Industrial and Commercial Flooring, Mats and Tiles

Greamats offers specialty flooring for commercial and business customers including contractors, schools, institutions, goverment and industry. From warehouse and anti fatigue flooring to playground rubber mats, athletic floors and commercial gym flooring and much more.

  • Animal Floors

    Animal Floors

    Mats made for horse stalls and dog agility training.

  • Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Manufacturing and large scale industrial ergonomic floors and standing workstation fatigue mats.

  • Portable Dance Floors

    Portable Dance Floors

    Dance floors for hotel, event centers and banquet floors. Marley floors for portable professional dance floors.

  • Rooftops, Decks and Patios

    Rooftops, Decks and Patios

    Rooftop and deck flooring tiles. Water drainage, commercial rated rubber and plastic tiles.

  • Entrance Rugs & Floors

    Entrance Rugs & Floors

    Entrance rugs and tiles for indoor and outdoor installations, USA made carpet runners.

  • Tradeshow and Event Floors

    Tradeshow and Event Floors

    Interlocking carpet and foam floors and modular outdoor and tent flooring options.

  • Ground Protection Mats

    Ground Protection Mats

    Durable rigid no break temporary roadway and ground protection matting.

  • Industrial Flooring

    Industrial Flooring

    Warehouse flooring tiles, fatgiue mats and ergonomic flooring tiles.

  • Kitchen Flooring

    Kitchen Flooring

    Commercial kitchen no slip mats. Grease resistant and water drainage options.

  • Playground Flooring and Mats

    Playground Flooring and Mats

    Fall height rated playground tiles and swing set and pad playground matting options.

  • Commercial Rubber Flooring

    Commercial Rubber Flooring

    Rubber tiles for business and retail, commercial quality rubber flooring.

  • Kids Rugs and Mats

    Kids Rugs and Mats

    Learn and play kids rugs for preschools, churches and home.

  • Sprung Dance Floor

    Dance Sprung Floors

    Professional quality pre-built Rosco sprung floors and cushion underlayment options.

  • Rubber Sound Underlayment

    Rubber Sound Underlayment

    Acoustic Cork line of rubber and cork flooring underlayment for sound in commercial and apartment building.

  • Wet Area Floors

    Wet Area Tiles

    Rooftops, decks, pool surround flooring options. Perforated modular floor tiles for outdoor and indoor wet areas.

  • Rosco Floor Tiles

    TV and Stage Floor

    TV and production studio floors by Rosco Floor Tiles.