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Tatami Mats Green, Tatami Muay Thai Mats, Tatami Karate Dojo Mats

Elite Striking Arts Pro Mat Tatami 1.5 Green

SKU# JT1.5Green
(3 Reviews ) Write a Review
(3 Reviews ) Write a Review
SKU# JT1.5Green
$89.00/mat (You Save 40%) $4.14/sqft Reg: $149.00/mat - $6.93/sqft - In Stock
Kid Safe Kid Safe Floor Tiles

Latex and Lead Free, Non Toxic, Allergen Free, Waterproof, Safe and Soft, Low Odor

Leading properties: Fire Rated ASTM E648-03 and Surface Flammability Passed ASTM D2859.

Our interlocking foam tiles have been fire test rated by two laboratories.

Purchase safe and soft foam floor tiles and matting products from Greatmats.

We ensure that all of our foam flooring products are constructed with the highest quality EVA foam material and workmanship.

We know our products are Kid Safe and will provide for years of enjoyable family use.

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Thickness 1-1/2 inch
Length 6.56 feet
Width 3.28 feet
Weight 42.33 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Top Features for Elite Striking Arts Pro Mat Tatami 1.5 Green

  1. Made in Europe, hand made highest quality
  2. Best striking arts mats available, double seamed rubber backing
  3. Highest quality rated foam for proper cushioning
  4. Anti-skid waffle bottom with hotmelt reinforcement
  5. Extra seam seal on waffle bottom
  6. 100% rebond PU foam 15 lbs. / cubic foot
  7. Fully laminated, sealed corners
  8. Used in International Judo championships
Use Types

Judo Mats, Jiu Jitsu, BJJ Studios, Karate and Taekwondo

Tatami Floor Mat, Tatami Karate Mat, Green Traditional Tatami Mat

When seeking the highest-quality traditional tatami striking arts mats in green at the lowest prices, count on Greatmats. Our product features a high density polyurethane (or PU) foam core that provides superior impact protection, a consistent integrity of the materials throughout the tatami floor mat, and an ideal softness for grappling and rolling for martial arts dojos, dojangs, and training facilities.

The fully laminated vinyl surface on this tatami taekwondo mat is extremely strong and easy to clean. The hygienic surface of these martial arts mats protect athletes from bacteria as well as throws and falls.

Great Stability
This green traditional tatami mat is a popular flooring choice for taekwondo, kickboxing, muay Thai, and kickboxing-style martial arts. This tatami karate mat features a rubber waffle anti-skid bottom that is permanently attached to the mat and is designed specifically to increase the stability of the overall flooring surface for athletes.

This tatami dojo mat is an excellent flooring solution for both professional training facilities and competition cages. The corners of the tatami dojang mat are perfectly sealed with the edges reinforced using a hot melt technique that ensures toughness and durability. You'll love the performance you receive from these mats, resulting in a great value for you and your studio.

The Greatmats Elite Striking Arts Pro Mat Tatami 1.5 Green product has a 15 pounds per cubic foot material density rating, which shows off its toughness and durability. Additionally, you can count on the long lasting nature of the tatami floor mat, as you'll receive a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty with this product.

Finding a High Quality Tatami Mat
When you're looking for the best tatami floor mat, you'll need to look for a mat that has a number of key components and features. We've collected a list of the eight features you will undoubtedly want in your next tatami taekwondo mat.

1. Vinyl: The tatami karate mat will last longer if the vinyl in use is of a high quality, meaning it will have good tensile strength as well as a tear resistance that ensures a type of flooring that will remain intact and safe for martial arts students to use.

2. Anti-Skid Surface: You need a tatami floor mat that has just the right durability in the surface for the best performance level. If the surface of the mat is too soft, it will potentially crumble or break apart, leaving the mat unable to perform at the highest level. A surface that's too hard will negate the cushioning available in the mat, meaning students could suffer injuries. Without a good anti-skid surface, the tatami mat will not be stable, making it dangerous for the martial artist. The straw tatami pattern on the surface of this tatami taekwondo mat will give martial arts students just the right level of traction to perform at the highest possible level.

3. Reinforcement of Surface: A high quality type of tatami karate mat will make use of a hot melt reinforcement method of construction. This type of workmanship ensures that the surface of the mat will remain intact, even when the mats are placed under high stress situations. It's worth noting that many low quality mats will not reinforce the surface of the mat.

4. Lamination Process: When looking at the lamination of the surface of the tatami floor mat, the choice of the glue and the method of applying the glue plays a key role in determining whether the mat has a good lamination. By manufacturing these styles of mats over dozens of years, we've been able to perfect the process of lamination, giving our product incredible strength and durability.

