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Find a large selection of . Use for factory floors, standing work stations, factory area, wet areas and more. Choose from quality USA industrial flooring mats in a variety of material types, sizes and thickness.

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Displaying 145-169 of 169 Products
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Greatmats offers electrostatic discharge (ESD) dissipative mats, industrial runners, industrial wet area flooring, static dissipative mats and switchboard mats.

ESD dissipative mats, or conductive mats, reduce static electricity from workers and prevents damage to sensitive electronic equipment. Our conductive diamond foot mats have the capability of having a ground snap installed on them. They have a resistance to top (RTT) rating of 104-105 ohms and a resistance to ground (RTG) rating of 10K-100K ohms. They are made in the USA and water repellant. Conductive diamond foot mats are 9/16 inch thick and range from 2-4 feet wide and 3-75 feet long. Custom lengths are available. Conductive Diamond runners are 3/16 inch thick.

Our Apachestat Soft Foot have RTT and RTG ratings of 100 million to 1 billion ohms. Grounding snaps are installed on all standard mats. The ergonomic Apachestat Soft Foot mats also provide anti-fatigue benefits. They are 3/8 inch thick and range from 2-4 feet wide and 3-60 feet long. They can also easily be cut to fit any work area.

Protect yourself in high voltage work areas with one of our switchboard mats. Our Switchboard Diamond Deckplate mats are made of a 3/16 inch thick vinyl material. Designed for use around electrical apparatus and circuits, these switchboard mats insulate workers from electrocution by interrupting the path to ground. Switchboard Diamond Deckplate mats meet both US Military and NATO MIL-DTL-15562-G Type 3 specifications. They have a dielectric strength of 30K volts, meaning it can withstand a maximum of 30,000 volts under ideal conditions without breaking down. The recommended maximum usage is 3,000 volts (volts alternating current or VAC). These mats are offered in a 3x75 foot size or custom cut lengths.

The waterproof Switchboard Smooth mats meet MIL-DTL-15562-G Type 2 specifications and are easy to clean. The come in 3x75 foot runners and are made of 1/8 thick PVC material.

Switchboard Corrugated runners are offered in 75 foot lengths and widths of 2,3 or 4 feet. Custom cut lengths are also available. Our corrugated anti-static runners are 1/4 inch thick. A ground snap is installed on all standard mats which also have a 30,000 volts (VAC) dielectric strength. The recommended maximum usage for these runners is 17,000 volts (VAC). This mat is designed for industrial and manufacturing environments with low, medium and high voltage electrical potentials.

Our diamond foot industrial runners come in 2-4 foot widths and 75 foot lengths with black or black/yellow color options. Made of solid 3/16 inch thick vinyl, they are ideal for workbench ares to prevent fragile parts from being damaged. The flexible 100 percent vinyl compound resists grease, oil and common chemicals.

Tuff foot runners are available in corrugated or wide rib surfaces in 105 foot lengths, and widths ranging from 2 to 6 feet. Custom cut lengths are available. Tuff foot runners are 1/8 inch thick and resistant to grease, oil and chemicals.

Greatmats offers numerous industrial wet area flooring options. These flooring options are designed to allow water and moisture to drain through or flow underneath the tiles or mats to maintain a dry and slip resistant place for workers to stand and walk.

We also offer TackyMats designed to attract and contain dust and dirt, removing debris from casters and shoes.