Sundance 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Horse Stable Mats Straight Edge install weights.
Sundance Horse Mat Stall Floor Matting Standard 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge angle surface
Sundance Rubber Matt 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Standard top surface close up.
Sundance Horse Mat 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Hexagon bottom close up
Sundance 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Rubber Horse Stall Mats black bottom angle
Sundance 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Standard Horse stall.
Sundance 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Horse Stable Mats Straight Edge Standard power lift.
Sundance 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Rubber Mat lift
  • Maximize traction with a non-slip hexagon texture
  • Absorb shock to help keep horses comfortable
  • Insulate your horses against cold and damp conditions
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  • Sundance 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Standard hexagon black swatch. Sundance 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Standard hexagon black swatch.


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Our established connections with the country's largest rubber stall mat manufacturers position us uniquely to offer you an integrated design and purchasing solution. This collaboration ensures access to top-quality materials and a streamlined experience from matting design to delivery. We pride ourselves on offering excellent shipping options tailored to bring these materials directly to your location efficiently and reliably.

Custom Designed Stall Mats

As you explore options for equipping your barn and aisleways, consider Greatmats, which specializes in custom-designed interlocking horse stall mat kits for sale. Our offerings include stall pad solutions, from interlocking 10x10 and 12x12 horse mat kits to standard 4x6 rubber mats and even rolled rubber for stall walls. These tailored kits ensure a perfect fit for your unique stall sizes. Whether outfitting a new barn or upgrading an existing one, our expertise in creating customized solutions will help you achieve a functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing environment for your horse.

Experienced Horse Mat Associates

As you plan your next custom interlocking horse mat kit, let the customer service team at Greatmats guide you through the design process. With their expertise, you can confidently navigate the selection of materials, design layouts, and functional needs specific to your stall floorings.

Quality Rubber Materials

As you search for the best horse stall mats and equine matting, understanding products made from vulcanized rubber, which incorporates an optimal blend of oils, is essential. This composition significantly reduces the likelihood of the mats drying out over time. This factor can lead to degradation or cracking. Our company understands this concern and addresses it by offering mats with 10-year warranties and, in some cases, even longer. This commitment to quality ensures that the mats you choose will endure the test of time.

Rubber is a popular option because it’s supremely strong and durable. Rubber can withstand the weight of horses, won’t be perforated or damaged by shoe studs, and won’t be burned or melt during hot shoeing farrier appointments. Rubber stall mats are also waterproof, so they won’t absorb urine and can be hosed clean if needed.

Free Samples of Stall Mats

If you're in the process of comparing different textures and surfaces of horse stable flooring, we encourage you to give us a call and request free samples. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in making an informed decision by providing tangible examples of our products. This opportunity to physically examine the mats before purchasing is essential in selecting the most suitable option for your needs. We are here to guide you through this process.

Fast Shipping Options for Stocking Stall Kits

For those of you requiring quick delivery, Greatmats offers a readily available 12x12 Ft. interlocking equine mat kit featuring an amoeba surface and straight edges around the perimeter. This kit is stocked to ensure expedited shipping. The design of the mat, with its smooth surface and precise interlocking design, provides easy installation and a seamless fit. Opting for this kit from Greatmats means you'll benefit from both swift delivery and a high-quality, durable product that meets your stable mat requirements.

Installation Information on the Stall Floor

We provide comprehensive installation and cleaning documentation to assist you throughout the product's lifespan. These resources are designed to ensure you can install and maintain your mats quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to support you at the point of purchase and in the years that follow. By following our detailed guidelines, you can maximize the durability and functionality of your horse stall mats over time, maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for your horses.

Sizes of Barn Floor Mats and Stall Mats

Horse stall kits are available in various sizes to suit any requirement, including standard dimensions in two-foot increments. Whether you need a compact 10x10 Ft. kit or a larger configuration, extending up to 20x20 feet and larger, we have options that will cater to you. This flexibility in sizing ensures that you can find a stall kit that perfectly fits your space, be it for a small private barn or a larger equestrian facility. Our range of sizes is designed to provide a tailored solution, ensuring optimal fit and functionality for your stalls.

