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Large Selection Rubber Flooring and Mats
Rubber Flooring Tiles and Mat for Gym and Outdoor Floors

is ideal for home and professional athletic installations as well as multipurpose areas, including basements and event centers. The durability of rubber floors makes it ideal for high traffic and high impact areas. And the fact that most floor mats, tiles and rolls are made in the USA from recycled content, makes them the perfect green building solution that will last for decades. With more than 280 products, Greatmats offers one of the largest selections of rubber floor in the United States.

Find a wide variety of rubber flooring options in rolls and tile at very competitive prices from shipping points nationwide. Greatmats provides excellent customer service and free design help. We work with a variety of factories to locate the best products and the best shipping rates for our customer nationwide. We take great care to match our customers with the most cost effective products with shipping included to their location.

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Use rubber flooring for weight rooms, gym floors, playground surfaces, dog play areas, equine or horse stalls and barns, basement floors and areas around ice rinks. Some rubber floors also work well for decks, patios, playgrounds and rooftops due to the resilient material and non-slip qualities. High quality rubber floors are popular for indoor and outdoor installations. Indoor rubber flooring is available in mats, rolls and interlocking tiles. Most outdoor rubber floor comes in the form of interlocking tiles or pavers.

Using rubber floor materials can also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint as most rubber used in flooring is made from recycled materials - most often used automobile tires - that often last for decades.

Rubber Floor Tiles

Greatmats offers rubber flooring in various interlocking tile and glue-down tile forms. Our indoor rubber floors in interlocking tile forms are most often used for home gyms, horse stalls, exercise areas and playgrounds. These tiles are generally offered in 2x2 or 3x3 foot squares with puzzle-style interlocking edges. Indoor rubber floor is usually between 2 mm and 3/4-inch thick while our outdoor rubber tiles can be as thick at 5 inches.

For commercial and retail environments, we also offer glue-down rubber tiles with straight edges. These tiles are generally a little smaller at about 1.5 feet across and are made in the USA. The glue-down commercial varieties are also non-absorbent.

Our outdoor rubber flooring tiles are typically used for playgrounds, patios and decks. These tiles will often be in the 1-5-inch thickness range, depending on how much fall protection may be needed. Many of these tiles offer fall-height protection of up to 8-10 feet. Most of them also interlock together.

While most interlocking rubber floor tiles do not require any adhesives for installation, some gluing may be recommended for rubber playground flooring tiles.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tile Kits

One form of rubber tile flooring is 2x2 foot interlocking rubber tiles. Our Rubberlock line of home gym rubber floors is offered in kits. These kits are affordable, easy to install and pre-determined in size. Excellent for in-home use, the Rubberlock interlocking rubber tiles are designed for easy installation and transportation. These 2x2 rubber floor tiles require no adhesive to set, because of their tight-fitting interlocking abilities.

This is Greatmats' first rubber floor covering to be offered in a kit designed for easy island installations in room corners. The kits offer beveled edges on all sides of the mats for true islands, as well as two side beveled edges and non-beveled edges. The two (beveled) and two (non-beveled) options are designed specifically give customers the ability to install tiles in corners of a room, while having two sides of the mat finished with beveled edges. This allows a fast and easy transition from a hard, flat surface to a comfortable home or gym floor area.

Many of our interlocking flooring tiles come with border strips to ensure you have a straight edge if necessary for butting against a wall or for island installations.

Rubber floor mats

Use rubber mats on playgrounds, in gyms, horse stalls and even industrial areas.

The most common size of rubber floor mat offered by Greatmats is 4x6 feet in size. Straight edged rubber mats do have a range of available thicknesses of between 3/8 inch and 3/4 inch. We also offer rubber mats with interlocking edges in various sizes.

Our Playground Swing mats range from 2x4 feet to 3x5 feet in size and 1-2.25 inches thick. Other rubber playground mats are offered in 2.6x4.5 foot and 3x3 foot sizes.

Rubber anti-fatigue mats are offered in numerous different sizes and thicknesses. Some rubber mats intended for horse stalls are available in as large as 14x14 foot sizes.

Many rubber floor mats are intended to be used independently, but in some circumstances, they are installed butted up next to each other to cover larger surfaces.

Rolled Rubber Flooring

Rubber rolls, mats and tiles are made from virgin, synthetic or recycled rubber materials. In some cases, a combination of more than one material is used. Our company carries rubber materials from a variety of national manufacturers. This makes it easy to find the factory closest to your location, which will help you to save money on freight delivery fees.

Most commonly used in large industrial or workout areas, rolls of rubber flooring offered a quick and inexpensive installation option that leaves very few seams. They also do an excellent job of adding warmth and comfort to otherwise cold, hard concrete floors. Rubber rolls are large and heavy, however, and do require more than one person to install.

