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Pro MMA Mats Smooth 1x2 Meter 2 Gray

MMA Mats Smooth 1x2 Meter 2 Inch Gray, Grappling Quality MMA Mats

Smooth MMA Mats, 2 inch Grappling Mats, Thick BJJ Mats
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Top Features for Pro MMA Mats Smooth 1x2 Meter 2 Gray

  1. Made in Europe, hand made highest quality
  2. Best MMA mats available
  3. Highest quality rated foam for proper cushioning
  4. Anti-skid waffle bottom with hotmelt reinforcement
  5. Extra seam seal on waffle bottom
  6. 100% rebond PU foam 13.11 lbs. / cubic foot
  7. Fully laminated, sealed corners
  8. IJF approved, used in international Judo championships
Use Types

Judo Mats, Jiu Jitsu, BJJ Studios, Karate and Taekwondo

When you want a high quality mixed martial arts mat, it needs to deliver superior impact protection, consistent hardness throughout the mat, and just enough cushion for multiple disciplines. The Greatmats product features a high density polyurethane foam core that works perfectly for disciplines such as judo, jiu jitsu, wrestling, martial arts, and activities that involve throwing, falling, or rolling.

The fully laminated, smooth vinyl surface is extremely durable and easy to clean. This means the hygienic surface of these smooth MMA mats will protect martial artists from bacteria.

Our thick BJJ mats provide the optimal martial arts surface for large and small floor surface coverage area needs. These mats reduce risk of injuries in sports of all kinds, while delivering outstanding performance and durability.

These professional-quality, 1x2 meter martial arts mats are easy to put together when you need more than one mat. They are extremely versatile and waterproof, and they will maintain their professional look without the need for reconditioning.

We've compiled eight great reasons to select this heavy duty MMA mat for your studio or even for practice at home.

1. Quality of the Vinyl
By making use of a heavyweight vinyl, you'll ensure that your professional MMA matting will give you a long lifespan, which makes the 2 inch grappling mats a really good value. The top quality materials and superior craftsmanship we've used in these smooth MMA mats guarantee years of use.

Each of these 2 inch grappling mats carries a 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty, which means you can count on these mats lasting a long time, even when used constantly. This mat is available in gray, but some color variation from mat to mat is common with this style of mat.

The vinyl surface on this mat also will stand up to any spills on it, as the vinyl is non-absorbent. This protects the interior of the mat as well, preventing the formation of mold in a wet mat. Finally, it's easy to clean the vinyl surface on these mats with warm water and a mild soap using a mop or a cloth.

2. Quality of the Anti-Skid
The high-quality anti-skid material used on the bottom of these thick BJJ mats results in an excellent flooring solution for both professional gyms and competition areas.

The anti-skid materials are just the right consistency for use. The materials are not too soft, which can lead to crumbling over time, nor are they too hard, which would leave them ineffective. Without a good anti-skid material, smooth MMA mats are not stable when placed under the pressure of workouts and competitions, which can create a dangerous footing for the fighter.

The anti-skid material on the bottom of the mat is a waffle rubber material that is permanently attached and designed specifically to increase stability. It's also fully laminated, with the edges finished all around using a hot melt reinforcement.

The mat's corners are perfectly sealed too, while the edges are reinforced with a hot melt. This reinforcement will keep the anti-skid surface intact, thus guaranteeing a longer life of the mat.

3. Quality of the Surface Lamination
The choice of the glue used in these thick BJJ mats and the method of applying the glue during the manufacturing process are essential for good lamination. Our manufacturing process is based on extensive time and research to develop the perfect lamination technique for the Greatmats Pro MMA Mats Smooth 1x2 Meter 2 Gray mats.

Our 2 inch thick grappling mats have both the top and sides fully laminated with a strong and hygienic vinyl featuring a smooth surface pattern. Additionally, the corners are sealed to give the mat the ability to stand up to all kinds of stresses.

A good surface ensures the smooth MMA mats can stand up to all kinds of workouts without the mats looking as if they're worn. If you're using our mats in a studio setting or if they're being used for competitions, you want to have a mat that will look great for a long time, impressing your customers and students.

4. Quality of the Edges
If you need to align more than one mat to create a large workout area, perfect 90 degree corners are essential. This allows you to lay out a smooth and perfectly matched surface that will not have any gaps. If you have gaps in the thick BJJ mats, it could become dangerous to the footing of the athletes. Lower quality mats may not have squared corners, which leads to problems with gaps.