Outdoor Rubber Options

As you consider solutions for areas prone to mud accumulation, such as outdoor spaces, consider ring mats as an effective solution. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions where mud might gather, ensuring cleanliness and safety. Additionally, we offer dog bone and brick paver tiles for larger-scale outdoor surface areas. These alternatives provide functional benefits in managing mud and moisture and add aesthetic value to your outdoor spaces.

Commercial Contractor Options

Many large commercial contractor customers choose to work with Greatmats for our quality of expert customer service and attention to detail throughout the design and sales process. Our customer CAD and waterjet cut horse and equine 3/4 inch rubber mats are of the highest quality on the market and offer multi-year warranties.

Stocked Equine Stall Mats

Greatmats stocks a 12x12 Ft interlocking horse stall kit for fast nationwide shipping. Calculate a shipping rate on our website, or for the best shipping options, please call one of our horse mats experts and allow us to create a quote for you; we can often ship the shipping rates around using our various freight options in order to best the best rate for our customers.

At Greatmats, we offer horse stall matting in a range of thicknesses and coverage size, so you can use these mats in many areas of your farm or facility.
  • Straight edge stall mats are ideal for placing inside a stall, since they create a comfortable and flat surface for a horse to lie on. These barn mats can also be dry laid in a grooming stall or in your barn aisle.

  • Interlocking stall mats fit together like puzzle pieces. They’re a popular choice for use in horse stalls, since their interlocking design can help to prevent bedding from being worked down in between the mats, making for easier stall cleaning.

  • Horse stall mat kits come with all of the pieces you need to floor a stall of a certain size. You can save on the time and effort of cutting mats to fit your stall’s dimensions.

  • Portable horse mats are lightweight and can be easily carried and installed. They’re often used when traveling to a show or clinic, and can be a great way to cover the concrete floors that are often present in many facilities. Read about Barrel Racer Gracie Shepherd's experience with portable horse stall mats.

  • Perforated horse mats are designed to maximize drainage and provide traction, even when wet. These mats are ideal for both indoor and outdoor wash stalls.

Rubber mats typically measure 3/4 inches in thickness. Thicker rubber weighs more and costs more than thinner rubber, but it also supports more weight, such as from a horse or in an area where you will be using barbells with large weight plates.

Rubber stall kits also come in a variety of sizes:

Portable Stall Mats

While rubber is often ideal for stall mats, it’s very heavy. That’s why our portable mats are made of a dense foam. The foam is strong enough to support a horse’s weight and offers an ideal cushion, but it’s not quite as durable as rubber. It’s perfect for traveling with your horse, though.

Where to Use Horse Stall Mats

Stall Mats as Home Gym Flooring

Horse stall mats are also popular for use as DIY gym flooring. They can be dry laid, are strong enough to support the weight of heavy gym equipment, and thicker mats can help to absorb the shock of dropped weights.

Horse Mats Q&A

How thick should horse stall mats be?

Typically, 3/4 inch is the standard thickness of horse mats. 1/2 inch mats can be used in horse stalls but they will not provide as much cushion. Thinner mats are typically used in barn aisles and grooming areas where horses won't be standing for long periods of time.

Is a 10x10 stall big enough for a horse?

A 10x10 horse stall is a common, manageable size home for an average-sized horse. If your horse is less than 16 hands high (generally under 1,300 pounds), it should be quite comfortable in a 10x10 stall.

Rubber or portable foam horse mats?

Because rubber stall mats are extremely heavy, some people prefer a lighter option for transporting the mats for a horse show. We offer interlocking EVA foam horse mats that are ideal for temporary usage in a situation where you need a quick setup. Stick with rubber mats for a permanent installation, though.

Can you use horse stall mats for home gyms?

Rubber interlocking stall mats are an excellent choice for creating a safe space in a home gym. These have the thickness to protect the subfloor from dropped free weights or from heavy exercise equipment. They also cut down on noise from the machines.

How do you cut rubber mats for horse stalls?

Cutting rubber horse stall mats requires some patience. Lay the rubber stall mat across a 2x4 at the line you want to cut. Then make a series of shallow cuts with a utility knife, allowing the rubber to pull apart along the cut line.

What are the best economical choices for horse mats?

Interlocking mats that are thinner than average, such as 1/2 inches, will cost less than 3/4-inch thick rubber stall mats for horses. However, the thinner material supports less weight than thicker options.

We hope this information helps you make an informed decision about horse mats. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please contact our knowledgeable service team.