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Green Flooring Options

Greatmats offers a large selection of products made with recycled or renewable resources. Many of the environmentally-friendly products sold by Greatmats are made from recycled rubber material, while others are made from recycled PVC material. Cork flooring is possibly the greenest flooring option available as it is made of both a renewable and recyclable material.

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Displaying 97-144 of 165 Products
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The green flooring products listed here are made from recycled materials or renewable resources such as tires, plastic bottles or bottle stoppers.

At Greatmats, we believe we have an environmental responsibility to provide sustainable product options to our consumers. Old tires used for recycled rubber flooring and bottles used in our recycled plastic floor tiles keep these materials from being wasted and out of the landfills. They are instead put back in production of new rubber and plastic products. This also limits the amount of virgin materials created and using up valuable natural resources.

Recycled Rubber Flooring
We offer green flooring rubber products for home or commercial gym use. Interlocking tiles as well as rolls in four-foot widths are great for both home and commercial use because they protect your flooring as well as keeping dirt and debris from getting into equipment. Recycled rubber flooring is the most common covering for gyms in both residential and commercial settings and can be found in homes and health clubs around the world. Using this sustainable flooring is a great way to protect your floors while also being environmentally responsible. It is also more forgiving that concrete floors. Recycled rubber offers the perfect blend of durability, sustainability and insulation against thermal, noise and impact conditions. Recycled rubber flooring is also a great fire resistant flooring option.

For people with horses, we recommend our recycled rubber horse stall mats. Made from previously used rubber products such as vehicle tires, these mats are incredibly durable and will last for years in almost any situation. This green flooring is available in various thicknesses and sizes and rescues countless tires from landfills every year. Our horse mats are waterjet cut so the mats fit together tightly. Seams will virtually disappear over time.

Unlike rubber crumbs or wood chips which can be piled up and kicked around, our green playground surfacing tiles provide a consistent fall-height protection for children on slides, monkey bars, and other playground equipment. These environmentally friendly tiles are rugged enough to last for years outdoors in any climate. These tiles are also built from recycled rubber products. Like all of our rubber products, our playground surfacing tiles are made in America. They are available in varying thicknesses. We can help you to select the right sustainable playground product based on the fall-height requirement your playground requires.

Entrance tiles made from recycled tires are also available. Built for the abuse that comes in high traffic areas of commercial facilities, these mats can take a beating. They can be found in businesses around the world. Look for them at companies that take recycling and green products seriously.

Recycled Plastic Flooring
We also offer recycled plastic flooring for playground surfacing as well as industrial use. Extremely durable, these products are designed to take years of abuse. Our outdoor plastic playground tiles are perforated to allow excellent drainage for rain and snow. Our green flooring for industrial areas is built to endure heavy traffic and heavy equipment. It also works great in residential areas such as basement floors or in garages.

We offer a green tent flooring for special events. This simply clicks together and can be used and re-used multiple times. Made from recycled plastic, is is very tough and will last for years.

Recycled or Renewable Cork Flooring
Cork flooring delivers a one-two punch against environmental concerns. The raw material comes from the bark of cork oak trees, which can grow back their bark. In recycled form, cork flooring is often made of waste cork from bottle stopper manufacturing. Like recycled rubber, green flooring made of cork also provides thermal and acoustic insulation. It is also naturally elastic and antimicrobial and repels insects.

An environmentally conscious company, Greatmats gets all of its electricity from solar panels located at our Wisconsin facility. For more information on our commitment to the environment, please see our page footer.