Because the edges of our smooth MMA mats are so perfectly aligned, you don't need any adhesives to connect the mats together. This makes it easy to move the mats to wherever they're needed or to move them into storage without having to worry about removing adhesives or tape.

5. Uniformity of the Mats
When making use of high-quality, thick BJJ mats, it's vital that the mats are nearly identical. If you have mats featuring a different weight or size, the smooth MMA mats will not line up properly when you must make use of multiple mats to increase the surface area. Additionally, if the mats have varying weights between them, the athletes using the mats will notice a slightly different footing, which could cause a stumble, leading to an injury.

If the weight of two mats is significantly different, the hardness of the 2 inch grappling mats is probably different too. A difference in hardness or exaggerated elasticity is uncomfortable and may cause severe injuries for the athletes, who make take an misstep when they expect to have one level of hardness in a mat, but they receive a different level of hardness when they land. For safety and for the most stable surface for the athletes, you want an equal hardness across all of the thick BJJ mats that you'll be using in your studio for workouts or for practice.

The recently modernized production line for these types of smooth MMA mats guarantees that the line of Pro MMA Mats Smooth 1x2 Meter 2 Gray products from Greatmats will have a perfect finish and correct sizes, meeting the toughest specifications for safety, comfort, and durability. All of our mats will fit within industry accepted tolerances for size, dimensions, and weight.

This attention to detail in the manufacturing of our thick BJJ mats explains why they are often preferred for national and international championships like the Pan-American Championships, the European Championships, and the World Championships. Additionally, these mats are official for the International Judo Federation and the Pan-American Judo Federation.

6. Consistent Interior
The interior consists of a specially developed foam for MMA mats. It's a 100 percent rebonded PU-foam that features 13.11 pounds per cubic foot of material density. Using this type of foam in these 2 inch grappling mats will suit professional level disciplines within the martial arts.

Additionally, the interior of the smooth MMA mats is frequently applied as an underlay beneath judo mats, especially when they are laid on stone or concrete floors.

7. Exact Dimensions
Our 2 inch grappling mats are a great size to move around, meaning you can use them in different areas of your studio, wherever they're needed. Each mat has a width of 3.28 feet and a length of 6.56 feet, resulting in a coverage area of 21.51 square feet. This is a great size for using either at a studio or at home, as more than one student can work out on a single mat at one time.

The mats each weigh 40 pounds, which means they are relatively easy to move from place to place with just a couple of people. And it's easy to align the mats because they aren't overly heavy. Each mat measures 2 inches in thickness, which makes them just the right size to move around successfully.

In addition, if the thick BJJ mats dimensions show an error in tolerance of 5 mm or more, it becomes even more difficult to join the mats tightly together in a precise pattern. Poor quality mats don't conform to tight tolerances in the manufacturing process. However, our mats make use of a tolerance of 3 mm, which leads the market in exact dimensions, resulting in mats that feature the safety you want to use in your studio.

8. Certification
Make sure that your mat manufacturer supplies you with the Center for Research and Innovation in Translation and Translation Technology (CRITT) quality certificate as proof that your 2 inch grappling mats are generally accepted on the international level for the quality of the workmanship involved in creating them. Such a statement is a guarantee for a safe, comfortable, and durable mat.

If you have any questions regarding the Pro MMA Mats Smooth 1x2 Meter 2 Gray mats from Greatmats, just contact our customer service department to receive the information you need. We have other densities and sizes available on request. You'll love these mats for both home and studio use, and the high quality of materials we use ensure that you'll receive a tremendous value over time!


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In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Vinyl covered Foam
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 2 inch
Width 3.28 feet
Length 6.56 feet
SF per Item 21.51
Weight 40.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 30
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness 13.11 lbs. / cubic foot
Interlocking Connections No
Made In Germany
Order Minimum 10
Surface Finish Smooth
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Product Questions:

How much will these mats separate without being framed in?
This will depend on the amount of use and type of people.
Do these mats get slippery when sweat gets on them or right after mopping?
Most surfaces will be more slippery when wet, its best to use when dry when possible, these tiles may be a little more slippery when wet depending on the shoe type or use with no shoes.
Are they able to be cut to fit an existing space?
Yes these mats can be cut to fit and we have a video on the web page showing this.