Rubber floor is a popular choice for canine and equine facilities as well. It provides protection to both the animal and the floor and are easy to clean and disinfect. Consider rubber floor tiles, mats or rolls when designing your animal friendly areas.

Rubber Playground Flooring

For playground surfacing, we suggest our fall-height-rated outdoor tiles such as the Blue Sky Rubber Playground Tiles, Max Playground Rubber Tiles or Bounce Back Rubber Playground Mats. Consider rubber patio tiles for decks and rooftops, as well as playgrounds. We have interlocking rubber tiles in 2x2 feet by 8 mm dimensions, in stock and ready for quick shipping.

Rubber tiles for playground surfaces are an increasingly popular choice, as more customers are in need of a fall-height-rated material. These tiles, used for playgrounds or outdoor patio areas, are easy to install, repair and maintain. Our flooring can provide a clean and safe surface outdoors, guaranteed to last years, with minimal weather wear and tear.

Rubber Playground tiles have been proven to be one of the safety forms of playground flooring as they are not displaced by children swinging, dragging feet or falling. They also do no hide any hazards such as broken glass, nails or other sharp objects. Should a section of the flooring surface need to be replaced, there is minimal waste as only the affected tiles will need to be replaced. These rubber floor tiles are designed to last for years and often carry a 10-15 year warranty.

Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber is a common flooring material for home and commercial gyms, and weight room areas. The material can be set directly over concrete, wood or any other flat, hard surface. Rubber floors helps to protect floor surfaces below and provide sound and thermal insulation. Some of the most popular gym flooring options are our Geneva Interlocking Rubber Tiles, Gym Rubber Floor Mats or Rubber Floor Rolls.

Rolled rubber is sold in 4-foot-wide rolls, which is typically the most economical rubber floor option. Interlocking rubber tiles guarantee easy installation, as the tiles are relatively lightweight, conveniently sized and designed for wall-to-wall application. Cut tiles or rolls to fit with a sharp utility knife.

Take a look at how this Wisconsin Therapy and Fitness Center used rolled rubber flooring in its facility by visiting our blog.

Before purchasing, please note that some rubber has a strong smell. Not all rubber materials are recommended for residential use, or use by those with sensitivity to rubber odor. If you are unsure if the product you're interested in has a high smell, contact a customer service representative for help choosing a low odor option.

Rubber flooring for horses

Mats made of rubber have been long used in equine environments for horse stalls, because of the safety, durability and easily maintainable surface they provide. However, rubber horse flooring is not limited to just straight-edged mats. They also come in interlocking kits and rubber rolls. This flooring system can guarantee safety and cleanliness for both animals and owners.

Rubber stall mats are sold in high quality 3/4 inch thick interlocking tiles and the common straight edge 4x6 foot mats. Interlocking stall kits are available in 10x10 foot areas and larger. Interlocking stall mats can be custom made to fit any space, including aisle ways, storage areas, wash bays and outdoor paths.

An economical rubber mat product for horse stalls is the Punter Top 4x6 foot stall mat, available in a 3/4 inch thickness. This equine rubber tile can be used for horse stables, as well as cross-fit flooring. This rubber floor tile can be purchased as both a straight-edge and interlocking tile. This is our most economical 3/4 inch interlocking rubber tile. Supplied in many locations nationwide, the tile is ready for quick and affordable freight shipping. For installations in stables, we can also provide conveniently pre-sized stall kits. Most are prepared to ship within a few business days.

Rubber Anti-fatigue Flooring

Rubber industrial anti-fatigue mats provide a floor surface that is non-slip and safe to work on. The mats are sold in multiple sizes and thicknesses to meet various multipurpose or specific needs. Anti-fatigue mats come with safety edging options and feature non slip surface textures. For kitchens and bar floors, some rubber mats feature grease resistant options. Ring mats have holes perforated for drainage to keep workers off slippery, wet floors.

Anti-fatigue flooring provides comfort relief for those required to stand for long periods of time. They help to contribute to a safe and productive work environment. Greatmats has a variety of safety rubber to meet your specific business needs.

Rubber Roof and Deck Flooring

Rubber is a common flooring material for rooftop patios and decks as it is heavy enough to resist being affected by strong winds. It also will not freeze or become damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations. Rubber flooring also provides excellent slip resistance and some offer fall-height protection.

