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Ballistic Rubber Self Healing Test vs Pistols, Rifles and Shotgun

Date Published: 10-04 - 2019

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Today we’re going to put the self healing capabilities of Greatmats ballistic tiles to the test. The ballistic rubber material is made for shooting ranges to dampen noise and reduce ricochets and withstands years of heavy use. We’re going to demonstrate what happens when you shoot 190 rounds of a variety of forms of ammunition at the tiles from 25 feet away - including
BBs for an air rifle
.22 caliber hollow points from a long rifle
.40 caliber pistol rounds
.45 caliber pistol rounds
7 ½ 12-gauge shot
And 12-gauge rifled hollow point slugs
And just for fun we’ve mixed in a few tracer rounds from the pistols and shotgun.

We fired about 130 rounds of .40 caliber rounds into the tiles, and the ballistic rubber held up beautifully.

The same went for 20 rounds from the 45.

Our .22 caliber test was cut short due to a malfunction of the gun, but the 14 hollow point rounds were virtually unnoticeable in the ballistic rubber.

Things got a little more interesting as we moved to the BB gun and the 12 gauge shotgun.

We found for the most part, the BBs simply bounced off the tile, although one did get lodged in the tile.

The tiles stopped the pellets from the 7-½ shot but at such a close range, the wads ended up either going through the tile or becoming lodged inside it. Amazingly, even with the wad going through, the tiles self healed quite nicely once the wad exited it.

The hollow point slugs did leave a noticeable hole upon entry and offered significantly more damage to the tile upon exit.

There you have it. Thanks for joining us in this fun little experiment.

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