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August 1, 2011

Graciemag - In The News

Greatmats.com, an American flooring company specializing in everything from interconnecting rubber to judo mats, has been featured in an article by Graciemag International. Graciemag is the first and only online magazine dedicated to jui jitsu. In the past, Gracimag and Greatmats.com have formed a natural partnership because Greatmats sells high quality judo mats and Graciemags's readers have found tremendous benefit in using those products. This article, however, is unique in that it doesn't focus on judo mats or other MMA flooring. The article recognizes Greatmats for their contributions to the environment by being a green company. Greatmats recieves all of its electricity from solar panels that they have installed on the company premises. In fact, the panels generate so much electricity that the company has more than it can use and actually sells the unused portion to the electric company that isnt generated by fossil fuels.

Greatmats.com owner David Butler says, "If you believe like I do that we need to move away from coal and nuclear power for the good of the planet, then I think we each have a responsibility to help make that change happen in whatever way we can."

The solar panels are expected to pay for themselves in roughly ten years.

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