Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium

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in a full 15 mm or 5/8 inch thickness. Use foam mats for kids rooms, exercise gym floors and in the basement.

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Our best quality foam floor mats in 15 colors, these foam mats are an excellent choice for kids rooms, exercise rooms and trade show booth flooring. This interlocking foam mat feature a full 15 mm of thickness and strong colors that will not fade over time.

The top texture of these foam floor mats feature a thatch design that is resistant to scuffing. Turn any room into a brilliant and defined look using a variety of wonderful colors with this foam mats product.

These foam mats are a premium quality product that is made from EVA foam material that can turn a basement or den into a playroom or indoor sports area. Our brilliant color options for these foam mats will allow you to mix and match to fit your decor or get creative with your foam floor mats. Use our interactive online room designer to easily create scaled room layouts and design color options with these premium interlocking foam mats.

This 5/8 inch premium foam mat is 15 mm thick. This is the thickest 5/8 inch foam mat you will find in the marketplace. Other 5/8 inch foam mats advertised are only 14 mm thick which is closer to 1/2 inch material. Our premium 5/8 inch foam mat is 2x2 feet and comes with two border strips per foam mat. This makes it easy to create island layouts with finished borders. These foam mats are easily cut with a sharp utility knife for a convenient wall-to-wall installation. This foam mat product is offered with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty against product defect and can be expected to last for 10 years or more in normal residential applications when cleaned and cared for on a regular basis. Greatmats stocks many thousands of square feet of this and similar foam mat products for large-scale commercial and athletic projects.

If this particular foam mat is not perfect for your application or budget, please consider one of our other foam mats. We offer a complete and comprehensive line of interlocking foam mats with some starting at $0.99 cents per square foot. Some foam mat products are offered with free shipping. Please browse our complete line of puzzle foam mats. If you have questions, please chat with us online, send an email, or call our friendly customer service center to speak with one of our flooring experts about our foam mats.

Coming soon are a new type of interlocking soft EVA foam mat that will feature a double sided double color design, such as blue on one side and red on the other. These new double color mats will have similar colors as the foam mats on this page and will offer a similar overall thickness. The top surface texture of this new foam mat product will have a cross thatch top and an embossing pattern on the other side.
All About Foam Mats

Foam mats can be used in exercise rooms, we offer our standard 5/8 inch foam mat in 15 colors or many people will choose to upgrade to our Home Sport and Play foam mat that is 7/8 inch thick with 3 color combinations which are all double sided and double color. Most of our foam mats are an interlocking style and are light weight and easy to ship via ground service, which can save money vs a freight delivery especially for residential customers. The interlocking foam mats are easy to cut with a sharp utility knife for a custom wall to wall installation.

Foam mats for kids play rooms can be made safe, soft and comfortable with Greatmats interlocking foam mats. Your entire space can be filled with colorful puzzle foam mats wall to wall with customer colors. If you have a girl consider Purple and Pink, for boys consider a Blue and Green combination. Whatever your choice, our interlocking foam mats in 5/8 inch thickness will be a wonderful addition to your child's floor play area in your house.

Exercise room foam mats is another very popular place our customers install our premium 5/8 inch interlocking puzzle foam mats. In this type of home gym location consider more mature colors such as Brown and Burgundy or Tan and Green. Try our foam mat floor planner to design your layout to scale. When using a foam mat for an exercise room floor you have a few things to consider, typically exercise equipment will leave some level of indentation in the foam mat however this will not hurt the material. Any indentations in the foam will take about the same amount of time to heal or return to normal similar to the amount of time the foam mat was indented.

Basement flooring foam mats can turn any hard and cold floor into a comfortable, warm and soft floor full of color and design that the entire family can enjoy. Dull and hard basement floors will bounce to life when an interlock foam mat floor is installed, bring bright colors, design and safety to your basement with Greatmats puzzle foam mats. These foam mats are waterproof and made of closed cell EVA foam which means that no mold or bacteria from a damp floor could penetrate into the foam mats. The foam mats will act like a vapor barrier to any potential moisture coming up through a concrete floor. You can perform a simple moisture test by taping a sheet of 3x3 foot piece of clear plastic to your floor using duct tape, and check the area in about three days for signs of moisture inside the plastic.

