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Exercise Mats

Find a wide variety of for home and professional. These are available in foam, plastic, and rubber. We can help you to find the perfect mat for your specific needs. Some mats are great for floor exercises. Others are designed for use beneath equipment such as treadmills or weight machines. Still other mats are ideal for aerobic activities or MMA type training.

  • Airex Fitline 140 55x22 x 3/8 Inch

    On Sale $74.98per Mat In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Lightweight and portable personal exercise mat, for fitness on the go.
  • Airex Fitline 180 72x23 x 3/8 Inches

    On Sale $84.95per Mat In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Popular personal and physical therapy workout exercise mat.
  • Airex Fitness 120 48x23 x 5/8 Inch

    1 Reviews On Sale $76.00per Mat In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Commercial quality physical therapy exercise floor mat.
  • Airex Hercules 78x39 x 1 Inch

    1 Reviews On Sale $219.00per Mat In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Airex Hercules fitness mat offers versatility and comfort in commercial quality exercise mat.

Foam is a popular type of exercise mat. We carry foam matting for a variety of applications including floor exercises, gymnastics, cheer training, and wrestling. We carry foam mats with heavy-duty vinyl shells similar to the mats you might find in schools or universities. We also carry high-density EVA mats with interlocking edges. These are ideal when you'd like to to do wall-to-wall application. This type of matting is also a popular and economical flooring option for MMA studios.

Rubber exercise mats can be used for protecting equipment and flooring beneath. It can be laid directly over concrete and will provide a great buffer between your heavy equipment and the subsurface. Rubber is very popular for both home and commercial gyms. For a more cushioned rubber floor option, be sure to check out our plyometric rubber. This product combines the durability of rubber with the anti-fatigue properties of foam. Great for areas where both equipment and aerobic activities will take place.

If you need an exercise mat that can be used in carpeted areas or basements with moisture issues, consider plastic as an option. We carry soft, pliable plastic options that act very much like rubber but are impervious to water and will not separate over soft surfaces such as carpeted rooms. Great for aerobics as well as for use beneath equipment, plastic flooring offers the best of all worlds.

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