Foam Tiles Wood Grain

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feature two wood grain colors and a natural cork design. Use these foam faux tiles for around the home, these grain foam mats are great for basement floors or anywhere an upscale faux wood flooring is desired. Durable and long lasting these wood foam tiles feature 14 mm thickness.

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Turn any room or trade show floor into a comfortable and warm environment. These foam tiles are 1/2 inch thick, 2 x 2 ft in size and will easily interlock together and can be cut to fit for a wall to wall installation.

A new wood-grain foam tiles design is totally waterproof and will provide an upscale look to your home or trade show. These foam tiles are anti-fatigue and are made of closed-cell durable foam. These foam tiles are dense enough to withstand the weight of common foot traffic and are designed for light duty environments, not recommend for kids rooms. We recommend using our Premium Foam Mats in solid colors and 5/8 inch thickness for most kid's room foam tile applications. Top wooden design pattern is a layer of film heat transferred to the foam, and can be susceptible to punctures and scratches.

Please Note:
Have your vacuum cleaner set at highest setting or just use hose and nozzle. Don't use power head.
High heels can puncture the foam tiles.
For aerobics activities do not place the tiles on top of carpeting, as foam tiles can shift.
When used outside the foam tiles may expand and curl if exposed to direct sunlight in warm climates for extended periods of time.
Color and shade may vary somewhat from foam tile to foam tile within the same order, this is common with EVA foam tiles.
Allow the foam tiles to acclimate to your room before installation. The foam tiles can expand with changes in heat and humidity, allow a 1/4 inch expansion gap for wall to wall installations.

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Material: Foam
Material Density: Shore C 35-40
Type: Tile
Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
Size: 24 x 24 inch
Thickness: 1/2 inch
Weight per: 1 pound per tile
Connection: Interlocking
Universal Interlocks: No
Edge Type: Interlocking
Packaging: 25 per carton
Ordering Minimum: 9 Tiles
Outdoor Rated: No
Stocked: Yes
Non Absorbent: Yes
Ships Out From Warehouse: 1-3 working days
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Border Strips: 2 Included per Tile
Installation: Interlocking, Dry Lay
Special Adhesives: None
Top Texture: Smooth
Loss Per Tile: 3/8 inch
Reversible: No

Pricing for Foam Tiles Wood Grain
2x2 Ft x 1/2 inch $5.92 per piece

Customer Reviews

Customer Rating:

Great for the kids' play area!

New York, NY

Customer Rating:

These floor tiles make SUCH a huge difference at trade shows or expos! Having to stand all day on concrete is the worst and these tiles not only add so much to the look of your booth, they are a lifesaver on your feet/legs/back! The only downfall is having to really watch out not to scratch the ''wood grain'' coating.

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Albany, GA

Customer Rating:

The product is awesome but mostly the customer service was above and beyond

San Diego, CA

Customer Rating:

Awesome is one word to describe this flooring system
Only downside if you have a big dog they will scratch the top layer didn't read that until AFTER is was put in

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Pennsauken, NJ

Customer Rating:

We love our Greatmats flooring! It's easy to setup, comfortable to walk on, and looks great in the booth. After the Trade Show, we donate the flooring to a local library. It's a win for everybody.

Duluth, GA

Customer Rating:

works great and makes a world of difference

levittown, PA

Customer Rating:

This is a great product. We bought this for our bridal show booth. It is pretty durable and also feel great on your feet.

Columbus, OH

Customer Rating:

The mats look fantastic, only downside is that they tear easily. I laid the mats under a table for my toddler because we have wood floors and the chairs kept slipping out from under him, anyhow,the legs of the table made tear marks in the foam. I eventually had to buy those sliders you use to move furniture (with the plastic on one side and the soft material on the other).I left one under each leg of the table, not pretty but they disperse the weight of the table some. (FYI this is a 3.5' long kids table, not a huge heavy table.)

Deptford, NJ

Customer Rating:

Had the box of tiles shipped directly to the trade show where I would be exhibiting and installed it as I set up my booth. Customers appreciated walking off the show carpet and onto the soft floor, which I feel helped my business as they were more likely to linger. Easy set up, easy take down. My last customer on the final day of the show was a mother with a kindergartener. The kindergartener took apart the mats, tossed them back into the case they were delivered in, and had fun doing it. I will reorder more when needed. Very happy with the product.

Alameda, CA

Customer Rating:

These foam tiles are a great product, perfectly suited to our use. We have installed it in the bathroom of our rural cottage where there was carpet before (for warmth). The tiles are thick, so they are so comfortable under foot. They are a little textured so there is no danger of slipping, even when wet. They are never cold or hot, always body temp. We had a leak so we just lifted the tiles, dried the floor and put them back down.
The only con for these tiles is that the colour wears off easily so you can only mop the floor, not vacuum or steam clean them. We are trying the reversible ones in our other bathroom.
Also, we had to replace some and the new colour is Vastly different from the old ones.

Haliburton, ON

Customer Rating:

Super floor for our tradeshow booth. Easy to install, transport, reconfigure. A real foot and leg saver when standing in a booth for 10 hours per day! Looks great, feels great. Only issue is with customers in high heels - stiletto type heels tend to puncture the surface. Also, a slant on the edge pieces would be nice, the thickness of the floor caused a few very minor stumbles with customers entering the booth and not being aware of the floor. But all-in-all a fabulous product. Would absolutely order again.

