Gym Flooring

Gym flooring in rubber material is offered for home and professional athletic and gym sports facilities in rolls and interlocking gym floor tiles ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in thickness. Rubber rolls gym flooring are offered in four thicknesses and multiple levels; regrind, 100% black and various color fleck options. Custom colors of gym flooring are available with minimum order requirements. Gym flooring in interlocking rubber tiles are offered in sizes from 2x2 feet up to 4x4 feet in size and larger, in all thicknesses available in the market place. Greatmats has serviced customers in this marketplace since 1999 and knows the gym flooring product options and price ranges to match customer needs.

Gym flooring is offered in a complete line of floor products for professional athletic facilities ranging in all prices and color options. Choose our commercial grade of rubber floor tiles for a gym floor with maximum color options and design features, or choose a heavy duty 3/4 inch interlocking gym floor tile for a high school or university football weight room for durability, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. Greatmats' professional and caring customer service team is available to assist you to determine the best gym flooring option for your specific sports or athletic flooring application at your right budget amount.

Foam gym flooring is offered in interlocking floor tiles ranging in size from 2x2 feet to 1x1 meter and in thickness from 1/2 to 1-5/8 inch for home gym floors, professional multi-purpose exercise gym floors, martial arts and aerobic studios and boxing gyms. Greatmats is a direct import supplier of interlocking foam flooring and is a national leader in quality and value in the foam floor marketplace. Greatmats stocks all of our interlocking gym floors for quick shipment for large scale commercial and home installations.

Modular soft plastic gym flooring is a revolution in flooring technology for home and commercial gym floor installations. It offers durability, cushion, and longevity for aerobics and light free-weight type uses. This type of modular gym flooring tile is durable and will interlock easily. Your floor will stay together until it's time to take the tiles apart. No glue or tape is required for installation. The best thing about this gym flooring product is that the tiles provide durability for a long life span and cushion to the user.Choose Staylock Floor Tiles for an aerobic studio or cross fit type of floor that delivers plyometric and ergonomic athletic and sports flooring benefits.

Interlocking gym flooring offers ease of installation benefits over rolled materials for gym flooring applications at home and in smaller spaces. Greatmats offers interlocking gym flooring in rubber and foam tiles for professional and home gym floor applications in a variety of tile sizes and thicknesses to match the specific needs of each user. Consider interlocking gym flooring when a temporary or DIY installation is desired. Interlocking gym floor tiles are suitable for large and small athletic and sports floor applications.

Shipping of gym flooring will be delivered via ground service to your door for smaller and lighter 2x2 feet type of home gym flooring materials or via freight delivery for all larger tiles and commercial type gym floor installations. When quoting freight delivery costs on our web site for various gym flooring types, it's important to remember that in many cases our professional and caring service team members can provide shipping and freight quotes for less than what our online calculators can offer.

Installation of gym flooring will vary from material type, and material size. Interlocking or modular gym flooring tiles will not require glue and can be cut to fit for a wall to wall installation. For gym flooring tiles that are offered with border strips, we recommend to start installation in a corner of the room that shares two long walls and utilize as many border strips as possible when installing the gym flooring along the first two walls of the room. Work the installation of the gym floor tiles in a triangle space away from the starting corner position, cutting the final two walls of your gym floor to fit, using a sharp utility knife.

Cleaning and care of your gym flooring should be performed on a regular basis no matter what type of flooring material chosen for your application. Consistent cleaning with common floor cleaners of all gym flooring will make the floor last for a longer period of time. Remember to always use a neutral Ph type of floor cleaning product for all rubber flooring materials. Please contact one of our professional sales team members with questions or to request a quote for your next gym flooring project.

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