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Solid Color Endura Rubber Tile

provides impressive durability and comfort in a variety of colors and surface textures. Its unique rubber formulation is highly slip resistant and helps reduce noise from footfall while increasing comfort. Endura's built-in waxes produce a natural luster that requires no waxing or stripping and lowers maintenance costs.
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Backed by a ten year warranty, Endura is one of the best life-cycle flooring values available. It is being used worldwide in thousands of commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Burke and Endura Rubber Flooring products are the longest wearing, most beautiful, most forgiving, and toughest rubber floors available. Our Endura Rubber Solid has built-in emerging waxes that help resist dirt, grime, gum and tobacco tars and allow it to produce a continuous luster for years without waxing. Even tile that has not been cleaned in some time will quickly brighten when cleaned as instructed.

Made in the USA

Proper and regular maintenance procedures are important in order to ensure maximum savings from our Endura Rubber Solid's self-waxing qualities. Endura Rubber Solid's natural, reemerging waxes are much like the natural reemerging oils in your skin. Both Our Rubber Flooring and your skin work better with proper care to function efficiently. Skin exposed to strong detergents or solvents becomes dry. Using strong detergents on Our Endura Rubber Solid can remove its emerging waxes temporarily.

We Recommend Using BR-711 for an adhesive on this product

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  • Material: Rubber
  • Material Density: 85 Shore A
  • Type: Tile
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Tile Size: 18.125” x 18.125”
  • Thickness: .125”
  • Connection: None
  • Weight: 44 pounds per carton
  • Edge Type: Straight Edge
  • Tiles per carton: 20
  • Ordering Minimum: 200 square feet
  • UV Treated: No
  • Stocked: No
  • Non Absorbent: Yes
  • Ships Out From Warehouse: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Installation: Hard Flat Surface
  • Special Adhesives: BR-711 Rubber floor adhesive
  • Top Texture: Round, square, or sculptured
  • Loss Per Tile: none
  • Reversible: no

Size and Dimensions:

  • Round - .125" - 18.125" x 18.125"
  • Square - .125" - 18.125" x 18.125"
  • Sculptured - .125" - 18.125" x 18.125"

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  • Applicable Standards - ASTM F-1344, Class 1A
  • Flame Resistance - ASTM E-648, Class 1 - ASTM E-84, Class B

Custom colors may be special ordered. Custom Colors Require a 1000 SF minimum Order

Pricing for Endura Rubber Solid 45.625 SF
Cost per Carton $249.00
Cost per SF $6.33
  • Endura Rubber Solid color Malibu Sand
    001 Malibu Sand
  • Endura Rubber Solid color Gray Fog
    204 Gray Fog
  • Endura Rubber Solid color Light Beige
    206 Light Beige
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 208 Light Gray
    208 Light Gray
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 217 Charcoal
    217 Charcoal
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 254 Light Teal
    254 Light Teal
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 323 Bluebonnet
    323 Bluebonnet
  • Endura Rubber Solid color Malibu Sand
    001 Malibu Sand
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 502 Brown
    502 Brown
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 505 True Blue
    505 True Blue
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 506 Tahoe
    506 Tahoe
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 509 Nutmeg
    509 Nutmeg
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 523 Black Brown
    523 Black Brown
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 527 Clay
    527 Clay
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 597 Mocha
    597 Mocha
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 607 Cranberry
    607 Cranberry
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 660 Rocky Slate
    660 Rocky Slate
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 663 Sky Gray
    663 Sky Gray
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 701 Black
    701 Black
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 875 Navy Night Blue
    875 Navy Night Blue

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