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Gym Floor Mats Ergo

are an excellent matting system where traffic volume is relatively high and stability under foot is required.


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Soft and supportive modular gym floor tiles

Recycled Content

Temperatures: Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -30° C (-22° F) to + 90° C (194° F). Mat size increases up to 2mm (1/16") in length in temperatures up to 90° C (194° F)

Packaging: Packed in boxes of 20 with the box size being 515 mm (20 3/8") long x 515mm (20 3/8") wide x 150mm (6") high. A full 20 ft container holds approximately 14,600 mats.

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  • Excellent ergonomic and antifatigue qualities
  • Attractive design
  • Closed & open interlock with each other
  • Excellent sound dampening qualities
  • Excellent drainage qualities
  • Lower profile minimizes worry of trips or falls
  • The half size of the mats considerably increases the versatility where full tiles are not required
  • Edge ramps available upon request
  • Guaranteed for five years


  • Dimensions: 500mm (20") long x 250mm (10") wide x 15mm (9/16") High
  • Weight: 700 grams (24oz) each
  • Material: Rubber and flexible P.V.C.
  • Coverage of 1.35 SF per tile
Pricing Estimate Table for Gym Floor Mats Ergo
100 SF - 10x10 Ft area $576.00 plus shipping
200 SF - 10x20 Ft area $1152.00 plus shipping
400 SF - 20x20 Ft area $2304.00 plus shipping

Pricing for Gym Floor Mats Ergo
20" x 10" x 9/16" Tiles $11.38 per piece - $8.19 per SF
20 Inch Ramps $7.25 per
400 SF+ $2304.00 plus shipping
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Blue
    US Blue
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Yellow
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Green
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Red
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Gray
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo White
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Black
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Beige
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