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Home Dance Floor Package Adagio Basic 10.5x10 Ft

SKU# GMHDFKitAdagioBasic
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1 Roll Minimum

Home Dance Floor Package, Rosco Adagio Marley 20 Feet Package and Home Dance Floor Tape

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Top Features for Home Dance Floor Package Adagio Basic 10.5x10 Ft

  1. 20 linear feet of Adagio marley dance floor and one roll of tape
  2. Designed for easy and quick installation at home
  3. Install on any hard flat surface
  4. Easy tape down installation
  5. Suitable for all dance types
  6. Rosco Adagio professional marley dance floor material
  7. Upgrade to a home package with a sub-floor option
  8. Black dance floor marley
Use Types

Home Dance Floors, Ballet Practice Space, Home Tap Dance Flooring

Home Marley Dance Floor Kit, Marley Floor with Tape

When you're ready to turn any room in your home into a dance practice area, make use of our product. As long as you have a hard, flat surface over which to use this floor, you'll receive excellent results.

You can use this home dance floor package for all types of dancing, including ballet, modern, tap, and jazz. This Rosco adagio marley for home studios flooring will work with hard or soft shoes or bare feet. It has a material density rating of Shore A 92, which shows just how tough and durable this marley floor with tape kit is. (This product will ship with one roll of tape to aid in installation.)

This home marley dance floor kit looks so good that you'll feel comfortable installing it as a practice floor at home or in a dance studio. It also will look amazing as a portable dance floor for performances when needed. You can just roll up the marley floor with tape kit and transport it to the area of the performance to use.

Flooring Configuration

The marley floor with tape product will ship in a large roll. Each roll is heavy at 63 pounds, so you will need more than one person available to receive the shipment and to move it to the area of your home or studio where you will be installing the roll.

The home dance floor package will consist of a 20 linear feet Rosco Adagio Marley dance floor in a roll and a roll of vinyl tape. Cut the roll of Marley dance floor into two equal pieces at 10 linear feet each using a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Install on a hard flat surface and tape the edges and seam with the dance floor top provided. This will create a dance floor space that is 10.5 x 10 feet in size.

Our home marley dance floor kit has a coverage area of 106 square feet, which gives you a lot of coverage area and makes the product a good value. With such a large coverage area from just one roll, you can set up this dance flooring very quickly, so you're ready for practice or performances in no time.

Installation Tips

Our marley floor with tape kit is designed specifically to be installed quickly and easily in your home, although it also will work for installation in a professional dance studio. Here are some tips that can help you have a smoother installation process.

Clean Sub-Floor: Because this flooring is so thin, measuring just 1.5mm (or 0.06 inches) in thickness, you will want to clean the sub-floor thoroughly before installing the home dance floor package. Any debris on the sub-floor could poke through the dance flooring. Sweep the sub-floor to remove any dust too.
Find a Flat Sub-Floor: If the hard sub-floor where you want to install the home marley dance floor kit has indentions or bumps, you may not want to install the floor in that area, as the imperfections in the sub-floor will be noticeable in the dance floor. If you are concerned with your sub-floor being too hard for dancing especially on cement, we have a few options for home dance sub-floors that will provide more cushioning and safety. Additionally, do not install this home marley dance floor kit over a carpeted sub-floor, or the dance floor may slide around.
No Special Adhesives: You'll use the vinyl tape included in the home marley dance floor kit to adhere the flooring to the sub-floor. This means you can remove the tape and roll up the floor again when it's not needed. You won't have to use any special adhesives to lay down this flooring.
Cutting the Floor: Because this home dance floor package measures only 1.5mm in thickness, it's easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. By cutting the floor, you'll be able to make this piece fit any size of room required.
Have Multiple People Available: Because of the large size and weight of this vinyl dance floor, you will need to have a couple people involved to help you set up the flooring properly. Should you need a roll of dance flooring that's a different size, we also offer custom cut lengths of Rosco Adagio marley as well as other similar vinyl dance floor rolls. Just contact the Greatmats customer service team to learn more about your various options.

If you want to install one of our dance floor products in an area of your home where you currently have carpeting, contact our customer service team, which probably will recommend our Court Floor Tile Flat Top to use as a subfloor that won't slide on carpet. We also carry some tile styles of dance floor that allow you to connect the various pieces of the floor easily and quickly. These tiles will interlock to provide a sturdy footing, and the backing on this floor will grip to the carpet.

Benefits of Vinyl Floor

We make use of a high-quality vinyl material in the Home Dance Floor Pkg Adagio Basic 10.5x10 Ft product, which ensures you'll have a solid footing and a long-lasting product. All kinds of dancers will appreciate the slip-resistance and traction found with this type of vinyl flooring.

Even with good slip-resistance, those dancers who need a little extra freedom of movement to complete their routines, such as jazz or swing dancers, will not find this type of flooring to be too sticky or have too much grip. The flooring really is adaptable for all types of dancers, regardless of how they are using the vinyl floor.

This vinyl material stands up to any kind of dancing activity, including those that require dancers to wear hard soled shoes. But it works equally well for those dancing in ballet shoes or in bare feet.

