Kids Rugs

  • ABC Animals

    ABC Animals

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Nothing fancy, just good plain fun with this rug bordered by animals.

  • ABC Feelings

    ABC Feelings

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Improve relationships by teaching communication skills as well as feelings, awareness, and self-expression.

  • ABC123


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Basic learning with big, bright letter that aid in letter and number recognition.

  • Alpha Tree

    Alpha Tree

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). When you combine a beautiful landscape with learning you get Flagship's new Alpha Tree.

  • Alphascript


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Prepare children for an easy transition from printing to cursive with the DNealian Alphabet.

  • Amigos


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). The Original Bilingual Rug! Introduce Spanish to your learning center with this bilingual carpet.

  • Around The Block

    Around The Block

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Children will find numbers, upper case and lower case alphabet, seasons, shapesn and animals.

  • Bible Blocks

    Bible Blocks

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Based on Old Testament stories, Bible Blocks can be an excellent teaching tool when kids are learning moral stories in the Bible or Torah.

  • Busy Bee

    Busy Bee

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). What could bee a better way to learn than with a rug called Busy Bees?

  • Carousel


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This captivating carousel pony will be the perfect carpet to accent a child's space.

  • Categories


    FREE SHIPPING! (On certain sizes). Teach healthy eating, community helpers, nature friends, weather, and transportation with this organizational carpet.

  • Circus Elephant Parade

    Circus Elephant Parade

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). These pleasant pachyderms have splendid alphabet robes and their clown companions hold counting balloons.

  • Compass Rug

    Compass Rug

    FREE SHIPPING! (On certain sizes). Let the Compass Rug direct the way to practicing the alphabet, numbers, and telling time.

  • Count On Me

    Count On Me

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Children can practice counting the objects on the rug and matching them with the numbers on the rug.

  • Creataville


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This simple design offers children the opportunity to be imaginative when constructing their own unique villages.

  • Creative Play House Rug

    Creative Play House Rug

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Children will enjoy hours of playing house on this rug.

  • Dinosaur Walk

    Dinosaur Walk

    FREE SHIPPING! (On certain sizes). Children can follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs, developing motor skills while learning numbers and the alphabet.

  • Earthworks


    FREE SHIPPING! (On certain sizes). Introduce children to the benefits of a healthy planet with this beautiful rug.

  • First Lessons

    First Lessons

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Geometric shapes are combined with the capital letters of the alphabet.

  • First Signs

    First Signs

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). These first signs will be helpful as they express their needs to caregivers.

  • Flags of Canada

    Flags of Canada

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Canadian children will take pride in identifying their provinces and flags.

  • Flags of the World

    Flags of the World

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Children can locate the seven continents and major oceans with a global view of the world map.

  • Floors That Teach

    Floors That Teach

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). A colorful, long-wearing commerical carpet. All 26 letters and 10 Numbers are represented.

  • Football Fun

    Football Fun

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This football field rug will entice children of all ages to tee up the pigskin for hours of fun.

  • Footprints


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This carpet is designed with different sized footprints in bright primary colors.

  • Frogs


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Create a calm teaching environment with a rug called Frogs.

  • Games That Teach

    Games That Teach

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This beautiful carpet has a surface made for many games that kids and adults love to play.

  • Good Bugs

    Good Bugs

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Youll never be frightened of these good bugs as they hop, buzz, and fly over the brightly colored rug.

  • Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This image of a guardian angel comes from antique Victorian lithographs.

  • Hands Around The World

    Hands Around The World

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Emphasize our multicultural society with this joyful childrens carpet.

  • Hands That Teach

    Hands That Teach

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Introduce sign language to your students with all 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10.

  • Hey Diddle Diddle

    Hey Diddle Diddle

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Featuring the playful characters from the familiar nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Humpty Dumpty

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). There has never been a finer Humpty than the one on this beautiful faux braided-rug.

  • Joyful Faces

    Joyful Faces

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Emphasize our multicultural society with this joyful childrens carpet.

  • Jump Start

    Jump Start

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Designed specifically for Head Start classrooms, this rug allows young children to identify their space and possessions before they can read and write.

  • Lady Bug

    Lady Bug

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). The class will have fun learning the alphabet and numbers with the friendly lady bugs.

  • Lengualink


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Introduce children to a second language with this bilingual teaching tool. Familiar pictures with both French and English words border the rug.

  • Lots of Dots

    Lots of Dots

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Make the transition from chairs to floor much easier with this organizational rug.

  • Maps That Teach

    Maps That Teach

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Maps That Teach have bright, primary colors, animals, all five continents, seven oceans, major rivers and mountains.

