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Ideas for Home Gym Floors, Interlocking, Rubber, Foam, Rolls and Tile
Rubber and Interlocking Home Gym Flooring and Tiles

Greatmats offers nearly 200 types of home gym flooring solutions, available as interlocking foam or rubber floor tiles, folding gym mats, personal and connecting exercise mats and modular aerobic floor tiles. It's also available in rolls of rubber and interlocking, flexible PVC tiles. Flooring for home gyms can also serve as multipurpose flooring solutions. Greatmats offers many interlocking tiles, rubber flooring rolls or mats that feature easy installation and portability for home gyms, game rooms, family rooms and more. Whatever your flooring needs are, Greatmats has you covered!

If you are like most homeowners, building a home gym is something you'll do as much as you can on your own. With Greatmats home gym flooring, added a high quality and functional floor to that gym can be something you can do as well - in many cases by yourself.

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  • On Sale In Stock $4.32 per SF Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Mega Lock floor tiles are easy to install, work in well in many different applications and will last for year with heavy use.

  • On Sale In Stock $5.38 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Snap together modular plank flooring that provides both beauty and functionality.

  • $36.00 per SF Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Commercial quality custom pole pads made to order.

  • On Sale In Stock $4.25 per SF Ships out 7-10 Working Days Court wood grain snap together floor tile

  • On Sale In Stock $1.22per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Rubber flooring is a durable, environmentally friendly flooring options for athletic floors, pets areas and more.

  • On Sale In Stock $0.98per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Durable, high quality rolled rubber in black - 1/8 inch thickness, West coast shipping.

  • On Sale In Stock $0.94per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days High quality rolled rubber flooring ideal for many applications. 1/8 Inch Confetti

  • 1 Reviews On Sale In Stock $3.00per SF Ships out 7-10 Working Days Rolled rubber 1/2 inch thick with color flecks is a sustainable, environmentally friendly resilient flooring for many applications.

  • On Sale In Stock $2.15per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Eco regrind rolled rubber is a sustainable, environmentally friendly rolled rubber option for weight rooms, home or commercial gyms and more.

  • On Sale In Stock $2.15 per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Eco regrind rolled rubber is sustainable, environmentally friendly, resilient flooring option for a variety of applications.

  • On Sale In Stock $2.75per SF Ships out 7-10 Working Days 8 mm rolled rubber flooring is an environmentally friendly, resilient flooring that works for many applications.

  • 2 Reviews On Sale In Stock $2.02per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Durable, high quality rolled rubber with 20% color in 8 mm thickness, West coast shipping.

  • On Sale In Stock $1.80per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Heavy duty rolled rubber flooring ideal for high traffic areas and sports floors.

  • On Sale In Stock $2.05per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Sustainable, environmentally friendly rolled rubber flooring options for home or commercial gyms, pet areas, and more.

  • On Sale In Stock $1.56per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days High quality, Eco friendly rolled rubber flooring ideal for many applications.

  • On Sale In Stock $2.09per SF Ships out 7-10 Working Days Eureka 10% color rolled rubber gym flooring per square foot.

Displaying 97-144 of 236 Products
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How to Choose the Right Home Gym Flooring
  1. Pinpoint for what purpose you'll be using the home gym flooring.

  2. Determine the size of space your home gym flooring will need to cover.

  3. Distinguish which is more important - durability or cushion.

  4. Identify what type of surface the home gym flooring will be installed over.

  5. Establish whether the home gym flooring will need to endure dropped weights and protect against falls.

  6. Many of our home gym flooring solutions are conveniently sized in the form of interlocking tiles or mats. They are designed for easy transportation and installation. This interlocking home gym tiles and mats cut down on the weight and awkwardness commonly associated with flooring installation by giving you modular sections of manageable size and often eliminated the need for adhesives and professional installers.

    Interlocking Home Gym Floors

    Installing home gym floors can be easy with our interlocking rubber tiles, foam tiles, gym floor carpets and plastic gym floor tiles. Interlocking home gym flooring options can be dry laid and cut to fit for any sized home gym floor space. They can be installed wall-to-wall or as island installations. They can be custom cut to go around pillars or other room obstacles. Interlocking home gym floors can also be removed as easily as they are installed.

    Folding and Roll Out Gym Floors

    Even easier are rollout or folding mats. They cover much larger areas, leave fewer seams and some can be laid down in a matter of seconds. Connect multiple mats together using tape or hook and loop connectors to cover large areas. Most of these gym mats come in 4-6 foot widths and lengths of 8 feet and longer. Rollout and folding home gym mats, however, may be harder to customize to your space depending on the construction method and material. Folding Mats are made of a vinyl wrapped foam core which should not be cut. Roll out mats and flooring can be made of foam or rubber. Foam versions feature either a carpeted or vinyl surface. Rubber rolls are significantly, thinner, heavier and much harder.

    Choose a rubber home gym floor for heavyweight equipment. Soft and durable foam floors are better for aerobic, less weight bearing home gym exercises and exercises where body-to-floor impact is common, including jumping, throwing, tumbling, falling, etc. In weight rooms where heavy weights will be used, rubber flooring is a better choice for both impact absorption and durability.

    Rubber Home Gym Flooring

    Rubber tiles, mats and rolls of rubber for home gym floors are popular for customers who need a durable floor to use under heavy weight equipment and free weights. This gym flooring will last for years and is backed by 1-10 year warranties. This form of flooring provides excellent impact absorption, protecting your subfloor from dropped weights and easing some impact on bones and joints from unforgiving concrete surfaces.

