Rubber Rolls and Rubber Mat Roll for Home and Pro

are the most popular flooring option for home and commercial weight rooms. They are also frequently found in cardio and other athletic facilities. Rubber rolls are great for hockey arenas, event centers, walkways, and numerous other installations. Rubber is resilient, durable, and relatively inexpensive on a per square foot basis.

  • Rolled Rubber Flooring

    Prices Start at $1.15 per SF on Sale!

    Large scale installations for gym floors and more. 4 ft wide rolls of rubber custom cut to length. Some stocked colors, ships out in 2-14 working days.

  • Rubber Rolls 4x10 Ft Home

    $99.98 20 Reviews

    Designed for easy installation at home, 4x10 ft rolled rubber for gym floors. In stock, ships in 1-3 working days.

  • Plyometric Rubber Rolls

    $1.69 8 Reviews

    Plyometric rubber rolls in 4 ft widths. Designed for commercial gym floor installations, cut to any length over 30 linear feet. Ships out in 3-10 working days.

  • 4x10 Home Plyometric Rubber Mat Roll

    $128.98 9 Reviews

    4x10 ft roll of rubber x 8 mm thickness. Black rolled rubber for home plyometric and exercise training and fitness workouts. In stock, ships out in 1 working day.

  • Rubber Mat Roll Underlayment


    Find an extensive selection of rubber rolls and cork rolls for sound and general flooring underlayments. Ships out in 1-2 weeks.

At Greatmats, we offer rubber mat rolls at the most competitive pricing available in the USA. We carry products from all major rubber roll manufacturers. This allows us to ship nationwide with the best possible production lead times as well as the shortest possible shipping lanes.

Rolled rubber is the most economical type of rubber flooring. Rubber mat rolls are 4 feet wide and cut to standard lengths of 25 and 50 feet. We also stock 4x10 rolls of 1/4 inch rolled rubber that can ship via ground delivery to your door.

Plyometric (or plyorobic) rubber rolls are a less dense version of our standard, all-purpose rolled rubber. Unlike other types of rolled rubber, this product offers more cushion and fatigue-relief. This makes it an ideal surface for aerobic and cardio activities. Where most rolled rubber is a hard surface that provides little cushion, this rubber roll product protects the athlete.

Plyo is available in standard lengths of 25 and 50 feet. It is offered in thicknesses of 3/8 or 1/2 inch. These ship via freight delivery. We stock a 4x10 ft plyometric rubber roll, in 8mm thickness, which ships free via ground delivery and is generally available for quick delivery.

Our rubber rolls are made in the USA from recycled tires. Rubber rolls are available in black or black with color flecks included in the material mix. We offer a variety of color fleck options. Color flecks are made of EDPM virgin rubber.

Regrind rubber material is available in either "Natural" or "Confetti" color options. Natural color rubber rolls are made from recycled tire material that includes the whitewalls. As such, very small random white fleck can be found within the rolls.

Confetti is made of recycled rubber with scraps of other rolls thrown into the mix at the manufacturing process. With confetti, the colors are widely variant and will also appear randomly throughout the roll. If you are concerned about a consistent color fleck percentage in your roll, we discourage you from either of these options. However, if appearance is secondary to cost, these two rolled rubber options are the least expensive that we offer. Since these two products are manufactured in different areas of the country, the type we recommend for you will be based on your location.

When installing rolled rubber, you have three options. You can lay it with no tape or glue whatsoever. This is referred to as a “dry lay” and is advisable for small installations only. Typically, we discourage this installation type because the rolls can expand and contract with fluctuations in heat and humidity. Should this occur the rubber mat rolls may begin to overlap one another and curl at the ends.

An easy installation method for people who want to attach their rubber rolls to the floor but still be able to move it later is a tape-down approach. Any double-sided carpet tape from a hardware store should suffice to keep your rubber flooring adhered to the floor without damaging the rubber or the floor. We generally recommend that you apply this tape around the perimeter of the installation and at the seams of your rolls.

The permanent way to attach rubber rolls to the floor (or subfloor) is to use adhesive. Rubber adhesive is extremely durable and will keep your rubber floor in place indefinitely. However, this product is a commercial-grade glue and should never be used by people who are not wearing gloves or by people who have no experience with these types of installs. It is critical that you keep this adhesive away from children.

The installation process is fairly basic. Simply unroll your flooring and cut the ends square to fit with a straightedge and a sharp utility knife. You may need to score the rubber more than once to cut through the product. Understand that you are better off leaving the cut pieces too long rather than too short as you can always cut more off if necessary. Once you’ve laid your first four-foot strip, simply repeat the process until you have filled the room. Depending on your room dimensions, you may need to cut the roll from end to end the long way in order to fit the last portion of your room. Simply measure the distance between the side of your last laid roll and the wall and cut your remaining roll vertically to that width.

Lead times for all of our rolled rubber products will vary depending on stock quantities and availability. We encourage you to call regarding production times if you are faced with a deadline and we will do everything in our power to get the product to you in a timely manner.

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Rubber rolls are presented here for informational purposes, we recommend our customers request samples of rubber rolls.