Trade show booth foam mats When our customers have to stand for hours at a time, they are very thankful for foam mats in a trade show booth or events booth location. Our premium foam mats in 15 brilliant colors come with two border strips attached, so that each 2x2 foot foam mat can be either a center, a border or a corner piece with no wasted material. It is each to create a 10x10 foot trade show booth layout with 25 foam mats which will easily fit into one carton. A 10x20 foot trade show or special events booth would require 50 foam mats, while a 20x20 ft trade show booth will require 100 foam mats. Easily clean the foam mats on a daily bases with a broom and a Swiffer. Consider a hard plastic cargo ready carrying case to transport and store your foam mats for years of use. We have many sizes of cargo ready durable plastic event carpet carrying cases to choose, from 2x4 to 4x4 foot sizes and all the way up to cases that carry 200 foam mats for a 40x40 foot booth.

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Exercise Rooms
Children's Play Areas - Home and School Use
Trade Show Booths, Conventions and Showroom Flooring
Basements and Garages
Indoor Sports & Multipurpose Rooms
Great for Concrete and Hard Surfaces


Lead Free and Latex Free
Top Quality Material
15 Colors to Choose - Very Strong Colors
2 Border Strips Included
Interlocking 2X2 Ft. Tiles x 5/8''
30-35 Shore C Hardness Rating - for durability


No Odor
No Adhesive Required

Size and Dimensions:

Tile: 24'' x 24'' x 5/8'' - thickness tolerance of 1 mm + or -
Each foam mat covers 4 Square Feet

Additional Features:

Wide range of brilliant colors available. Mix and match to create any layout or design.
Color is solid through entire mat.
Border strips are included in the price to create a finished, smooth edge on the outside of mat area.
The edge is not beveled down, it is a straight 90 degree edge. The straight edge will not present a tripping hazard.
Easy to install, easy to take up, lightweight and portable.
Easy to clean. Can be vacuumed and washed with soap and water - test your vacuum
Anti-Fatigue Relief
Place directly on concrete or tile - no adhesive needed for a snug, tight fit.
Waterproof and odorproof. Closed cell EVA foam will not absorb moisture or other substances.
Anti-fatigue and insulative value similar to carpet.
Expand Your Floor as Needed
Can be used outside in mild climates, not UV stable, not suitable for extreme sunlight locations.
Exercise equipment will leave some level of indentation in the mats, but will not hurt the mats. The indentations will be virtually permanent.
Made in Taiwan

Additional Information:
Have your vacuum cleaner set at highest setting or just use hose and nozzle. Don't use power head.
High Heels can puncture the foam mats - for high heels we recommend to use our Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile.
For aerobics use do not place onto of carpeting, as foam mats can shift.
Premium foam mats are not suitable for power lifting or dropping weights. Rubber flooring weight lifting mats will be needed for most free weight applications.
When the foam mats interlock together they will lose about 3/8'' per tile.
When used outside the foam mats may expand and curl if exposed to direct sunlight in warm climates for extended periods of time.
Test your vacuum on the foam mats to make sure your vacuum will not leave scratches.
Color and shade may vary somewhat from foam mat to foam mat within the same order, this is common with this type of EVA foam mat material.
Allow the foam mats to acclimate to your room before installation. Allow an expansion gap when cutting the foam mats to fit wall to wall. The foam mats can expand with changes in heat and humidity.

Pricing for Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium
2x2 Ft x 15mm $5.76 per piece

Customer Reviews

Customer Rating:

We love our great mats! They shipped very quickly. They are easy to put together. They look great!

Escondido, CA

Customer Rating:

These Mats are awesome! We put them all over the house for our 1 year old. They are nice and thick and protect him when he falls. We will probably buy more. Totally love them!!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Customer Rating:

Great for basements. Product is soft, easy to clean and keeps feet from getting cold.


Customer Rating:

Great Product. Fast Shipping.

Saint Robert, MO

Customer Rating:

I love these floor mats. We have pulled up carpet in our babies room and replaced them with the mats. The baby loves how he can play with his trucks and cars and they roll easy. I am planning on now doing a screened in porch with them. They clean easy and sweep up real easy. And my 14 year old granddaughter put them in for me with the help of grandpa on the edges. This is a home run.

Seaman, OH

Customer Rating:

This is our third order of floor mats from
Greatmats. We use them to provide a
nice foam base for a children's playset that is
at our local airport . They clean up well and are
durable for the amount of use they receive . Great product
and nice there was no shipping expense. They
we're delivered in a timely manner.

Thank you!

Marquette, MI

Customer Rating:

Great product! Easy installation, durable and fun colors. We turned my husband's tv room into a darling playroom for our triplet grand babies!

