Foam Flooring Tiles

Greatmats also has a new double side double texture 1/2 inch thick interlocking foam floor tile that is available for home use. This tile has been introduced with 10 color choices, two on each of the five new tiles. The tiles will ship with two border strips attached per tile. One side of this tile features a durable thatch texture while the other side has an embossed pattern which is soft to the touch.

Foam tiles are available in several different sizes, colors, densities, and thicknesses. This foam flooring type can be used in almost any indoor application, many of the products are in tile format. We carry foam floor tiles in bright colors, muted tones, and wood grain designer colros of foam mats that complement any decor. Foam floor tiles are available for personal exercise. Interlocking foam tiles are available in almost all options available on the market. Foam floors are easy to install with puzzle interlocking edges and are a great home DIY project. Use our professional online floor plan designer for your next project with foam tiles.

Tiles are a very convenient method of flooring installations. Tiles will interlock with other tiles to form larger areas. Most of our foam tiles come with border strips attached that make for a convenient way to make any tile into a border tile, a corner tile or a center tile. The tiles are easy to ship and to carry if needed, or to pack up and re-transport. Interlocking foam floor tiles make for a great DIY home flooring project that is easy and fast.

Foam flooring is great for aerobic workout areas in home and professional applications. We carry interlocking foam tiles that range in thickness from 3/8 inch to 1-5/8 inches. Tile sizes range from 2x2 foot to 1x1 meter tiles in a variety of hardnesses and densities designed for specific athletic applications. Foam flooring is available in a complete line for home and commercial applications.

We carry a 10 mm high-density, interlocking foam flooring tile with a pebble-top surface texture. This foam tile is great for home gyms for use under exercise equipment and for smaller free weights. The thicker 20 mm sister foam flooring interlocking tile to the 10 mm tile has been a very popular floor product for home gyms for many years. Please note that foam will indent beneath the weight of equipment and weights. These indentations may be permanent.

Foam floor tiles are available in a variety of sizes, colors, densities, and thickness. We offer floor tiles in bright deep colors, muted tones, and wood grain designer looks that are complement any decor and are designer friendly. Use our online floor planner to determine quantities for your installation.

Foam flooring is excellent for basement floors. It can turn any hard flat surface into a safe and comfortable area. Foam floor tiles can lay directly on concrete. They provide fatigue-relief as well as some insulative qualities. To accommodate furniture, we recommend using plastic coasters under the legs as heavy couches and chairs can leave indentations in foam material. Find a wide variety of foam for basement flooring at Greatmats.

Kids rooms are a great location for foam floors. Mix and match colors and get creative with your design. Our most popular foam floor tile for kids rooms is our Premium 5/8 inch Foam Floor Mat. It is offered in 15 brilliant colors that will add style to any room design. Try our interactive floor plan designer to lay out your foam floor. Foam floors are also easy to clean. Simply sweep and damp mop as needed. Foam floor tiles are waterproof and stain resistant.

Exercise rooms are a popular location for our thicker 7/8 inch Home Sport and Play Foam flooring tiles. These offer great anti-fatigue benefits for plyometric and aerobic type jumping and lunging as well as a soft surface for floor exercises. You can design your room with a single or multiple color combination to enhance the look of your exercise room.

Foam flooring for martial arts studios is a very popular option. Greatmats is one of the largest retailers in the USA of interlocking foam floors for professional martial arts dojos. We offer different types of foam tiles for various types of martial arts including: Karate, TKD, Judo, BJJ, grappling and MMA. All of our martial arts floors for professional studios are 1x1 meter in size and are offered with 4 border strips included per tile. For home use we offer the same quality foam flooring tiles in smaller 2x2 foot tile sizes.

Trade show foam floors provide anti-fatigue benefits for people who stand for long periods of time. Greatmats offers 2x2 foot easy-to-install interlocking foam tiles for trade show flooring. They are durable, long lasting, and easy to ship via ground service from show to show. Our foam flooring for trade show booths feature border strips that allow each tile to serve as a center, a border, or a corner. Easily and quickly install our interlock foam floor tiles for your next convention or trade show floor.

The hardness of foam flooring is measured in a degree of Shore C. This specifies how hard or soft the foam floor tiles feel to the touch. We measure the hardness of foam flooring with a hardness measurement tool. Our standard 2x2 foot x 5/8 inch tiles have a hardness measurement of 30 to 35 degrees. Our most ''hard'' floor tiles feature a hardness of 60-65 degrees Shore C.

Density is different than hardness. Density is a measurement of material mass and is a relationship of cubic meters or cubic feet in comparison to weight. For example: 130kg/m3 means 130 kilograms per cubic meter. Density specifies the amount of material to air ratio within a particular floor tile, while hardness is how hard the flooring will feel. The relationship between ''hardness'' and ''density'' is important because this can relate to the quality of the foam flooring.

Foam floor tiles range from 1x1 foot and 2x2 foot tiles up to 1x1 meter foam floor squares. As a general statement, our larger tiles are designed for larger commercial installations and our smaller 2x2 foot foam flooring tiles are designed to accommodate residential applications. 2x2 foot foam mats can ship via ground service to your door via UPS or FedEx. 1x1 meter tiles will always ship on a pallet via freight delivery service.

Foam flooring will act as insulation similar to carpeting on top of concrete or wood. This is a good thing when covering a cold basement floor as the foam will feel as warm as the room temperature. For floors with in-floor heat the tiles will not inhibit the heat from migrating up into the room. The R value of foam is minimal and can be used on top of concrete with in floor heating.

Installation of foam flooring is quick and easy. Simply lay out the tiles and interlock them together. In a wall-to-wall installation, you can easily cut the foam floor tiles to fit using a sharp utility knife. You may wish to lay a board below the foam when cutting in order to not damage the floor below. If the tiles start to fray when cutting, then its time to change your blade.

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