cranking with the Electric Power Winder.
Horse Stall Foaling Mats All Sizes Per SF$3.49
Foaling Stall kits feature a unique waffle bottom texture that provides cushion and support for foaling stalls and horses with special needs.