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Judo Mats - Tatami Judo Mats, Jiu Jitsu Tatami Mats, BJJ Mats

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Judo tatami mats, Tatami BJJ mats, Jiu Jitsu mats, Rice straw martial art mats

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Greatmats is now proud to offer traditional tatami for martial arts. These fully laminated martial arts mats have a high density foam core and vinyl surface intended for throwing martial arts, and are the preferred style mat at many international martial arts competitions, including World Championships and the Olympics. If you want the best tatami jiu jitsu mats and judo mats for your home practice space or your professional facility, you'll find them in stock at Greatmats.

Benefits of Tatami Judo Mats

Consider the following benefits of these tatami judo mats:

  • Durable striking mats are designed for rigorous use, ensuring you'll get plenty of use out of the mats
  • Mat surfaces are ideal for martial arts, giving you optimal traction without burning your skin
  • Foam core provides shock absorption, softening the brunt of falls and takedowns while maximizing your safety

Whether you're looking at judo mats for sale for use in your home practice space or in a professional studio, Greatmats has selected the highest quality mats available to ensure that you're getting the best, most high-performing flooring possible.

Choosing the Right Judo Mats for Your Project

Think about the following factors when deciding on the right judo mats for your project:

  • Will you be using these mats at home or in a professional space?
  • How much traffic and use will the mats see?
  • What types of activities will you be performing on the mats, like takedowns and throws?
  • Do you need a flooring option which can be removed and stored?
  • Do you plan to pair your mats with a subfloor or underlayment, or will you be using just the mats alone?

We've outlined some of the options for your practice space or studio below to help you get started as you explore the many judo mats for sale at Greatmats.

Judo Mats

As you explore the various judo mats for sale, you'll find plenty of variety. From interlocking foam mats that install in minutes, to fully laminated tatami judo mats, we're confident that we'll have the right mats for your needs.

Our Elite Striking Arts Mats line offers the best tatami jiu jitsu mats that you can buy. The mats in this line are IJF approved and are used in international judo championships, including the Panamerican Championships Miami 2008, the European Championships 2008 Lisbon, and even the World Championships 2009 in Rotterdam. Made by the official supplier to the International Judo Federation and the exclusive supplier to the Panamerican Judo Federation, when you invest in these mats, you're investing in top-quality performance products.

The Elite Striking Arts Mats are made of 100% rebond PU foam which provides optimum shock absorption for takedowns and throws. This is the highest quality rated foam for proper cushioning, maximizing your safety and helping to reduce the risk of injury - and time that you're laid up and unable to practice. Made in Europe, these mats are fully laminated and feature sealed, 90-degree corners for excellent alignment. There is an extra seam seal on the anti-skid waffle bottom, ensuring excellent performance and durability.

Our Grappling MMA Mats are another popular option which are more economical than the Striking Arts Mats. The grappling mats are durable tiles which feature a no-burn tatami surface which helps to prevent floor burns on your exposed skin. These lightweight tiles are easy to install, since they fit together like puzzle pieces. At 1 5/8 inches thick, the tiles are designed specifically for martial arts training. These bjj tatami mats are used in professional MMA studios nationwide.

The Home MMA BJJ Mats are another popular option. These bjj mats are a smaller 2x2 foot version of our Grappling MMA Mats. The interlocking tile design is incredibly easy to install, and each tile includes 2 border strips for a clean island installation. The durable tatami top texture does not give rug burns, and the tiles are anti-fatigue, lead free, and latex free. Both waterproof and non absorbent, these tiles provide an ideal surface for judo, jiu jitsu, and similar combat sports. These tiles are durable and come with a one-year warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

You will also want to consider our Judo Mats Interlocking Lite tiles. These reversible and economical judo mats are a great choice for skill development. The professional mats provide plenty of shock absorption for judo groundwork and Jiu Jitsu workouts. The 1.25-inch thick high density foam offers an excellent performance, and comes with a 1-year warranty. The tiles are lead and latex free, and are waterproof and non absorbent for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The tough tatami top surface texture won't burn your skin, but creates just the right amount of traction for any workout.

Our Workout Mats provide another practical flooring option that is perfect for home use. This mat offers 1.25-inch-thick foam protection that is the same quality as professional martial arts floors, but it offers a major advantage when you're short on space. This mat rolls up for easy storage, and simply unrolls when you're ready to put it to use. It's perfect when you don't have a designated practice space at home and need to be able to remove the flooring when you're done with practice. This mat is made of durable professional quality PE foam, and is strong enough to withstand shoe and boot traffic.

Sub Floor Materials

Your subfloor is just as important as your judo mats, themselves. Many professional facilities opt to install mats over a sprung floor, but foam underlayments are another popular tool to make for a safer, more forgiving surface.

Foam underlayments can help improve the shock absorption of your tatami bjj mats, making for more comfortable, safer throws. Greatmats offers foam rolls in two thicknesses for this very purpose.

Choose from our 1.25-inch-thick foam roll, or opt for our thicker 2-inch-thick foam roll for your facility or practice space. Made of prime polyethylene sports foam, these rolls offer excellent cushion and shock absorption. The foam must be covered by a mat and is intended as an underlayment only, but will instantly create a more forgiving floor.

Landing Mats

If you need to add extra protection to your floor, landing mats are the way to do it. Made of durable and shock-absorbing foam, landing mats are ideal when you'll be practicing take-downs, throws, or other high-impact activities.

Our Folding Mat 4x10 feet x1.5 inch creates a forgiving surface for tumbles and falls. The 1.5-inch polyethylene foam filler provides plenty of shock absorption, and can even be used for tumbling and gymnastics. These mats feature an 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester surface for excellent durability, and fold up into 2-foot-wide panels so that they're easy to store away and transport. These mats are available in 16 brilliant colors, so you can even choose colors to complement your branding or facility.

For a step up in quality, consider our Competition Landing Mats. These high-quality mats are made to order by a leading nationwide gymnastic mat manufacturer in the USA. They offer superior durability and longevity, maximizing your investment. The mats have an 18-ounce vinyl cover with a matted texture, as well as a double-stitched top edge for excellent durability. Two-inch polyester web handles make it easy to move this mat, and you can choose from two thicknesses: 12 or 20 centimeters, depending on the amount of protection that you desire.

Ordering Your Tatami Judo Mats

If you have questions about the judo mats for sale, or about what mat is right for your use, please give our Flooring Experts a call. We would be happy to help you choose the right option for your studio or practice space.

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats, we want you to be happy with your product and with your shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, and we operate our business with the Golden Rule model - treat others as you want others to treat you. Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can buy from us with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is our priority.

You can feel good about buying from Greatmats. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

Do you have questions about these products? Would you like a quote or a sample of one of these flooring options? Please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help you choose the right flooring for your project.