Frisco, TX

Customer Rating:

We have ordered various foam wood grain flooring in the past, but this new "cork" pattern is by far the best one yet! It doesn't show dirt from heavy traffic, it looks great show after show after show!

old hickory, TN

Customer Rating:

I Installed it in my living room because is just like our wood floor. I have a problem with my back and my dog has a front leg problem and the mats have been a great help. I love the product even if tears easily.

Miami, FL

Customer Rating:

Fast service, great product. Only one recommendation, that they make a strip that slopes down so if using for a trade show for example, when people walk into a booth their shoes don't bump against the edge which is also a trip hazard. This would be for the side that people enter a room or booth. Thank you.

Hanford, CA

Customer Rating:

Product is great. really makes our show display look nice

Charlotte, NC

Customer Rating:

looks great so far - i am hoping we do not eventually get mold underneath, but only time will tell...(we live in seattle; the land of moss & mold).
wonderful customer service and free shipping = excellent


Customer Rating:

It looks very nice for our trade show! However, you can easily see the impressions on the floor right away. We had just planned to use it once per trade show and discard after each event, so for our needs it did work well. It is comfortable to stand on also and the look of it was very nice.

Fargo, ND

Customer Rating:

The quality is great and I absolutely love it, the only thing I would change would be to put the woodgrain on both sides rather than just one. It was a little difficult to line up all the end pieces correctly and facing the same way with only one side. The first picture is the before and the second is the after

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Portland, OR

Love the foam tiles. My toddlers have so much fun playing on them and it gives my husband & me comfort in knowing if they fall down, the foam tiles are so much softer to fall on than our wood floor.

Boca Raton, FL

On a recommendation from another exhibitor, we tried the cork flooring at the ALA MidWinter Conference in Seattle, WA, and we loved it! Easy installation, lower cost than rental carpet, and more environmentally friendly, as we donated the flooring to a local library! Looking forward to a long relationship with GreatMats!

See the photos of our booth at

Michael Tate
Operations Specialist
Equinox Software Inc.
The Open Source Experts

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Duluth, GA

On a recommendation from another exhibitor, we tried the cork flooring at the ALA MidWinter Conference in Seattle, WA, and we loved it! Easy installation, lower cost than rental carpet, and more environmentally friendly, as we donated the flooring to a local library! Looking forward to a long relationship with GreatMats!

Michael Tate
Operations Specialist
Equinox Software Inc., The Open Source Experts

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Duluth, GA

I like to softness of the mats very much. And, the fact that they are water proof, as I have 3 small dogs. They are a bit difficult to cut straight and there are not enought edges that follow the grain. However, I would still recommend them to anyone!

Atlanta, GA

I love my new bathroom floor using these mats. It was fairly easy to install. It looks good with the adjoining laminate flooring in the rest of the bathroom.


The foam tiles are very nice, but they have a weird locking system on them which made the job for us very difficult. Instead of being uniform on all sides, they have an irregularity in the pattern which causes them to be incompatible with other products. So, when we bought these tiles to replace ones that had worn out, they did not match up with the others and we ended up having to cut them on one side to line up. If we were doing a job from scratch, then it would have been fine, but we weren't, and I wasn't made aware of the weird locking system in advance.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I am 95% pleased with my multiple purchases of the wood grain light tiles. I am not 100% done with my full installation yet so am unable to comment fully. What I've got down so far, I like very much. These foam tiles are sensitive to women's heels, wooden heels, and heavy furniture placed on them, such as, a table and chairs. I have dropped dishes on the floor and they don't break anymore. Also when you have to get down on your hands and knees, it is very comfortable compared to a regular tile floor. I don't like that you can still see the outlines of the squares and I wonder if this is available in a rolled format. Can't beat this floor for comfort and warmth. I wish it came in other patterns besides woodgrain and was still smooth not textured.

Commerce Twp.,, MI

Fabulous product. Great company to deal with, ie. excellent packing and fast shipping. I highly recommend this product.

St. Andrews, MB

I installed this in an Excersie Room for a Client. It was very easy to do and looks and feels GREAT. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a nice soft flooring, The price is also great!

Scottsdale, AZ

I have nerve damage in my feet so I need soft flooring. When I began searching for tiles, I never thought they would come in a hardwood floor design. They were a bit challenging to install because tt's like a puzzle, different from real wood planks, but I LOVE the cushy foam tiles. They feel so much better to me than real wood. Great product. Planning to cover floors in another room soon!

Atlanta, GA

My comments are the same as before. The wood grain mats are lovely and easy to install even in kitchens with strange angles. The surface does not hold up under the traffic and spills of the kitchen, and gradually darkens and gets splotches of missing surface. This product is such a boon to people with leg and back problems and who cannot spend time standing or working on anything harder. It would be wonderful if the surface could be engineered to have greater resiliance and strength against wear in a kitchen or other popular shoe-worn home environment.


I really like the realistic look of the wood grain foam tiles. We set up a decent sized tent in our backyard for our son to use as a "hideaway/clubhouse" and these tiles act as a soft but good looking floor. I gave the printed catalog to my friend who has a fitness trainer for a wife looking for foam tiles. I like the variety of products and quality of the items you offer. Thanks,


Sherman Oaks, CA

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