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Flooring for Basements TileFlex

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, TileFlex is an easy to install modular floor tile that is great for indoor usr for basements, recreational rooms, utility rooms, and on porches. TileFlex is a durable athletic flooring option for a wide variety of aerobic activities. Ideal for both residential and commercial flooring solutions.

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The cushioned support system provides drainage in wet areas and keeps you off the cold base. There are no special tools or adhesives required. The floor may be used in a portable or permanent setting.

Made in the USA

We recommend a 2 or 3.2 mm Rubber Underlayment for installations on hard surfaces where extra cushion or sound reduction is desired and for ALL athletic installaions.

This product is ideal for large scale commercial installations in multipurpose athletic, and gym floors. Great for DIY installations at clubs, churches and YMCA facilities. Use this modular flooring with laminate vinyl top surface for all types of athletics including; basketball, volleyball, aerobics and similar. Not designed to drop any amount of weights on this tile.

This flooring tile is very popular in home installations, use in the basement where a damp floor may be present. This floor tile product is 100% waterproof and allows air to flow under the tile structure. Use for basements, family rooms, and all types of recreation areas, TileFlex has a unique construction that allows for airflow and keeps the surface away from potential dampness.

Each tile is a single, snap-together unit for easy installation. Best of all, you can choose from a wide range of floor finishes from VCT to luxury vinyl. TileFlex takes modular flooring to the next level in beauty and functionality. The first solid-top tile that marries quality floor finishes with the versatility and durability of a raised modular floor. Inset Vinyl modular floor tile for gymnasium, dance, aerobic, basement, utility room, trade Show, and portable flooring applications. 


  • Aerobic & Exercise Flooring
  • Gymnasiums
  • Dance Floors
  • Basements
  • Utility Rooms
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibition Floors
  • Anti-static Floors

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  • Vinyl tile never needs refinishing
  • Variety of Finish Surfaces - Luxury Vinyl, Wood grain look, Diamond Plate
  • Cushioned surface helps prevent injury and fight fatigue
  • Edges Are Protected from Damage
  • No Special Tools Required
  • Easy Assembly
  • Quick Installation Time
  • Underside Provides Drainage of Liquids
  • Minimal maintenance, easy to clean
  • Modular design provides portability - no glue for install.
  • Look of wood at a fraction of the cost
  • Never needs refinishing No special tools or adhesives required: can be self installed
  • Expand Your Floor as Needed

Physical Specifications:

  • Material: High-Impact Polypropylene Base with a Solid Vinyl Surface
  • Tile Insert
  • Support:Surface Supported by 196 Truncated Conical Legs & Gusseted Posts
  • Heavy duty, clear-wear layer with a polyurethane finish
  • Locks: 16 Latch Locks: 2 Sides with 4 Female Parts Each and 2 Sides with 4 Male Parts Each
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Base construction uses pegs that raise the tile above flooring, allowing instant drainage. This detail also highlights the simple but sturdy snap-in loops that make assembly so easy. This detail also shows the hidden wire capability of up to 3/16".


  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Non Slip
  • Waterproof
  • Made in USA
  • No Adhesive Required

Size and Dimensions:

  • Tile: 12" x 12" x 1/2"
  • Border Ramps: 12" x 1.5" x 3/8" Thickness
  • Weight: 2 lbs per tile

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Pricing for TileFlex
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  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Green
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Blue
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Red Wood
    Red Wood
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Black Plank
    Black Plank
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Light Parquet
    Light Parquet
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Plank
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Beige
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Gray
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Dark Parquet
    Dark Parque
  • Flooring for Basements TileFlex Sienna

Ramp Colors:

  • Black - Marble Colors
  • Brown - for Parquet
  • Beige - for Maple Plank