Clockwork Carpet Tile

Main Street Construction, with StayTac Cushion backing. Choose from 5 unique color combinations. Use this carpet tile for commercial carpet flooring installations in schools, hotels, museums or retail. 270 SF or 25 tile minimum order.

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Does your current design project have you feeling boxed in? Do right angles seem mundane? If curves are the focus of your floor, Clockwork is just the ticket. An exercise in visual enhancements, the smooth lines of this design can take unexpected turns, creating interest as the eye follows the pattern throughout its entire extension.

StayTac Cushion
StayTac Cushion is an attached, PVC-free, polyurethane back engineered to provide superior absorbtion of rolling and foot traffic, minimizing the wear of face yarn and maximizing appearance retention of the carpet tile.

In addition, the StayTac coating applied to the backing provides a high friction component preventing lateral movement of the tile, yet the vertical release is such that the tile can be easily removed, rotated, or replaced at any time. Performance is exceptional with no loss of tack over time. StayTac streamlines the installation process by eliminating the cost and time associated with applying traditional wet adhesives.

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T - 1m x 1m Carpet Tile

01 - Aqua
02 - Charcoal
03 - Chocolate
04 - Navy
05 - Olive

Pricing for Clockwork Carpet Tile
1x1 meter x .34 inch $37.19 per piece

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