Foam Exercise Mats

Foam exercise mats can be used in a variety of flooring installations. Durable foam exercise mats are great to create a durable safe and soft flooring solution. Exercise mats made from foam are perfect for floor exercises, use interlocking foam exercise mats for complete room installations wall to wall.

Foam exercise mats will create a quite and warm floor in your home or basement. Choose from over 15 colors to create a color design in your exercise room or professional facility. Foam exercise mats are design with a durable top surface texture in many cases that allow for use with shoes.

Creating an exercise room in your home with a foam type of floor is a very popular choice for multipurpose areas for kids and families. When you want to perform floor exercises and have exercise equipment, foam exercise mats make an excellent choice.

Consider that exercise equipment can indent foam exercise mats but will not damage the mats beyond use. We do not recommend foam mats for weight rooms or areas where heavy weights are being dropped on the floor. Choose from a large selection of foam exercise mats from Greatmats. Try our easy to use online floor plan designer to create scale room layouts and choose colors and make designs that will create a lasting impression.

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