Some customers even have reported using this dance floor as more of an all-purpose floor, allowing it to be used in dance-style exercise classes, such as Zumba or hip-hop. Or if your cheerleading team needs to work on a dance routine for an upcoming competition, they can use our dance vinyl flooring kit as a safe and durable material for practicing.

Durable and Portable

You don't have to use any permanent adhesives to install the Home Dance Floor Pkg Adagio Basic 10.5x10 Ft flooring kit. As long as the sub-floor is flat and hard, the vinyl tape included with this kit will ensure that our roll of dance floor vinyl will remain in place without slipping, no matter how many dancers are using the floor at the same time.

Being able to use a vinyl tape to adhere the vinyl flooring to the sub-floor is a nice option, as it means you can remove the tape and roll up the floor at any time. Say you are making use of an area for dance practice for the next few weeks, but then it will need to return to an exercise room after that. You can roll out our marley floor in the area, hold your practices, and then roll the floor back up when it's time to return to the exercise room floor.

If you're going to be rolling up the floor and storing it multiple times, we recommend that you keep the center post that ships with the floor. By keeping this sturdy post in the middle of the roll when in storage, it will resist collapsing under its own weight. Additionally, the center post will make it easier to roll up the floor tightly, ensuring it requires as little storage space as possible.

Because of the thinness and flexible nature of this marley floor with tape kit, you'll be able to roll up and move this floor to all kinds of locations without needing heavy equipment to move it. Additionally, because this vinyl flooring is so durable, it will stand up to multiple moves without showing any undesirable wear and tear.

The home dance floor package carries a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty as well, ensuring you're going to receive top-level performance out of this product.

Floor Maintenance

Cleaning this vinyl personal marley flooring is an easy process. To remove dry debris, you can use a soft broom and dustpan.

For a more thorough cleaning, you can use warm water with a mop with Rosco Heavy Duty floor cleaner. Even though the marley floor with tape kit is non-absorbent, avoid placing too much water on the flooring during the cleaning process. Allow it to air dry. Do not use any floor cleaner that contains ammonia.

With the all-black color available in our home marley dance floor kit, it should take scuffs and other marks without showing them. However, if you have marks on the flooring after tap dancing practice, you can use Rosco Heavy Duty floor cleaner to remove these marks.

Ordering Options

We offer this flooring in a couple of different packages. For example, you can upgrade this floor to a home dance floor package that include a subfloor option.

Should you need the Home Dance Floor Pkg Adagio Basic 10.5x10 Ft in a different size, please contact our customer service team, as we can sometimes ship you a custom cut length of the flooring. We also have full rolls available, should you need a larger dance studio floor installation option. Just explain to our customer service team how you plan to use this 10x10 dance floor package, and we can ensure you receive the best option to meet your needs.


Clean with hot water. To remove tap marks use Rosco Heavy Duty floor cleaner.


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$13.25 $15.25
SKU# GMHDFKitAdagioBasic
In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Vinyl
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1.5 mm
Width 10.50 feet
Length 10.00 feet
SF per Item 106.00
Weight 63.00 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 92
Interlocking Connections No
Made In EU
Order Minimum 1
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Tape down
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited

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Product Questions:

can this 10.5 x 10 floor be used over LVT (luxury vinyl tile) without hurting the finish and how does it attach to it - can it just be laid on top and the seam taped? Flooring Gallery, Kinston,NC Blake Rouse
Yes this is fine, you attach the marley dance flooring material to the floor with the vinyl tape provided. The vinyl marley will not affect the LVT.
Can this be used on carpet and then rolled up and put away again?
The marley can not be installed over carpet, it requires a hard flat surface.
Would you recommend a subfloor if used on a cement basement floor! The area is 24' by 12' and would be used for Zumba class. Would I need more that one roll?
Yes a subfloor is very much recommended when over any hard flat surface, especially concrete. We have several options on our site, or contact customer service please.
Would this floor be suitable over top a concrete floor with a exercise foam flooring. We have a basement studio with concrete floors but the studio is already installed with cushion flooring. It would be used for Pointe, ballet, jazz, tap
This sheet vinyl marley dance flooring material does need to be installed over a hard flat surface. So over foam is not recommended.
Can this floor be used for ballroom dancing?
Yes this flooring is very good for all dance types and all shoe types.
Can this be installed over marble floors .It will be used for pointe pracrtie
That depends if the marble tiles have grout lines or not, this marley vinyl dance floor should be installed over a flat surface.
Is there a package or what should I purchase for my daughter to practice ballet and pointe on. It will be installed on a cement floor room?
Its best to use an underlayment when installing vinyl marley on top of concrete, please contact customer service for assistance.
Hi - I see the product description says ''good for all shoe/dance types'' I want to make sure its suitable for Irish Dancing (hard and soft shoe)? do you give Designer Discounts with Resale Certificates?
Adagio is good for Irish Dancing, our discounts are based on volume.
Can your mats be used over a hardwood floor with some uneven areas? Should a layer be placed underneath? The space is about 5' x 12'. Our son dances in our living room. Ballet, modern, and acrodancing. Thank you.
We would recommend our high density foam tiles under the marley first. The foam tiles are called the Designer Sport Foam Tiles.

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Customer Rating:

Installed for home use.

New Ringgold, PA

Customer Rating:

Great mats, love them for home use.

Haymarket, VA