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Meridian, ID

Customer Rating:

This is the fourth time that I have purchased this type of flooring. It is in my three year old's room, the nursery (both rooms) at my church and now my two year old daughter's room. It holds up well to toddler play and cushions any falls for not so steady first steps. I love the colors, too!

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Athens, TX

Customer Rating:

Love these mats! They look great and are easy to clean!

Jefferson, MD

Customer Rating:

Love it!

Highlands Ranch, CO

Customer Rating:

Good Product. I ordered enough mat pieces to cover 8 square feet in my basement to do yoga. They are plenty thick enough to protect my knees and back. The only thing I did discover was that the ribbed side needs to go down. It was far too slippery for some of the stances I have to do. I turned it over so the smooth side is up and it's fine now. I did need to put a big rubber mat (the kind you use under a carpet it keep it from slipping) between the mat and the floor to keep it from sliding on the floor. Now it's perfect. Well worth the price.

Bear Lake, MI

Customer Rating:

I am very pleased with my purchase, the service and the product...thank you for great service!

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Richmond, CA

Customer Rating:

My Greatmats are working out well for our family. I bought them to cover the area under my daughter's crib, in case she were to climb or fall out of her crib, so that she won't get hurt on the tile floor. We recently bought our first house, which had tile in this bedroom, and we haven't decided whether we are keeping the tile yet or not. So, this was a quick, easy, and safe solution to our problem. The mats are very thick, good quality, and they look very nice! They fit well on the floor and stay put. They were easy to cut for a custom fit. My only complaint is that they make a lot of noise when walking on them barefoot. When I go in to check on my daughter at night in her crib, the sound of my feet squeaking on the mats often wakes or stirs her. So, if this could be modified to make the mats quieter, that would be even better! Thanks Greatmats!

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Lake Worth, FL

Customer Rating:

really happy with them. they are exactly what I needed.

Hillsborough, NJ

Customer Rating:

The mats are wonderful and arrived quickly is perfect condition. The order and the colors were exactly as described! Thank you great mats!

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New Albany, OH

Customer Rating:

Really good quality mats! I initially got cheaper play mat squares from target and they were flimsy in comparison. We have a couple babies crawling around and these foam squares are really great for playtime! We will most likely continue to use these for exercise when we don't need them for the babies anymore. The colors are nice and look like they did in the website photos and they fit together well. Very pleased.

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Washington, DC

Customer Rating:

What a great company to deal with. Not only are their products top notch but so is their customer service. I wish all companies were like this. Thanks GREATMATS.

Scott City, KS

Customer Rating:

Quick delivery, easy to put together, works grat. I do hitt, cardio on the mats 2x week and it definitely makes a difference!

Madison, NJ

Customer Rating:

We bought these for our 6 month old daughter and it really seemed to improve her mobility and when she would rollover or fall it provided some much needed cushion!! I didn't realize it came with edging too. It's also easy to clean! A lot easier than a carpet.

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Wells, ME

Customer Rating:

Easy to install and brighten up the room. You just need a good Exacto knife to trim the extra of edges, but it's simple to trim them so they fit well.

Astoria, NY

Customer Rating:

Good product. Exactly as expected. Good ship time. Good customer service. Great price.

Bloomfield, NY

Customer Rating:

Great product - we covered our entire basement floor for our kids (3 year old son, 18 month old daughter). They fall down all the time, and now we don't have to worry about that because the foam pads cushion their fall!


Customer Rating:

love it

Inglewood, CA

Customer Rating:

LOVE these mats!!! Great exercise area and super soft and durable for the grand kids play area. Great value!

livonia, MI

Customer Rating:

Worked wonderfully for my son's play area.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Customer Rating:

very sturdy and love that you can add to it later. Being used as flooring for baby's pen, will add more pieces later for playroom floor when she gets older. My son's house is all tile, so this is great cushioning for those baby falls.

Naples, FL

Customer Rating:

We love our new mats! The are even soft enough to stretch on!

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Spokane, WA

Customer Rating:

We bought these mats to cover our hard basement floor so our 11 month old can play on something comfortable. We couldn't be happier with the product. It's high quality very easy to install. We put it down over a month ago and haven't had to fix one thing yet stayed exactly where we put it and all the borders stayed in tact.

Brooklyn, NY

Customer Rating:

Easy to use.

Staten Island, NY

Customer Rating:

This is such a great product and the color selection is the best I have found. We use the mats as colorful bulletin boards and it has really brightened the rooms.

New Lenox, IL

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