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Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm$19.95
  192 reviews
Taekwondo mats for TKD and karate dojo studios. These taekwondo mats are durable and economical, long lasting martial arts flooring solution.
Geneva Rubber Tile 1/2 Inch 10% Color$40.41
  5 reviews
Interlocking rubber floor tile in 1/2 inch 10% colors in 3x3 ft tile size. This interlocking rubber flooring tiles are great for commercial gym flooring.
Made in the USA
Self Cleaning Brush Attachment$682.76
Self Cleaning Brush Attachment attaches to the rack and sweeps gym floor covers. Quick and easy sweeping as gym floor covers are rolled up for storage.
Max Playground Rubber Tile 2.5 inch Red or Gray$41.41
Playground safety surface is available in 2x2 ft fall rated rubber tiles. Use Max 2.5 inch safety surfacing tiles for playground at schools, rooftops.
Made in the USA

Customer Reviews For life floor at Greatmats:

Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm

These mats are fantastic..easy to put toghther and cut if needed for a tight fit against wall. They are...


Jeffersonville, In.

Geneva Rubber Tile 1/2 Inch 10% Color

I really like the flooring, it was delivered fast and went together quick and looks great


Rosco Dance Floor Reversible per LF

Your flooring has been a huge lifesaver for my daughter :) we were worried about her taking all these...


Fullerton, CA

Home Dance Subfloor Per SF

I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much we appreciate your guidance through ordering, shipping...


West Hills, CA

Basement and Portable Event Floor Tile

Great flooring. We covered a basement playroom. Super easy to install. We called with a few questions...


Oggden, UT

Comfort Carpet Tile 10x10 ft Kit Beveled Edges

Great carpet! Lightweight and easy to assemble. I love it so much I am buying a second one as a backup....



SupraTile 4.5 mm Diamond Pattern Black / Grays

I love this Product! Its my first time installing it. Its still flexible in the cold weather, snaps...

Brad Glad

Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 Inch 10% Color Geneva Per SF

Customer service was very helpful with ordering the mats. They arrived exactly when promised. The mats...


Vinyl Peel and Stick Maple Plank Floor Tile 12x12 In. 36 per Carton

We needed this item to replace one of the walls in our camper because of water damage. It matched perfectly...


Northfield, NH

Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

Greeting, Mats were exactly what i wanted. Great quality. The whole process from ordering to delivery...


El Centro, CA

HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile Colors

Excellent product, durable quality, quick and easy to install. Transformed our concrete basement floor...

Jeanne Marie

Franktown, CO

Vinyl Peel and Stick Slate Floor Tile 12x12 In. 36 per Carton$59.85
Vinyl peel and stick floor tiles in slate design are wear resistant and attractive. Great peel and stick vinyl tile for a variety of floor installations.
Quantum 2.5 Inch Gym Floor Tile Premium Colors$73.82
Use this high end pro quality rubber gym flooring tiles for home and commercial gyms. This floor tile is ultra thick, available in premium colors and all black.
Made in the USA
Rosco Dance Floor Reversible per LF$15.96
  5 reviews
Professional and affordable ballet flooring Rosco Dance Floor, a reversible ballet studio flooring. Great for use as a reversible and easy to install floor.
Vinyl Peel and Stick Dark Oak Floor Tile 12x12 In. 36 per Carton$59.85
Vinyl peel and stick floor tiles in dark oak wood design are attractive and durable. Ideal vinyl floor tile for home and commercial floor installations.

Most Common Product Questions For life floor at Greatmats:

I'm looking for interlocking matting for boxing. What is the best option?


Can this mat be used for judo as well?


Can these be installed over carpeting?


Need EVA foam tiles 20mm thick to place on flat grass ground. Will the tiles get loss ease? Or due to the thickness will bear kids walking on them?


I currently have the 20 mm Pro Martial arts mats and use them for Karate, Krav Maga and BJJ(with no throws on these), I am looking at layering over top of the 20mm with either the karate 1 inch mats or the 1 5/8 grappling mats. Since I am layering, will the karate mat over the 20mm mats be sufficiently equivalent for throws similar to the grappling mat or is the material that different?


Will these mats hold up to being put down and pulled up each day (3-4 days each week). We are in a multi-use facility and want to only have these mats down when we are testing martial arts.


