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Portable Dance Flooring Options and Ideas

Portable Dance Flooring Options, Portable Dance Flooring Ideas

Ideas for Portable Dance Floors, Options for Portable Dance Floors

The most durable and well-constructed portable dance floor on the market, the MaxTile Portable dance flooring system is manufactured by Greatmats in the USA. Interlocking, 1x1 foot tiles require no adhesive or sub-floor prep to install. Simply lock these tiles together with our convenient hook and loop design. These tiles are built for repeated installations and will not get loose or break with repeated uses.

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These portable dance floor tiles are beautiful. A rugged vinyl surface is inlaid in a rugged plastic base. This keeps the surface of your floor up from the ground which provides excellent drainage and airflow. This is great for temporary outdoor applications.

Available in a variety of beautiful wood-grain or stone looks, these tiles will transform your Community Center, Church, or Banquet Hall into a gorgeous recreational area. These tiles are simple to put together and take apart. They can be left in squares of nine tiles to make installation even faster the next time. Impervious to water and extremely scratch-resistant, they are an excellent tile for a variety of applications including weddings and dances.