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Rubber Flooring

is an excellent choice for many indoor and outdoor installations where a durable surface is required. High-quality rubber floors are available in rolls, mats and interlocking tiles for home and professional athletic rubber flooring installations. This is the ideal flooring solution for weight rooms and gym floors, equine and horse areas, playground surfaces, basement flooring, rooftops, decks and patios or in areas around ice rinks. Greatmats offers material from warehouses nationwide at the best prices. Quality customer service and free design services.

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  • Geneva Rubber Tile 3/8 Inch Black

    1 Reviews On Sale $2.87 per SF $25.15 per Tile In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Rubber flooring tile black 3/8 inch 3x3 ft, in stock and ready to ship.
  • Geneva Rubber Tile 8 mm 10% Color

    5 Reviews On Sale $2.60 per SF $22.79 per Tile In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days 3x3 ft rubber tile interlocking is in stock and ready to ship in color options.
  • Geneva Rubber Tile 8 mm Black

    On Sale $2.46 per SF $21.53 per Tile In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Interlocking rubber flooring 8mm black floor tile in stock, 3x3 ft tile size.
  • Horse Stall Mat Kit 10x10 Ft Black Punter Top

    On Sale $2.42 per SF $242.00 per Pack In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days 10x10 Ft interlocking horse stall mat kit with punter top surface texture.

Displaying 1-48 of 120 Products
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A new development in our rubber mat flooring options includes a new 2x2 ft interlocking rubber tile in kits within our RubberLock line of home gym rubber flooring. These convenient to purchase and install pre determined kit sizes are an excellent option for many home gyms. The RubberLock interlocking rubber tiles are designed for easy transport and installation. Each 2x2 ft tiles is easy to carry and handle and requires not adhesive for installation, because of the interlocking nature of the tiles.

This new rubber flooring option is the first in the industry to offer a kit that is designed to be installed as an island in the corner of your room. The kits will be offered with beveled edges on all four sides for true islands, non-beveled edge tiles and 2 sides beveled and 2 sides non beveled. The 2 and 2 options has been specifically designed to allow our customers to install the kit into a corner of the room while having 2 sides of the rubber mat flooring finished with the beveled edge within the room. This option allows an easy and fast transformation of an hard flat surface in your home into a gym floor area.

Popular outdoor floor tiles for home and school playground surfacing include our fall-height-rated outdoor playground tiles. Consider outdoor rubber patio tiles for decks and rooftops. Greatmats stocks black interlocking rubber tiles in 2x2 foot x 8 mm for quick shipments.

For weight room areas in commercial or home gyms, rubber flooring is extremely popular. It can lie directly over concrete, hard wood, tiles, or any hard, flat surface and will help protect the floors below.

It is important to note that some rubber flooring is high smell. These products are not recommended for residential use and should not be used by people with high sensitivities to rubber odor. If you are not sure if a product you are interested in is a high smell product, please ask one of our customer service representatives and he or she will be happy to show you your options.

We sell rolled rubber in 4 ft wide rolls. This is typically the most economical rubber floor option. Another popular solution for home and commercial weight room areas are our interlocking rubber tiles. These provide an easy installation as the interlocking tiles are relatively lightweight and can be laid easily for wall-to-wall installations. Simply cut to fit tiles or rolls to fit with a sharp utility knife.

Rubber playground tiles are becoming increasingly popular as more and more customers are looking for playground surfaces that are fall-height-rated. This type of surfacing for playgrounds and for outdoor patio areas provides ease of installation, maintenance, and repair. Our playground flooring will provide a clean and safe outdoor play surface for years of enjoyment with minimal maintenance in all climates.

Rubber horse stall mats have long been used in equine environments to provide a safe, durable, and easy-to-clean flooring system that will provide safety and cleanliness to both animals and owners. Stall mats are available in high-quality 3/4 inch interlocking rubber tiles, straight edge 4x6 foot sheets, as well as interlocking stall kits in 10x10 foot and larger sizes. Interlocking stall mats can be custom designed to fit any size area for aisleways and hay storage areas or for wash bays and outdoor paths. Horse stall mats are available in interlocking kits and standard rubber rolls and mats.

One of the newest rubber mat flooring products in our lineup is an equine tile that is very affordable. This product is called the Punter Top 4x6 mat. Available n 3/4 inch thickness, this rubber floor tile can be used for horse stalls and cross-fit floors. This tile is available as a straight-edge or an interlocking tile and is our most economical interlocking 3/4 inch rubber flooring option. This tile is stocked in many locations nationwide for quick freight shipping. For horse stall installations, convenient sized stall kits are ready to ship within a few days.

Industrial fatigue mats offer non-slip rubber mat flooring surfaces and improve safety in the workplace while providing anti-fatigue benefits. They are available in many sizes and thicknesses to meet your specific needs. Industrial anti-fatigue mats come with safety edging options and feature non-slip surface textures. Rubber mats for commercial kitchens and bar floors feature grease-resistant options. Ring mats have perforated holes for drainage to keep workers off of wet floors. Fatigue floors provide relief for people who have to stand for long periods of time. They contribute to a healthy and safe work environment.

All rolls, mats, and tiles are either made from a virgin rubber material, synthetic material, or a recycled content material and, in some cases, a combination of more than one material type. Greatmats offers material from a variety of manufacturers nationally. A neutral Ph floor cleaner is recommended for all indoor rubber types. Simply damp mop with hot water. Routine cleaning can be done with water only; sweep or vacuum as needed. For large installations, an automated walk-behind or riding floor-cleaning device can be used if the appropriate floor brushes and/or pads are used. In most cases, rubber floors are not sealed. However, rolled rubber and interlocking tiles for commercial or retail installations can be sealed using the recommended sealer. Rubber flooring sealers can provide a cleaner and longer lasting wear surface in extremely high traffic areas. However, sealing does require a continual maintenance program of cleaning and resealing.

For commercial buildings, rubber is available in tiles, stair treads, as well as wall base. We offer the Burke Flooring line of Burke Endura for commercial installations in schools, libraries, office buildings, and airports. Commercial tiles are available in many standard and custom colors. They come in three surface texture patterns including coin, square, and sculptured. Commercial stair treads are offered in all widths and nose styles, with and without risers, and come with optional safety edging. Rubber and vinyl wall base is designed to match the floor tiles and stair treads in order to complete a finished look.

Installation of rubber floors will vary depending on installation size, material type, and usage. For large commercial installations, we recommend a glue-down installation method, especially with rolled rubber. A simple cut-to-fit and dry lay installation can be used with interlocking tiles. Some of our outdoor tiles for playground surfaces feature a clip or pin connector system for installation. These options do away with the need for a full glue-down installation. Other playground tiles feature an interlocking installation method. Here, the interlocking tabs of the tiles are glued together but the tiles themselves are not glued to the sub-surface.

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