5. Corner Quality: Don't forget to consider the design of the corners on the tatami taekwondo mat. Without a perfect 90-degree corner, the mats will not lay out properly, leaving gaps or twists in the mats that will result in an unsafe surface. Perfect corners ensure that the mats will have tight edges, which is key when laying out an area where you'll have multiple mats in play.

6. Consistency in Mats: All mats being used in the flooring for a martial arts studio need to have uniformity in the weight and hardness of the mats. If two mats that are side by side have differences in weight, it could lead to an unsafe environment for the martial arts students. And if the quality of the foam between the mats has a poor consistency level, meaning one mat is softer than an adjacent mat, you could create an unstable surface for the students, causing tripping or missteps that could lead to injury.

7. Certification Standards: Your tatami karate mat should have a CRITT quality certificate, which provides proof that your striking arts mat is generally accepted on the international level. A lower quality type of mat will not offer certification from third parties. Certification is a guarantee for a safe, comfortable, and durable mat that athletes can use over and over without worrying about missteps or failures in the mats that could cause injury.

8. Exact Specifications: A recently modernized and well-equipped production line guarantees that the Elite Striking Arts Pro Mat Tatami 1.5 Green mat from Greatmats has a perfect finish and exact sizes, meeting the severest specifications for safety, comfort, and durability. The length and width of these mats is produced to within a tolerance of plus or minus 3 mm. The mat's thickness will be constructed to within tolerances of plus or minus 3%. With mats that conform to the necessary tolerances, you'll avoid any unsafe gaps between the mats, ensuring the safest possible environment for your martial arts athletes.

You can count on the Greatmats Elite Striking Arts Pro Mat Tatami 1.5 Green product to fulfill all of these criteria, ensuring a great level of performance for you.

Reduce Injury Risk
Our traditional tatami taekwondo mat provides the optimal martial arts surface for large or small coverage areas. This type of mat will reduce risk of injuries in sports of all kinds.

The tatami karate mat features a thickness measurement of 1.5 inches, which provides a nice cushion for athletes. The interior consists of a specially developed foam that's perfect for striking martial arts. This foam is a 100% rebonded PU style of foam, and it's suitable for professional level disciplines within the martial arts.

The top layer and sides of the mat are fully laminated with a strong and hygienic type of mat vinyl specifically made for martial arts. The surface contains a rice straw pattern that gives the tatami floor mat a nice level of traction for athletes. Additionally, the corners of the tatami taekwondo mat are sealed using a hot melt reinforcement design, ensuring the corners won't lose their integrity and pop loose in the middle of a class, which could cause a tripping hazard for students.

The bottom of the mat is sure to hold the mat in place without sliding around, which could cause a martial arts athlete to lose his or her balance, resulting in a potential injury. The bottom of the tatami karate mat consists of an anti-skid waffle rubber material that's also fully laminated.

If you want to give your athletes a greater level of padding, some of our customers will use the tatami floor mat as an underlay beneath other martial arts mats, especially when they are laid on stone or concrete floors.

Ease of Installation
The high end, professional level tatami mats are easy to lay out, and they deliver outstanding performance and durability. The tatami floor mat product has a measurement of 3.28 by 6.56 feet, giving each mat a large coverage area of 21.51 square feet. In addition, each of the four edges of the tatami taekwondo mat is straight and flat, meaning you can lay out these mats directly adjacent to each other, creating a large flooring area in a hurry.

You'll love the versatility and waterproof nature of this tatami karate mat product, which makes it a great value and allows it to last a long time. These mats will maintain their professional look without the need for reconditioning over time. The high quality of materials used in these mats, along with superior workmanship, guarantees years of successful use.

Ordering Options
Our tatami taekwondo mat is available in a green color. Understand that some color variations from mat to mat are common, and this is not a manufacturing defect.

If you're looking for a different thickness of tatami karate mat, or if you need a different size, just contact the Greatmats customer service team. Explain how you plan to use these mats, and our knowledgeable customer service personnel will be able to make a recommendation on the best style of mat to meet the needs of your martial arts studio.

For example, perhaps you need a smooth surface style of mat or a different color option. We at Greatmats offer a large number of options for these types of martial arts mats, ensuring we have the right type of mat available for your particular situation, all at a great price that will fit your budget!


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In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Vinyl covered Foam
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1-1/2 inch
Width 3.28 feet
Length 6.56 feet
SF per Item 21.51
Weight 42.33 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 40
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness 15 lbs. / cubic foot
Interlocking Connections No
Made In Germany
Surface Finish Straw Pattern Tatami
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Customer Rating:

The mats are incredible. Great quality! Looks amazing! Easy to install. Not even that bad to cut.


Customer Rating:

I like the practical and functional for my training purposes karate and Aikido.

Brighton, Co

Customer Rating:

I am a karate instructor. I also teach wiki jyujitsu as well. It is an ideal product for
Practicing ukemi technique. I am very satisfied.

Brighton, CO