    Rubber flooring tiles are available in all black, black with color fleck, and in full-color rubber flooring tiles. Black rubber is made from recycled rubber and is environmentally friendly. Color fleck options in 10 or 20 percent colors consist of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) colored rubber material and are available in 2x2-, 3x3- and 4x4-foot squares as well as other interlocking tile sizes. Greatmats carries nearly all of the interlocking rubber tiles available on the market.

    Custom rubber flooring tiles are available for people looking to create a unique color design or a mix of more than one color. Interlocking tiles provide numerous options for custom colors. Tiles have a lower minimum order quantity than rolled rubber flooring materials. Custom color designs are a great way to achieve a unique color scheme in gym floors for home use.

    Rubber also provides excellent sound and thermal buffers, adding comfort to any otherwise cold, noisy or echoey space.

    Rubber rolls will cover larger areas with fewer seams. However, they do not offer as many thickness options and may require multiple layers if used under Olympic lifts where heavy weights will be dropped.

    Large rubber mats are a common solution for Olympic lifting areas. These mats are often about 4x6 feet in size and are available in various thickness. The thicker the mat, the more protection it provides against dropped weights. For most Olympic lifts, it is recommended that the rubber mats be at least 3/4 inch thick. (These mats are quite heavy and are more commonly used in commercial gyms.)

    Aerobic Home Gym Flooring

    For people who would like to do aerobic exercise on their floor, we recommend our high-density foam floor tiles or plyometric rubber rolls. These versatile aerobic flooring products work great for a home gym floor because they provide more cushion and fatigue relief than standard rubber can provide. Use plyometric rubber rolls for P90X (Power 90 Extreme) and free weight style exercise for more durability than foam tiles can offer.

    Our pebble top foam gym floor tiles are one of the highest density and most durable foam flooring options available. Great for aerobic exercises the tiles feature a non-slip surface and is one of the rare foam flooring options that can withstand the weight of exercise equipment. They are also double sided and reversible.

    Economical and Cushioned Foam Home Gym Flooring

    With endless design options and multiple surface texture options for each tile, foam home gym flooring is truly customizable. You can use our Floor Plan Designer online app to create an interesting and pleasing color design for a home gym floor.

    Two of our most popular products is our Premium 5/8-inch foam tile and 7/8-inch thick Home Sport and Play Mats. Priced at an excellent value, the 5/8-inch foam mats are great for kids' playrooms, exercise rooms and home aerobic or floor exercise activities. Kids will love the bright color options and comfort level, while adults will be ecstatic with the ease of installation and cleaning.

    Home Sport and Play mats offer more impact absorption for home combat sport training and can be used for training while wearing shoes or boots.

    If your gym will be used for wrestling, martial arts, boxing or something similar, we also offer a large variety of cushioning foam home gym flooring customized to work best with your sport of choice. Some feature a no-burn tatami surface that is easy on skin. Others are scuff resistant and can accommodate shoes and boots.

    For extra cushion consider folding home gym mats, which can be connected together and/or folded in panels for a truly versatile temporary gym flooring option.

    Plastic Home Gym Flooring

    New to our home gym flooring tile in our lineup is the StayLock modular floor tile. This soft PVC tile is designed to offer a durable, yet cushioned, floor in designer colors. StayLock tiles are available in bump top or orange peel surface texture. The bump top surface texture will provide more fatigue and cushion relief for aerobic activities while the orange peel surface features a smoother look and feel.

    Because of the plastic material, this home gym flooring tile is non-absorbent and features an elevated sub-structure, making it a great fit for damp basements or other areas where moisture can be a challenge. Our modular StayLock Tile provides cushion and durability in home gym floors that is also great for a multipurpose area. The variety of colors offered for these gym floor tiles ensure they will fit your design needs.


    Interlocking floor tiles do not require glue or tape for installation and can be picked up to be moved or cleaned. Once dry, quickly reinstall interlocking tiles in the same or new space. Cut the rubber, foam or plastic interlocking tiles for wall-to-wall installation of home gym floors using nothing more than a utility knife and a straight edge. Remember to always measure twice and cut once.

    Need Assistance?

    Our professional customer service team can help you develop home gym floor ideas and plans for your installation. To view how a product would fit in a specific room layout, utilize the Greatmats online Floor Plan Designer. The online Floor Plan Designer will allow you to choose colors and create a dream design. Easily create complex room layouts to scale and use the designer to estimate prices. The Floor Plan Designer is accessible from individual product pages.

    Delivery of home gym flooring is via UPS or FedEx ground delivery to your door for small, lightweight orders. Larger and heavier orders ship via freight truck.

    Many of Greatmats' home gym flooring products now offer free shipping on orders within the lower 48 states. For more information on shipping, please click on a product above or contact a customer service representative at 877-822-6622.

    For samples or product questions please consult a Greatmats home gym flooring specialist or request a volume price quote online. If planning to install a gym floor in the home, be sure to discuss options with a customer service representative. Whether you are looking to cover a large flooring surface or small, we've got something great for you with our selection of rolled, fold-up, mat or tile gym flooring options.

    Greatmats is committed to quality, whether it's our products, pricing or customer service. That's why we offer a price match guarantee and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    Win a Gift Card

    Send us a picture of your home gym once you've installed your Greatmats flooring to enter yourself in Greatmats' Customer Photo Contest for a chance to win an Amazon gift card. Following the Photo Contest link at the bottom of this page to learn more.