Commercial Rubber Flooring and Accessories

For commercial spaces, Greatmats can provide flooring in tiles, stair treads and wall-to-wall bases. For installations in schools, libraries, airports and offices, we offer the Burke Flooring line of Burke Endura. Commercial tiles come in multiple colors. The flooring is available in three surface texture patterns, including square, sculptured and coin. Stair treads are sold in all widths and nose styles, with or without risers or safety edging. Rubber and vinyl wall bases are designed to match tiles and stair treads in order to provide a finished look.

Rubber Flooring Pricing

There are several factors that play a role in the price you will pay for rubber floors. Some of those include thickness, size, convenience factors and shipping. Generally rolled rubber will be the least expensive option, starting at just over $1 per square foot. This flooring is also the thinnest version of rubber. But because it comes in large rolls, it can be the most inconvenient to transport and install due to its size and weight. Size and weight play a big role in the cost of shipping, which can be a considerable percentage of your overall cost. Make sure to speak with a Greatmats sale representative to figure out your best option as we have rubber flooring that ships from different regions of the United States which can help save significant money on shipping costs.

You also can find thicker 4x6 foot mats for under $2 per square foot.

In mid-range price scale ($4-$5 per square foot) you'll find a lot of our interlocking rubber puzzle tiles and Equine Paver Tiles. These rubber floor products are conveniently sized for easy transportation and installation. Most of the interlocking tiles and equine paver tiles fall in the thickness range between 3/8 and 3/4 inch thick and are 2x2 feet in size.

At the upper end of the price spectrum ($7 per square foot or more) are many of the more colorful and finished varieties of rubber as well as those of significant thickness. This includes our Endura line of Commercial flooring tiles, most of our rooftop and playground tiles and Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles.

Rubber Dog Flooring

Rubber Flooring has quickly become a go-to solution for the growing dog daycare industry. Ideal for dog play areas, rubber floor rolls are gentle on the dogs feet and pads. They are resistant to damage from toenails and are easy to clean. Some of the nations leading dog daycare facilities have benefited from rolled rubber in their play areas for decades.

Cleaning Rubber Floors

To clean indoor rubber floor coverings, we recommend a neutral pH floor cleaner. Use a damp rag or cloth with hot water on your flooring. The material can also be swept or vacuumed as needed. For larger areas, an automated walk-behind or riding floor cleaning device can be used if there are appropriate brushes or pads. Most often, rubber floors are not sealed, but interlocking and rolled rubber tiles can be sealed using a recommended sealer. Sealers provide a clean and more durable wear surface in extremely high traffic areas. Sealing does not, however, require continual cleaning and resealing.

Rubber Floor Installation

The installation of rubber mats varies depending on room size, material type and usage. For larger commercial installations, we recommend using a glue-down method, especially when installing rolled rubber. A simple cut-to-fit and dry lay installation can be used with interlocking tiles. Some playground tiles feature an interlocking installation method.

Rubber is Environmentally Friendly

With almost 260 million tires discarded each year, recycled rubber products have been one of the biggest efforts people of made to limit how much of this waste ends up in landfills each year. And rubber is one of the most useful methods of recycling this used car and truck tires. It last for decades and offers many protective and insulation qualities.

Rubber is the most popular material for Olympic weightlifting floors and mats because of its ability to protect disperse and absorb the force of dropped weights, protecting the floor below. It also can serve as a way to limit fatigue in human bodies, especially for those you regularly stand on concrete or workout over hard concrete floors. While most rubber is quite hard and dense, it still manages to offer fatigue relief when compared to its concrete counterpart.

In addition to providing a protective barrier between bodies and hard concrete, it also serves as an excellent thermal insulator, which can help maintain a comfortable floor temperature over typically cold floors in areas such as basements, garages or pole sheds. If that isn't enough, it's also water, fire, and sound resistant. While water can penetrate rubber floors if the floor is soaked or power washed, it's quite resistant to water it situations of incidental contact and can be mopped clean and even hosed off without concern of water absorption. For small heat sources, such as cigarette butts, it's also very resistant. However, it is not recommended to contain fires, in areas such as campfire rings.

The natural elasticity of rubber also makes it an excellent material for dampening noise and created sound barriers. Place it over upper level floors to reduce the noise in lower levels from people walking around or dropping things, or place it over a concrete floor to reduce the echoing, clanging and virtually any form of clamoring that tends to overwhelm hard rooms such as basements or warehouses.

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats we have a strong commitment to selling quality products at the best prices - all while providing professional customer service. Each of our flooring options come with at minimum a 1 year limited warranty. Most of our rubber mats carry between a 5-15 year warranty.

You'll be sure to find Great prices, Great Service and Great Quality rubber floor mats at Greatmats! We are proud of our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and work hard every day to keep it. Greatmats has been named as one of the 3,000 fastest growing companies in the USA three times since 2008 and donates 5 percent of its profits each year to local non-profits.

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