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Greatmats offers in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, densities, and thickness for many uses. Greatmats offers a complete line of folding foam mats, personal exercise mats, interlocking tiles and foam mats for athletic installations. We have mats that look like wood floors and feature many surface textures and patterns. Many of our foam mats are EVA foam, while our covered folding mats are polyethlene or cross linked foam matting. Foam mats are great for kids rooms, exercise rooms, home gyms, martial arts floors and more.

  • Competition Landing Mats All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Competition landing mats for gymnastic training at schools and gyms.
  • Gym Mats All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Gym mats folding all sizes, made to order in any color, for home and school gymnastics.
  • Inclines Wedge Mats All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Inclines are the most functional and versatile progressive skill-builders for gymnastics and cheer.
  • Octagons All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Octagon is available in 6 sizes and its shape is perfect for training forward rolls, walkovers, and back handsprings.
  • Roll Out Mats 1-5/8 inch per SF

    1 Reviews On Sale $4.19per SF Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Professional quality roll out mats for martial arts floors and school wrestling floors.
  • Roll Out Mats 1.25 Inch per SF

    2 Reviews On Sale $3.69per SF Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Roll out mats for martial arts floors and professional studios.
  • Roll Out Mats 2 Inch per SF

    On Sale $4.85per SF Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Professional quality roll out mats for martial arts studios and school wrestling floors.
  • Skill Cushion Mats All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Skill cushions mats in many sizes and thicknesses, custom made to order.
  • Exercise Fitness Mat 24x70 inch

    6 Reviews On Sale $34.95per Mat In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Commercial quality personal exercise fitness mat, double sided.
  • Foam Roll 6x42 Ft x 1-3/8 Inch

    1 Reviews On Sale $279.00per Roll Ships out 11-14 Days Polyethylene sports flooring foam rolls for martial arts, gymnastic floors and events.
  • Foam Roll 6x42 Ft x 2 Inch

    1 Reviews On Sale $429.00per Roll Ships out 11-14 Days Polyethylene athletic 2 inch foam rolls for martial arts, gymnastic floors and events.
  • Gym Mat 4x8 ft x 1.5 inch V2 Custom

    $165.00per Mat Ships out 7-10 Days 4x8 ft custom made to order gym folding mat for school and home.

Greatmats is a national stocking distributor of foam mats with most of our foam matting material in stock in our warehouse ready to ship the next business day. Find foam mats and tiles for kids rooms, exercise floors, tradeshow, martial arts floors and multipurpose athletic and sporting installations. We have over 15 years of direct experience sourcing and supplying foam floor mats to the marketplace and we understand what makes a quality product.

Greatmats is confident in the quality and value of our foam mats in the market place. To request a free sample, use the online request a sample form, linked from a specific product page. Samples are free unless otherwise specified, and will ship via US Mail, and will generally take 2 to 7 working days to arrive depending on your proximity to our location in Wisconsin. Our security and personal information policy insures our customers that we never share, sell or give away personal data to others. Once you receive the free foam mat samples please feel to contact our knowledgable customer service team with any questions or concerns that you may have. Greatmats has a staff of professional and friendly customer care specialists ready to serve you.

Interlocking foam mats are an excellent choice for a variety of floor applications. They provide cushion and fatigue relief for athletes and kids. They are great for trade show booths and other places where people stand for extended periods of time. We offer foam mats from 3/8 inch up to to 2 inch thickness in sizes that range from 1x1 ft to 1x1 meter and larger. Foam mats from Greatmats are available in a variety of foam hardnesses and densities. In most cases, our larger mats are best suited for commercial installations while our smaller 1x1 ft and 2x2 foot foam mats are designed for home use. The benefit to the smaller 2x2 foot mat is that they can ship via ground service to your door via UPS or FedEx. 1x1 meter tiles will always ship on a pallet via freight delivery service. However, the 1 meter professional mats are generally preferred in larger athletic installations because these floors will have fewer seams.

Foam mats are also ideal for basement floors. Because they can lie directly on top of concrete with no need for a pad or sub-floor. Turn any hard, flat surface into a comfortable and safe area. They provide fatigue-relief as well as providing some insulative qualities (roughly equivalent to that of a carpet and pad). If your basement has in-floor heat, the mats will not inhibit the heat from migrating up into the room. If you will be placing furniture on your tiles then we suggest using plastic coasters under the legs to protect the mats from indentations. Couches and chairs can leave indentations in foam floor mats. This is also the case with exercise equipment such as treadmills that have lots of weight resting on a small space.

Kids rooms are also a great place for foam floor mats. You can mix and match colors and get creative with your design. Our most popular foam mat for kids rooms is our Premium Foam Mat. It is 5/8'' thick and 2x2 ft in size and is offered in 15 brilliant colors that will add fun to any room. Take advantage of our handy online floor planner to lay out your design, choose colors and get creative. Simply input your room dimensions and the planner will calculate how many mats you need for your installation.

Our thicker 7/8 inch Home Sport and Play foam floor mats are very popular for home gyms and workout areas. These mats offer just the right cushion for plyometric and aerobic type jumping and lunging, whild providing a soft yet durable flooring option. Foam is also a soft surface which makes it comfortable for floor exercises such as stretching.

Martial arts studios and dojos have been using foam matting as a finsihed flooring for many years because of the excellent shock absorption and protection they provide to althletes. We are one of the largest retailers of interlocking foam puzzle tiles in the martial arts industry. We carry several types of foam mats to accomodate various types of martial arts studios. Find mats for: Karate, TKD, Judo, BJJ, grappling and MMA. All of our professional interlocking martial arts mats are 1x1 meter in size. They come with border strips included so that you can finish your edge easily. For home use, we offer the same quality foam mats in smaller 2x2 foot sizes. Many of these come with border strips included as well.

Foam trade show booth flooring provides anti-fatigue benefits for people who stand for long periods of time. We carry a variety of 2x2 foot mats that are easy to install, transport and clean. They are durable, long lasting, and easy to ship from show to show. Our foam flooring for trade show booths feature border strips that allow each mat to serve as a center, a border, or a corner tile. Easily and quickly install our interlock foam floor tiles for your next convention or trade show. Foam flooring is remarkably easy to clean. Simply sweep and damp mop as necessary. The mats are waterproof and stain-resistant and installation of foam is quick and easy. Simply interlock the mats together and for a wall-to-wall installation you can easily cut the mats to fit your room with a sharp utility knife. You may want to place a board under the foam when cutting in order to protect the surface below. If the mats start to fray when you are cutting cutting, it is time to change your blade. A new blade will cut the foam like butter.

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