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Aircraft Hangar Floor Covering - Hangar Floor Tiles

Aircraft Flooring Solutions

Greatmats offers a fantastic variety of aircraft flooring solutions that are durable, heavy-duty, and suitable for numerous types of aircrafts, from a blimp to airliners.

The aircraft flooring solutions at Greatmats can be installed as cabin or cockpit flooring, or, as a surface for multiple areas of a commercial aircraft, commuter airplane, helicopter, rotorcraft, concorde, or fleet of jets. Greatmats even has product that can be used for hangar floor covering.

These products are designed to endure many different conditions, the weight of equipment, and heavy foot traffic. They also offer an anti-slip environment that’s safer for crew and passengers.

Our aircraft flooring products will work in either a private or commercial aircraft or aviation setting. Whether you own or operate a small airline or a rural airport, Greatmats has a style of aircraft flooring that will suit and meet even your most demanding needs.

You’ll find high quality, high performing floors that offer outstanding style for an environment where those on the aircraft expect safety and luxury. You’ll also find affordable flooring options that excel in covering the surface of the aircraft and extending its lifespan.

Greatmats’ offers products that have been used by airlines, manufacturers, and MROs, and the products can be found in the entrance, galley, flight deck, and lavatory areas of nearly every type of aircraft. Many of the aircraft products meet Boeing and COMAC material specifications and FAA safety standards. The products offer a variety of benefits, some of which include moisture resistance, slip resistance, sound dampening, and flame retardant properties.

Most of the aircraft flooring solutions at Greatmats are SVHC (Substances for Very High Concern) free and phthalate free.

SVHC Free: An SVHC is a substance of very high concern. It’s a chemical substance or part of a group of chemical substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, and toxic for reproduction with potentially serious effects of human beings. Most of the airline flooring is free from all of these substances.

Phthalate Free: Phthalates are chemicals used to make plastic products more durable. Although small doses and low exposures to phthalates are considered harmless, there are potentially negative impacts on one’s health with high exposure. Most of the products at Greatmats are free of these phthalates.

Vinyl Flooring for Aircrafts

Vinyl is one of the flooring materials available, as it provides durability and resistance to damage from moisture or sunlight. Additionally, high quality vinyl floors are available that help to maintain the value of the aircraft and that deliver a top notch atmosphere.

Vinyl is also extremely versatile, as it creates flexible yet durable flooring. It is also environmentally friendly. Its primary raw material is obtained from the nearly inexhaustible supply of sodium chloride (salt), and working with it has a minimal impact, as it produces virtually no dioxins, and relies on fewer oil by-products than other materials. Additionally, vinyl is naturally fire retardant, highly recyclable, and products can be easily manufactured to meet strict indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements.

These vinyl flooring options are made to resemble rich surfaces, like hardwood, stone, and marble. The designs on these vinyl floors do a great job masking any scuffing that may occur in high traffic areas, which are common in the confined space of an aircraft.

Polyethylene & PVC Plastic Flooring for Aircrafts & Aviation Settings

PVC plastic flooring works well for exterior installations, as it can have protection from UV rays built into it. Some flooring tiles will have perforations to allow chemicals, moisture, and rainwater to flow through. Most are very durable and chemical resistant, with the ability to withstand heavy loads, impact, abrasion, wear, and chemical spills.

People parking, storing, performing maintenance on, or getting on or off of an aircraft will appreciate being able to stand on a dry surface as the moisture and water drains through the perforations in the PVC plastic.

PVC plastic tiles offer a suitable solution for potentially wet spaces, as they provide a sure footing for people walking or standing. Some types of PVC plastic will have built in resistance to chemicals and oils, which may be an important feature when servicing aircrafts.

Aircraft hangars are essential to aircraft owners, as having a safe and protective space to store an aircraft is a top priority. Whether an airplane, helicopter, or other craft, commercial and private pilots and owners require a designated space to park. Airports and airlines are investing in infrastructure and facilities often located near an airport or maintenance garage, where the craft will be kept when no passengers or pilots are in the plane. PVC plastic tiles offer the perfect flooring solution for these hangars.

Greatmats - For Flooring Solutions For All Types Of Aircrafts And Aviation Settings

If you are in the market for an aircraft hangar floor covering system or cabin and cockpit flooring options, any of the top notch products featured on this page is the perfect place to shop. Greatmats offers the best service, pricing, guarantees, and shipping, so you simply can’t go wrong with any of the aircraft floor covering options available here.