If I wanted to cover a small area. Let’s say 10 feet by 10 feet. Would it hold up with me doing cardio/ boxing or would it come apart or slide? Ps. I’m a smaller guy only about 150lbs


Hello I need some help with this mat i need to buy one of this about 20 ft long l + w so I don’t know how many tiles do inhave to select


I am looking into this flooring for our Fitness room in our Commercial Gym. We have a variety of Fitness(Bootcamp, Zumba, & Yoga) classes, Taekwondo, & little girl dance classes all in this room. So I need to know if it will hold up to the heavier athletic shoe traffic that we get with fitness classes?


OK for cellar concrete floor for TKD? Cellar always cool, Thanks.


Hi. I am working on setting up of taekwondo space for myself and my kids in the garage. Garage is approximately 20*20. If we go with with 20 by19 this will leave us with 4” gap to the wall on each side. Assume it’s fine. Or it is better to go with 20 by 20 and cut off the slack? Tiles are going to sit straight on concrete. Our practice will contain kicking combinations, work out programs and sometimes throws. Is that fine for taekwondo tiles you offer? Thank you. Vadim PS please let me know if there is a better option for our case. Thanks!


Hi- I'm looking for a mat that's firm enough for yoga but thick enough for body-weight calisthenics, ab work, and general rolling around (not BJJ rolling). Do you think this would be suitable? Thanks...


Hola necesito 100 laminas cuanto es el costo de cada una y cuanto cuesta comprando 100?

Home Dance Subfloor Per SF$5.53
  6 reviews
Home dance studio subfloor is a two part dance subfloor option. Use for home dance studio flooring, a great economical subfloor option.
Portable Dance Floor Wood Cart$297.59
Portable dance flooring cart is available with rubberized casters. Use this wood topped cart for easy transport and storage of portable dance floor tiles.
Basement and Portable Event Floor Tile$5.98
  21 reviews
High quality basement floor tile and portable event floor tile for home and banquets. Modular snap together floor tile with wood grain vinyl top.
Made in the USA
Free Shipping
Comfort Carpet Tile 10x10 ft Kit Beveled Edges$448.40
  7 reviews
Interlocking trade show floor carpet tile 10x10 ft kit. Use Comfort Carpet trade show carpet tiles for show booth floors, expo flooring, and events.
Portable Dance Floor T-handle Hex Key - Cam Lock$15.84
Use this T-handle Hex Key for Portable Dance Floor Panel. Tongue and groove floor tiles and trim secured with cam lock.
Sterling Playground Tiles All Sizes$29.72
Top quality interlocking playground floor tiles are available with ASTM fall height ratings. Use Sterling playground floor tiles for schools and parks. Buy now.
Rosco Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Liter$15.25
  1 review
The Rosco heavy duty floor cleaner 1 liter is for Marley flooring. Use diluted or at full strength to keep your dance studio floor clean & beautiful. Shop now.
SupraTile 4.5 mm Diamond Pattern Black / Grays$9.83
  4 reviews
Diamond plate floor tile is available with commercial quality and durability. Use SupraTile diamond floor tile for warehouse, garage, or basement flooring.
Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 Inch 10% Color Geneva Per SF$1.83
  21 reviews
Resilient rubber flooring 10% color fleck, cut to any length. Use these 1/4'' rubber mats for gym flooring, athletic floors, and more.
Made in the USA
Foam Roll 6x42 Ft x 5/8 Inch$244.04
  1 review
Sports foam flooring rolls are available in 6x42 Ft x 5/8 inch polyethylene foam rolls. Use for gymnastic, martial arts & special events. View our selection.
Made in the USA
Vinyl Peel and Stick Maple Plank Floor Tile 12x12 In. 36 per Carton$59.85
  1 review
Buy easy-to-install vinyl peel and stick floor tiles in maple plank wood design. Use this vinyl floor tile for home and commercial floor installations.
Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch$27.25
  224 reviews
Karate mats are the best interlocking karate and taekwondo mat on the market. Use a karate mat for professional and home martial arts training.
Vinyl Peel and Stick Walnut Plank Floor Tile 12x12 In. 36 per Carton$59.85
Vinyl peel and stick floor tiles in walnut wood design. Durable vinyl floor tile is ideal for home and commercial floor applications.
HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile Colors$3.00
  19 reviews
HiddenLock basement slate color plastic floor tiles have an upscale look and are durable. Use them at home and in entry ways. Check out our selection now.
Made in the USA
Ground Protection Mats 3x6 ft Clear$383.36
Clear Grass Protection Mats let the sun shine through keeping grass greener. Clear Grass Protection Mats ideal for roadways, ground and grass protection.
Made in the USA
Portable Dance Floor Transport Cart - 24 Panels$583.20
Transport Cart for Portable Dance Floor 3 x 3 ft panels. For easy and convenient transporting.