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Airex Exercise Mats - 7 Products

Airex Exercise Mats, Exercise Mats by Airex, Airex Workout Mats
7 Products

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Foam Airex mats, Workout exercise mats by Airex, Workout Airex fitness mats
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are some of the finest quality exercise mats on the market. Designed for commercial and home use. These workout fitness and exercise mats can be use for physical therapy, home and commercial athletic facilities. Greatmats offers more than a half dozen varieties of foam exercise mats by Airex, including the Atlas, Corona, Coronella, Fitline, Fitness and Hercules product lines that are made in Switzerland and carry a 3 year limited warranty.

The Airex Atlas 78x48x.6 inch exercise mats are great for physical therapy, pilates, hydrotherapy and water aerobics. Lightweight and portable, these exercise mats cover 26 square feet despite weighing just 12 pounds. They are kid safe and non absorbent while providing excellent cushion. Aires Atlas mats are reversible and durable enough for indoor or outdoor use.

The Corona Fitness Mat is 72x39x5/8 inches in size and is an optimal exercise mat for fitness, physical therapy, personal training and rehabilitation. It is easy to clean andy weighs just 8.4 pounds while covering nearly 20 square feet with a comfortable non-slip surface.

The Coronella 72x23x5/8 inch exercise mat is designed for pilates, physical therapy, and personal exercise and workout use. It rolls up easily for storage yet still lays flat for workouts. The pilates-style mat covers 11.5 square feet and weighs less than 5 pounds. Its ribbed surface provides ultimate comfort.

The Fitline 140 mat is 55x22x3/8 inch in size and is popular for personal exercise, physical therapy and home gyms. It saves space and is made of a full-time antimicrobial material that can be used indoors and out as well as in the water as it is extremely buoyant and non-absorbent.

Airex's Fitline 180 exercise mat is slightly larger at 72x23 inches while keeping the same thickness at the 140 model. It is a classic entry level model for fitness training at home.

At 48x23 inches, the 5/8 inch thick Airex Fitness 120 mat is a great personal fitness mat option that can also be used for physical therapy. Thicker than the Fitline models, the Fitness 120 exercise mat offers extra support and cushion. This mats is perfect for group workouts where a shorter mat is preferred. It also features a smooth, reversible antimicrobial finish.

The Hercules model is the thickest of the Airex exercise mats at 1 inch. It is also 78 inches long and 39 inches wide. This bouyant, waterproof mat is great for hydrotherapy as well as rehabilitation, physical therapy and fitness. It's thickness ensures maximum comfort and protection.

No matter what your need is in an exercise mat, Greatmats has you covered. Speak to our friendly and helpful customer service staff for additional help in picking the exercise mat that will best fit your needs.