  • Mary's Lamb

    Mary's Lamb

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Evoke images of yesterday when children had lambs as pets.

  • Motivation Mat

    Motivation Mat

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This simple design enables educators to encourage their students efforts by recognizing kind deeds, good efforts, or nice manners.

  • Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). The perfect rug to define an area for singing, sharing, and story telling.

  • My Favorite Rhymes

    My Favorite Rhymes

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a picture representing a popular nursery rhyme.

  • Noah's Ark

    Noah's Ark

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This timeless image will be an attractive reminder of the Old Testiment story.

  • Noteworthy


    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Music can be an invaluable addition to the classroom.

  • Numbers Rule

    Numbers Rule

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). This playful design focuses on numbers and rulers.

  • Phonics Fun

    Phonics Fun

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). A corresponding picture helps kids learn the phonetic sounds of the letters of the alphabet.

  • Places To Go

    Places To Go

    Free Shipping! (On certain sizes). Places-To-Go is a learning rug that teaches about town life.

We carry kids rugs and carpets for kids in many designs and vibrant colors.These rugs are great teaching tools and are commonly used in classrooms, preschools, elementary, and church school locations.Children like it when you interact with them at their level.These rugs make it more comfortable for you to get right down on the ground with your children to play toys or read stories.Some rugs feature stories and numbers so you can use the carpet to teach kids to read and count.

Installation of our kids rugs is as easy as unrolling them in any location.Roll them up for convenient storage during non-learning times and create additional floor space.These kids area rugs are comfortable and are designed to stimulate kids minds while educating at the same time.

Kids rugs provide you with an opportunity to teach children about important topics such as conservation, healthy lifestyles, mathematics, spelling, and basic problem solving.Teach children about the alphabet, numbers, animals and even other languages.They are made of durable materials in bright as well as muted color tones.

With our ABC Alphabet rugs, kids have a great time identifying various animals.Ask them to find the bee, the duck, or the snail while also teaching them the basics of the alphabet. Identify basic shapes with our Shapes Galore mats.This also helps kids with basic memorizational skills as well as learning colors.

Take a trip to the farm with our Signs on the Farm rug.Learn about other animals with our Frogs, Good Bugs, Circus Elephant Parade, or travel under the ocean waves with Sea Hunt.

Our ABC Feelings mat opens the door for important conversations about emotions and helps you teach the children how to identify when someone is mad, sad, or happy.This is a critical social skill that kids will use for the rest of their lives.This can be an effective therapeutic tool for kids who struggle reading people and their perspectives.

We also have carpets that will open doors to Bible stories for churches, daycares, private schools and home.Try our Bible blocks, guardian angel, or Noahs ark rugs. We have nursery rug mats that hearken back to simpler times.Hey Diddle Diddle, Humpty Dumpty, Marys Lamb, and My Favorite Rhymes mats are a fun trip down memory lane.

Our Compass Mats will give children a sense of direction while our dinosaur walk mats intitiate conversations about prehistoric beasts.Creataville mats provide an entry-level understanding of the rules of the road while our creative playhouse kids area rugs can help kids to identify the differences between various rooms in the home.

Mats such as our First Signs play rug will help children to begin the process of communication even before they can speak.Teach children basic sign language with our Hands that Teach Mats.Signs of Emotion will help kids to share their emotions with sign language.

Help kids to develop an early worldview with our Flags of Canada or Flags of the World mats.Hands Across the World Mats are also a great tools to help children expand their worlds and develop memorization skills at the same time.

Teach children about time with our Signs of the Time mats and an introduction to music with our Noteworthy carpets. Introduce kids to a second language with our Lengalink or Amigos rugs.Basic sports and other games can be taught with our Football Fun mat as well as our Musical Chairs rug.

Learn to read with a variety of our mats including Phonics Fun, Reading Rocks, Read to Succeed, Lady Bug, Busy Bee, and ABC-123 Mats Basic numbers skills can be taught with Puddleducks, Numbers Rule, Count on Me, and Teach-A-Tot. You can also teach kids about the environment and the importance of conservation with our Alpa Tree, Earthworks, and Tree of Life carpets.

Cleaning and care is easy with these area rugs for kids.Daily vacuuming and occasional steam cleaning is typically all that is needed for a long wear life. All of Greatmatss commercial-quality kids rugs are made in the USA from the highest quality carpeting.

Durable color dying methods are used to manufacture these kids area rugs and anti-staining agents are used to lower the risk of staining.Shipping of all our kids rugs is via ground delivery.

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