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Folding Gym Mats Custom

are an excellent option for floor exercises, cheerleading, tumbling and martial arts training. Use folding mats at home or in schools for daily mat use. Folding mats can be used on any flat surface including outdoors in dry areas and indoors in basements and in gym floors.

Common sizes of folding gym mats range from are 4x8 to 6x12 feet and larger. Both 1-3/8, 2 and 2.5 inch thick folding mats are available with hook and loop connectors on two or four sides. Choose 2 sided connectors for connecting the folding mats together the long way and choose 4 sides with connectors to put the mats together side by side and/or the long way. Greatmats has stocked folding gym mats in the most common sizes and colors at discount pricing.

Custom folding mats are available in any size and color for your school or club. Folding gymnastics mats are easy to lay out or transport and store in a stack when needed. To clean these gymnastics mats, we recommend to use a damp clean towel or cloth with mold soap cleanser and hot water. Cleaning the gym mats on a regular basis will increase the longevity of the mats.

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